GPS Student Services


The Tusculum Military Assistance Group (TMAG) is a student group established to provide assistance, council and direction to student veterans and students that are currently serving in the U.S. Armed Forces. TMAG was first introduced to the Graduate and Professional Students at Tusculum College in September 2009 and seeks to involve all Tusculum students!

TMAG with its 50 members:

  • Supports all Military active duty, retired, reserves, National Guard, discharged, and family members
  • Members of TMAG feel that this is our way of giving back to the military for their commitment to the United States and our freedom, by supporting them and their families.

Students on the residential campus are being sought to expand TMAG’s membership to the college in Greeneville, so that all Tusculum students can join together to present a unified voice of support for our service members and their families. Please contact us!

For information on joining TMAG or assistance, please contact:

Tom McKay, Veterans Coordinator at:

865-693-1177, extension 5020 or

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