Faculty Directory


Professor of Mathematics

Ph.D., Applied Mathematics, North Carolina State University
B.S., Applied Mathematics, Georgia Institute of Technology

Email: jpaulling@tusculum.edu
Campus Phone: Ext. 5269
Came to Tusculum: 1995

Dr. John Paulling, Professor of Mathematics, and Chair of the Department of Mathematics, Physics, and Computer Science has been at Tusculum since 1995 where he has taught all mathematics courses except for Trigonometry.

He previously held professorial appointments at the University of South Carolina, Universidad de Puerto Rico, Mayag├╝ez, Wofford College, and Texas Tech University. He is the author of 17 books and two research papers in mathematics and has translated an advanced mathematics text for Springer Verlag.

Dr. Paulling has conducted workshops on the use of graphing calculators, and taught courses in programming, foreign languages (German and Spanish), culture (German, Spanish, and Caribbean), and literature. He resigned a NASA Traineeship for Ph.D. work at the University of South Carolina to join the US Army, where he completed language school qualified in at least seven foreign languages, served in the Office of the Chief of Staff, Pentagon, and was a member of the team responsible for directing and advertising the transfer to an all volunteer force.

Interested in many areas of knowledge, he studied German at the Universit├Ąt Freiburg, and had extensive undergraduate coursework at Georgia Institute of Technology in physics, English, and German.

When not doing mathematics, Dr. Paulling likes to read and study many subjects and travel in the Americas and Europe. While his children were growing up, he and his wife Shirley took them on trips abroad every other summer.