Special Offerings for Summer and Fall in Knoxville

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Today is Friday…YAY!  Hope everyone has a great weekend planned…the weather is suppose to be wonderful.  We wanted to let you know of some special offerings we have coming this summer and fall in Knoxville.  I have listed the course information below along with dates.  We are also very excited about offering the THEA – Introduction to Theatre course…this is the first time we have offered this course in Graduate and Professional Studies.  Please note…two courses are during the day.

EVSC111 – Environmental Science – 4 credit hours

Environmental Science is intended as a basic survey course designed to provide the student with an understanding of ecological principles and processes. Students will develop their skills at scientific inquiry. Considerations of interactions of social, political, economic and scientific issues will be related to developing the skills necessary for survival in society and the biosphere. Learning Outcome: Scientific Inquiry.

SK325 – EVSC111 – 4/19/12-5/24/12 – Thursday

SK334 – EVSC111 – 9/19/12-10/24/12 – Wednesday


PHED101 – Physical Fitness and Health for Adults – 2 credit hours

Designed to aid students in the development of a personal fitness program and to equip them with related wellness skills.

SK332 – PHED101 – 10/16/12-10/30/12 – Tuesday


PSYC102  – Psychology of Adjustment – 4 credit hours

This course is designed to facilitate the application of psychological principles and methods to coping with the challenges of everyday life. A variety of topics will be covered including personality, stress and stress management, social influence, gender roles and gender differences, interpersonal attraction, relationships and communications and the challenges of the workplace.  This course is meant, in a practical sense, to help students learn about themselves, their own adjustment and ways they can become happier and more productive individuals. Not a substitute for PSYC 101 in given majors. Learning Outcome: Self Knowledge.

SK331 – PSYC102 – 4/9/12-5/14/12 – Monday

SK333 – PSYC102 – 8/22/12-9/26/12 – Wednesday (DAY 9-1)


SOCI105  – Contemporary Social Issues – 4 credit hours

This course examines the social issues and problems confronting our world today. It will initiate a critical questioning of 1) what is a social problem? 2) how can we gain a sociological understanding of social problems? 3) what kinds of thinking should we avoid in our attempts to understand problems? 4) what are some causes of social problems? 5) what is the impact of race, class and gender on how we construct ideas of social problems? Learning Outcomes: Analytical Reading, Writing, Critical Thinking and Ethics of Social Responsibility.

SK326 – SOCI105 – 9/10/12-10/15/12 – Monday


THEA104  – Introduction to the Theatre – 4 credit hours

A survey course to acquaint the student with our cultural heritage in the theatre. Units covered include history, roles of various theatre artists, theories and structures of drama and the basic fundamentals and techniques of acting. Topics are covered through lecture, assigned reading and student participation. Offered every year. Learning Outcome: Analytical Reading.

SK335 – THEA104 – 5/17/12-6/21/12 – Thursday (DAY 1-5)


If you are interested in registering for a class, please contact your academic advisor.

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