Online Courses in Gateway Program

Good Afternoon All,

We have some online gateway classes this spring and I wanted to let you know about the details.  The course information is listed below along with dates.


SOSC211 – Organization & Evaluation of Information – 2-credit hour course

A basic skills course that addresses the location, evaluation and preparation of a literature review in APA style. Students will develop proficiency in the use of library resources, including the direction in use of various databases. Learning Outcome: Analytical Reading.

SOGR444 – 2/13/12-2/27/12

SOGR449 – 5/1/12-5/15/12

GEOG200 – Introduction to Geography – 4-credit hour course

GW248 – 2/20/12-3/26/12

GW251 – 3/28/12-5/2/12

LDMC210 – Leadership and the Individual – 1-credit hour course

SK316 – 3/1/12-3/15/12

LDMC211 – Leadership and Group Dynamics – 1-credit hour course

SK317 – 3/22/12-4/5/12


If you are interested in registering for a class, please contact your academic advisor.

Have a great weekend!

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