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New Mandatory Course (EDUC101) for Education Program (No Comments)

Just a quick announcement…The School of Education has announced a new introductory course for students who are interested in gaining more knowledge about our Teacher Education Program.  The course is EDUC101 Introduction to Teacher Education.  This course is also mandatory for students who plan to enter the program. However, if you are undecided about your major, this is a free course that can help answer any questions you may have and may be taken at any time while completing your general education courses.

For students who plan to enter the teacher education program this fall, please contact your academic advisor soon to register for the class in June. Another offering will be available in July as well.dates will be announced soon.  An email has been sent out to you with the flyer attached.

Please feel free to contact your academic advisor for any additional questions.

Hope you have a great afternoon.

Take care,

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ONLINE Course – HISA220 Thematic Subjects: Nazi Germany (No Comments)

Hope everyone is enjoying the start of summer…even though today is damp and rainy!

Just wanted to give a quick announcement…  We are excited to be offering the HISA220 – Thematic Subjects: Nazi Germany course this year and it will be ONLINE.  I have listed the course details below.  An email was also sent to your TC email with a flyer attached.  If you would like to register for the course, please let your academic advisor know.

Cohort # – SK336

Course Number and Name – HISA220 – Thematic Subjects: Nazi Germany

Dates – 09/25/12 through 10/30/12

Semester – 4 hours

Have a great evening!


Online Courses in Gateway Program (No Comments)

Good Afternoon All,

We have some online gateway classes this spring and I wanted to let you know about the details.  The course information is listed below along with dates.


SOSC211 – Organization & Evaluation of Information – 2-credit hour course

A basic skills course that addresses the location, evaluation and preparation of a literature review in APA style. Students will develop proficiency in the use of library resources, including the direction in use of various databases. Learning Outcome: Analytical Reading.

SOGR444 – 2/13/12-2/27/12

SOGR449 – 5/1/12-5/15/12

GEOG200 – Introduction to Geography – 4-credit hour course

GW248 – 2/20/12-3/26/12

GW251 – 3/28/12-5/2/12

LDMC210 – Leadership and the Individual – 1-credit hour course

SK316 – 3/1/12-3/15/12

LDMC211 – Leadership and Group Dynamics – 1-credit hour course

SK317 – 3/22/12-4/5/12


If you are interested in registering for a class, please contact your academic advisor.

Have a great weekend!

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Financial Management Concentration courses are OPEN! (No Comments)

We hope everyone is doing well and has had a great start to the New Year!

We now have the Financial Management concentration courses OPEN for registration.  The details of the classes are listed below.


BUSN320 – Fraud in Organizations

CKFM014 – 5/5/12-6/16/12

CKFM016 – 7/14/12-8/18/12

MGMT456 – Money and Banking

CKFM017 – 8/25/12-10/6/12

MGMT458 – Business Tax Planning

CKFM015 – 6/23/12-8/11/12

CKFM018 – 10/13/12-11/17/12


If you would like to register, please contact your academic advisor.  Also, the schedule for concentration courses in Human Resources and Marketing (for the Fall 2012), will be out soon.

We hope you have a great weekend!

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Congratulations to our Graduates! (No Comments)

Congratulations to all of our December 2011 Graduates!!! We hope your time here at Tusculum was memorable and we enjoyed working with you!

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