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Readmission into the Nursing Program

Students who enroll in Tusculum College’s Nursing Program and leave for any reason are permitted one opportunity for readmission. Readmission to the program is not guaranteed, regardless of the reason for dismissal. Students are readmitted on a space available basis. Students who seek readmission within a two year period may be readmitted into the course they were enrolled at the point of exit. If two years or more have elapsed since enrollment in nursing courses, all nursing courses must be repeated.

To be eligible for readmission, the student’s overall college level grade point average should be at least 2.000 or higher. Students on academic probation are not eligible for readmission.

Criminal background check, drug screening, health records and BLS certification must be resubmitted prior to re-entry by any student who exits the program for any reason and is subsequently readmitted, regardless of the length of time a student is out of the program.


Readmission Procedure

Students seeking readmission should complete the following.

  1. Submit a request for readmission to the Dean, School of Nursing.
  2. If eligible, student will be placed on a waiting list for an available seat in a specific nursing course.
  3. Students who are readmitted will be asked to validate clinical skills and/or knowledge obtained from previous nursing courses as outlined by the faculty.
  4. Once the readmission request has been reviewed, the Dean will notify the student seeking readmission of their status.