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Tusculum College ranked among top American colleges by The Economist

Posted on 20 June 2016 by

Tusculum College ranked among the top colleges in the State of Tennessee in the first-ever rankings of American colleges and universities by The Economist. Tusculum ranked an impressive 7th among the 36 Tennessee-based schools included. Overall, Tusculum College was ranked in the 57th percentile—meaning it was ranked ahead of 57 percent of the 1267 American colleges and universities included in the rankings.

The Economist rankings are based on the premise that the economic value of a college or university is equal to the gap between how much money its students subsequently earn, and how much they might have made had they studied elsewhere.

“Tusculum College offers a solid education and foundation for a career that will pay dividends for years to come. Our students are both prepared for graduate programs and the workforce and that is reflected in The Economist’s rankings,” said Dr. Nancy B. Moody, president of Tusculum College.

“There are so many considerations when choosing a college home,’ said LeAnn Hughes, vice president of enrollment management and marketing and director of the Graduate and Professional Studies program at Tusculum College. “Considering value is a critical component. When you choose Tusculum College, it is an investment you make in the rest of your life.”

Hughes added that many recent graduates have gone on to very promising careers at places such as PriceWaterhouseCooper, Presbyterian College and Mountain States Health Alliance.

“From the very beginning students at Tusculum are supported by our robust Career Services Office,” said Hughes. “Through the Pioneer Certified program students gain valuable experience related to job hunting, portfolio development, interviewing, networking, internships, meal etiquette, job shadowing, career fairs and professionalism.”

Using a comprehensive statistical formula, schools are ranked according to how much each school adds to (or subtracts from) its graduates earning potential, relative to other colleges and universities. According to The Economist‘s criteria, Tusculum College graduates earn, on average, $534 more per year than they would if they had attended another college or university.

For more information on Tusculum’s programs, contact an enrollment representative at 800.729.0256.


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Picnic with the Doaks event set for June 24

Posted on 15 June 2016 by

The community is invited to join the Doak Family on Friday, June 24, to celebrate the legacy of the Doak family and the Doak House Museum in the community.

The event, which will begin at 5 p.m., will feature a catered picnic, followed by the museum’s monthly old-time music jam session, Pickin’ at the Doaks, beginning at 6 p.m.

The museum’s staff will be providing free house tours and collecting contact information for a future oral history project that will document Tusculum College and family history.

“In the next year, the museum department will begin an oral history project that focuses on the Doak family and the relationship that community members have to Tusculum College and the Doak House,” said Dollie Boyd, director of museums. “Over the years, the people in this area have visited the historic home as guests of the family, worked on one of its restorations, dined in the home when it was a restaurant, visited on field trips and had their pictures made here to document important life moments.

“We also want to hear from alumni and college community members about their time at Tusculum. Preserving local history is an important aim of this project.”

The museum is located at 690 Erwin Highway, Greeneville, TN. The event is free and open to the public, although RSVPs are appreciated.

Contact the museum at 423-636-8554 or email for more information.


Pickin’ at the Doaks jam sessions draw musicians from around the area and spectators alike.


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Airplane Tickets Passport and a Map

Tusculum College announces alumni travel program

Posted on 08 June 2016 by

A Viking River cruise will kick off the new alumni travel program at Tusculum College, according to Heather Patchett, vice president of Institutional Advancement. The inaugural event will be an eight-day cruise on Rhine River scheduled for April 2017.

Tusculum College is partnering with Kristin Small of Cruise Planners to manage the new travel program.

“The goal of the program is to continue the educational relationship between our alumni and the college,” said Patchett.  “Traveling together in a relaxed setting will foster bonds between our alumni and encourage learning in an informal setting.”

Viking River Cruises offers a wide range of opportunities to visit a number of World Heritage sites and to participate in guided tours of the cities that are visited. River cruising provides an opportunity to explore the towns along the river in an intimate way, said Small. “You can stroll the streets and explore the markets, churches and museums. We will have an opportunity to visit Amsterdam, Cologne, Heidelberg and Strasbourg.”

For more information about the Alumni Travel Program please contact Joni Parker, Office of Alumni Relations at 423-636-7303.


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Spring 2016 Athletic Director Honor Roll announced

Posted on 06 June 2016 by

Two-hundred and seventy-nine student-athletes have been named to the 2016 Tusculum College Athletic Director’s Spring Honor Roll announced Doug Jones, Tusculum director of athletics.

To be selected to the Athletic Director’s Honor Roll, a student-athlete must accumulate either a spring semester or overall cumulative grade point average of 3.0 or higher on a 4.0 scale.

The Tusculum men’s tennis team had the highest cumulative grade point average of the 16 sports sponsored by the College with a 3.645 team GPA.  Of Tusculum’s 16 athletic programs, 13 boasted team GPAs of 3.00 or better. The women’s tennis team was second with a 3.622 GPA, followed by softball (3.534), volleyball (3.527), men’s golf (3.493), women’s golf (3.485), women’s cross country (3.385), men’s cross country (3.284), women’s soccer (3.234), women’s basketball (3.220), women’s lacrosse (3.163), men’s soccer (3.118) and men’s lacrosse (3.069).

Ten Tusculum student-athletes currently have a perfect cumulative GPA of 4.00 including: Jule Brass (women’s tennis), Jordan Fullerton (women’s soccer), Franziska Funke (women’s tennis), Calley Lawson (women’s golf), Emma MacDonald (women’s soccer), Morgan Mahaffey (softball), Fabian Paier (men’s tennis), Jonathan Spicher (men’s soccer), Carlie Thornber (women’s soccer) and Parker Wright (cheerleading).

The Tusculum football team boasted the most student-athletes on the honor roll with 50 honorees.  The Pioneer baseball and women’s soccer teams were tied for second with 31 selections each.  The men’s soccer team was fourth on the list with 21 honorees, while the Pioneer softball and men’s lacrosse teams were tied for fifth with 19 selections apiece.  The women’s lacrosse team was seventh with 17 representatives, followed by volleyball (15), women’s golf (12), women’s basketball (10), men’s basketball (nine), women’s cross country (nine), women’s tennis (eight), men’s tennis (eight), men’s golf (seven) and men’s cross country (six).

The Tusculum cheerleading squad also had 11 members recognized on this semester’s honor roll.


2016 Tusculum College Athletic Director’s Fall Honor Roll

Student-Athlete               Sport(s)

Irim Aiken                           Football

Antoinette Allen               Women’s Soccer/Lacrosse

Makenzi Alley                     Women’s Cross Country

Evan Altizer                         Football

Jorge Alvarez                      Men’s Soccer

Andrea Amettis                  Volleyball

Katja Andersson                 Women’s Soccer

Ashley Andrukonis            Women’s Cross Country

Ben Arnold                             Men’s Basketball

Will Arrington                       Football

Kristen Atwell                       Women’s Basketball

Kyle Bailey                             Football

Tyler Bailey                           Baseball

Sarah Baker                           Women’s Tennis

Brandyn Bartlett                 Football

Seth Batsel                             Football

Taylor Battle                         Softball

Miranda Beeler                    Softball

Keegan Bell                           Men’s Lacrosse

John Bennett                       Baseball

Patrick Benson                    Football

Alexis Berlin                        Cheerleading

Hannah Berling                   Volleyball

Paige Bible                            Women’s Cross Country

Brandon Black                     Baseball

Danny Black                         Football

Cassandra Born                  Volleyball

Dalton Boslooper               Baseball

Sarah Bouley                        Volleyball

Brittney Bowers                  Women’s Soccer

Ben Boyd                                Men’s Lacrosse

Jule Brass                               Women’s Tennis

Cheyenne Bray                     Women’s Lacrosse

Spencer Brothers                Baseball

Lawson Burrow                   Men’s Cross Country

Lindsay Butler                     Women’s Golf

Alison Camp                         Women’s Soccer

Corey Cantrell                      Football

Hunter Cantrell                   Football

Michaelae Carden             Cheerleading

Erin Carmody                      Volleyball

Ethan Carpenter                 Baseball

Darius Carter                       Men’s Basketball

Ben Cash                                 Baseball

Cayla Cecil                            Softball

Mitch Chapman                 Men’s Lacrosse

Lia Clark                               Women’s Soccer

Chris Cochrane                  Baseball

Matthew Cole                     Football

Sarah Combs                      Women’s Soccer

Jalen Connor                      Football

Christen Craig                    Women’s Lacrosse

Heather Crouch                Women’s Soccer/Basketball

Kelsey Crow                       Women’s Lacrosse

Bailey Culler                       Softball

Caleb Cutshall                    Men’s Cross Country

Jacob Cutshall                    Men’s Cross Country

Ricardo Da Silva                Men’s Soccer

Deshawn Davis                   Football

Eliza Davis                            Softball

Samuel Davis                     Men’s Golf

Zach Davis                           Men’s Basketball

Rachel Del Duca                Women’s Lacrosse

Andre De Giorgi                Men’s Soccer

Payton DeHart                  Women’s Soccer

Seth DeHaven                    Baseball

Kyle Dickson                      Men’s Soccer

Kelly Donnelly                   Football

Drake Dormann                 Football

Tandon Dorn                      Baseball

Britney Dotson                  Cheerleading

Malik Drury                         Football

Gary Dunlop                       Men’s Soccer

Dallas Dunn                         Men’s Soccer

Savannah Elliott                Women’s Lacrosse

Cory Fagan                           Men’s Basketball

Todd Fidler                           Men’s Soccer

Zack Finchum                      Baseball

Harper Ford                         Softball

Nick Forsberg                      Men’s Golf

Jordan Fullerton               Women’s Soccer

Franziska Funke                Women’s Tennis

Rachel Garnett                    Volleyball

Anthony Gatewood           Men’s Lacrosse

Max Gaubert                         Football

Emmanuel Gbunblee         Football

Guillem Giro                          Men’s Soccer/Cheerleading

Hannah Graham                   Women’s Soccer

Destani Gray                          Cheerleading

Shelby Gray                            Women’s Lacrosse

Davante Griffin                       Football

Sierra Haas                             Women’s Lacrosse

Courtney Hackney              Women’s Soccer

Kevin Haggerty                    Men’s Lacrosse

Brock Hakalmazian             Baseball

Holly Hall                                Women’s Soccer

Tyler Hall                                 Baseball

Sierra Hanson                        Women’s Cross Country

Dillon Hardy                           Baseball

Rictrell Harris                        Football

Cooper Harrison                  Football

Zach Hartle                            Men’s Basketball

Kayla Hartley                        Volleyball

Harrison Harvey                 Men’s Soccer

Michala Hash                        Women’s Basketball

Kelsey Haun                          Women’s Golf

Brad Hawkins                       Men’s Golf

Maelyn Head                        Women’s Basketball

Kealee Heffner                     Women’s Tennis

Emily Hester                         Softball

Cameron High                      Baseball

Luke Hillis                             Football

Ryan Hillshouse                 Baseball

Alexis Hoffman                   Softball

Trista Holder                      Women’s Golf

Malek Holman                    Football

Rachel Holmes                  Women’s Lacrosse

Sayre Hopper                    Women’s Golf

Kelly Horrell                      Women’s Golf

Justin Houston                  Football

Chris Hutson                      Men’s Golf

Cooper Jackson                Baseball

J’Quen Johnson               Men’s Cross Country

Tashique Kader                Men’s Tennis

Cody Kammerzell            Men’s Soccer

Adrienne Kaye                  Women’s Tennis

Jordan Keene                    Softball

Calyn Kelly                         Women’s Lacrosse/Basketball

Lindsey Kelly                     Women’s Soccer

Jaylynn Kesterson          Football

Dante Key                           Baseball

Olivia Kilgore                     Women’s Soccer

Indya Kinard                      Women’s Basketball

Tyler Klarner                      Men’s Lacrosse

Alexander Kleinberg       Men’s Lacrosse

Toby de Klerk                     Men’s Tennis

Andrew Kransberger       Men’s Lacrosse

Austin Kulp                         Men’s Soccer

Dallas Kuykendall             Football

Andreas Kvam                   Men’s Soccer

Pablo Laguna                      Men’s Soccer

Taylor Lambertsen           Women’s Golf

Zack Lane                               Football

Bailey Laws                            Cheerleading

Calley Lawson                       Women’s Golf

Guillermo Lazcano              Men’s Soccer/Cheerleading

Mariah Lewis                          Volleyball

Taylor Lewis                           Women’s Soccer/Softball

Tyler Linkous                        Men’s Soccer

Meghan Lively                      Women’s Soccer

Jeffrey Lohman                    Men’s Soccer

Eric Lynch                              Football

Emma MacDonald               Women’s Soccer

Morgan Mahaffey                Softball

Madison Malone                  Women’s Lacrosse

Tanner Maloof                      Baseball

Lindsey Mank                       Women’s Cross Country

Luke Manning                       Football

Miriah Martin                       Women’s Soccer

Chase McAllister                 Baseball

Mitch McCain                       Baseball

Kelli McCalla                        Women’s Soccer

Caleb McCormick               Football

Conor McKenna                 Men’s Soccer

Dominic McLaren             Men’s Soccer

Logan McMahan                Baseball

Nicole McMillen               Women’s Soccer

Kristen McMillion            Women’s Basketball

Nate Mendez                      Men’s Soccer

Ethan Merrow                   Men’s Lacrosse

Carly Mill                             Women’s Soccer

Charles Mills                      Men’s Lacrosse

Erin Mills                            Women’s Tennis

Connor Mitchell              Men’s Basketball

Vasco Monteiro              Men’s Soccer

Brian Montgomery         Football

Pauline Muiruri               Women’s Cross Country

Billy Munker                     Football

Eduardo Munoz               Men’s Tennis

Shannon Murphy            Volleyball

Cydney Murrell               Women’s Golf

Loyd Napier                      Football

David New                          Baseball

Jordan Newby                  Women’s Soccer

Mackenzie Newsome     Women’s Cross Country

Will Noel                              Men’s Cross Country

Ian O’Grady                        Football

Alycea Ohl                           Women’s Lacrosse

Fabian Paier                       Men’s Tennis

Ross Parsons                      Men’s Lacrosse

Anthony Patrick                Football

Callie Patterson                  Women’s Basketball

Kendall Patterson              Men’s Basketball

Taylor Plemons                   Softball

Diego Poore                          Men’s Basketball

Jasmine Queen                    Women’s Basketball

Christian Raasch                 Baseball

Cory Ramsey                        Men’s Cross Country

Matt Ramsay                        Baseball

Heath Ratliff                         Men’s Golf

Ciara Rattana                       Women’s Golf

Zachary Redden                 Football

Treslyn Reese                      Softball

Jenna Restivo                      Softball

Rachel Roberts                   Women’s Soccer

Cameron Rogers                Men’s Lacrosse

Chris Ryan                            Men’s Lacrosse

DJ Samuels                           Football

Reanna Saunders               Cheerleading

Sabrina Schleuger              Volleyball

Brooke Schreder                Women’s Soccer

Drew Schreder                     Football

Blythe Scrivner                   Women’s Golf

Leon Seiz                               Men’s Tennis

Jordon Shippy                    Football

Jaelyn Shoemaker            Cheerleading

Matt Shown                         Men’s Basketball

Madison Shumaker          Volleyball

David Siegle                         Men’s Tennis

Erin Sims                              Women’s Lacrosse/Basketball

Christian Sisto                    Football

Trevor Skiles                      Football

Zach Slagle                          Baseball

Jake Smith                          Men’s Lacrosse

Jordan Smith                     Women’s Lacrosse

Taylor Smith                      Men’s Golf

Zack Smith                          Football

Ally Soldati                        Volleyball

James Spears                     Men’s Lacrosse

Jonathan Spicher             Men’s Soccer

Claire Stanton                     Women’s Lacrosse

Danae Stauffer                    Volleyball

Tim Stierle                           Men’s Tennis

Robin Stoner                       Softball

Chaz Story                            Football

Kaytlin Stroinski                Volleyball

Amanda Sumner               Women’s Tennis

Shannele Sunderland      Women’s Soccer

Terrie Taylor                      Cheerleading

Cameron Thomas              Football

Martez Thompkins            Football

Brandon Thompson          Football

Carlie Thornber                  Women’s Soccer

Jim Tolle                                Baseball

Ellie Tomassoni                  Women’s Soccer

Katie Tomassoni                Women’s Golf

John Topoleski                   Baseball

Preston Tucker                  Men’s Golf

Cheyenne Upton               Women’s Soccer

Eric Varlas                           Men’s Lacrosse

Veronica Vineyard          Women’s Soccer

Samantha Vogt                  Women’s Cross Country

Dallas Wade                         Men’s Lacrosse

Nate Wade                           Men’s Lacrosse

Brooke Wagner                  Women’s Lacrosse

Lillian Wallace                   Women’s Cross Country

Morgan Ward                      Softball

Jason Ware                           Football

Justin Ware                          Football

Nick Wasylyk                       Football

Emily Waters                       Women’s Tennis

Devan Watts                        Baseball

Coneisha Waugh                Women’s Lacrosse/Soccer

Kaily Weiss                          Volleyball

J.J. Wesley                          Baseball

Jadin West                           Football

Emily White                        Softball

Taylor White                      Women’s Golf

Shynese Whitener            Women’s Basketball

Creighton Wilke                 Baseball

Carolyn Williamson         Softball

Jason Willis                        Men’s Lacrosse

Sydney Wilson                  Women’s Basketball

Jonas Winkelmann          Men’s Tennis

Kaitlin Winnie                    Women’s Lacrosse

Rachel Wisner                   Softball

Parker Wright                    Cheerleading

Peyton Yancey                  Women’s Soccer

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Tusculum receives $50,000 grant from First Tennessee Foundation

Tusculum receives $50,000 grant from First Tennessee Foundation

Posted on 06 June 2016 by

Tusculum College has received a $50,000 grant from First Tennessee Foundation to name the foyer area of the new Center for Science and Math. The gift is part of the Tusculum First capital campaign.

The grant for the foyer naming will assist with the construction costs of the new 100,000 square foot, state-of-the-art Ronald H. and Verna June Meen Center for Science and Math. The grant helps to bring the Tusculum First campaign to more than $21.7 million in commitments.

The First Tennessee Foundation Foyer is located on the ground floor which will be the main entrance to the center utilized by faculty, staff, students and visitors.

“The new center will enhance academic programs with the goal of graduating students who will strengthen the capacity of the people of Appalachia to compete in the global economy through STEM education,” said Heather Patchett, vice president of institutional advancement at Tusculum College. “Strengthening STEM education requires engaging instruction from learned and innovative faculty in a flexible and well designed facility.”

The Ronald H. and Verna June Meen Center for Science and Math will replace Tredway Hall, long known as Science Hall, on the Tusculum College campus as the home of science and math. Tredway was constructed in 1928 for a much smaller student population, at a time when scientific research and instrumentation was much different.

According to Patchett, in spite of the limitations of the current building, science majors at Tusculum College have gone on to successful and distinguished careers in scientific research, health-related fields. “Our students have been admitted to first-rate graduate and professional programs and have contributed to the body of knowledge in their chosen profession. They have made discoveries that have improved lives and have saved lives thanks to the quality education received from dedicated professors at Tusculum College.”

The new Ronald H. and Verna June Meen Center for Science and Math will also bring changes to the teaching of math and the sciences at Tusculum College. More spacious classrooms will accommodate students comfortably, with ready access to technology. Labs will incorporate the latest instrumentation and safety features. With additional labs, all students will have the opportunity for hands-on experiences in scientific research.

Tusculum First is designed to address the college’s areas of greatest need including a new center for science and math, growth of academic programs, endowed scholarships, student life improvements, technology, an environmental resources and facilities center and support to the Tusculum Fund.

Dr. Nancy B. Moody, left, accepts the initial payment on a $50,000 grant to Tusculum College from Jennifer Keller, vice president of community banking, at First Tennessee in Greeneville. The grant from First Tennessee Foundation will name the foyer area of the new Ronald H. and Verna June Meen Center for Science and Math.

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Tusculum College’s Pioneer Fishing Club finishes 9th in BoatUS Collegiate Bass Fishing Championship

Posted on 01 June 2016 by

The Tusculum College Pioneer Fishing Club finished in 9th place at the BoatUS Collegiate Bass Fishing Championship, held last week at Pickwick Lake in Alabama. More than 140 teams competed.

The championship went to Auburn University’s team, which weighed in a total of 44.21 pounds.

Tusculum’s two-man team of Nick Hatfield, a senior business administration major from Greeneville, and Cory Neece, a sophomore environmental science major from Bristol, had a two-day compiled weigh in of 31.41 pounds.

Tusculum was the second highest finishing team from the State of Tennessee, with Bethel University finishing 3rd and 12th with their two teams, and Bryan College finishing 17th and 21st. Teams from the University of Tennessee-Chattanooga came in 25th and 35th and teams from University of Tennessee-Knoxville came in 58th and 106th.

The Pioneer Fishing Club is sponsor is Dr. Jason Jones, assistant professor of physical education. Anyone interested in the club should email

The Association of Collegiate Anglers, a division of CarecoTV and in association with the Bass Federation, is a sanctioning body developed to facilitate growth, development and structure within competitive collegiate bass fishing.


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Director named for Tusculum College Honors Program

Posted on 01 June 2016 by

Meagan Stark, coordinator of academic support at Tusculum College, has been named program director of the Honors Program.

Stark received her bachelor’s degree in political science and sociology from East Tennessee State University and her master’s degree in political science from Syracuse University.

She has been part of the Student Support Services team at Tusculum College since 2014.

Meagan Stark

Stark will direct the restructured program along with Dr. Troy Goodale, associate professor of political science and faculty moderator, who will serve as faculty director.

“Ms. Stark brings a great deal of passion to the leadership of the Honors Program,” said Dr. Goodale. “Her previous experience at Syracuse University and East Tennessee State University allow her to bring a new perspective to Tusculum’s Honors Program. As the director of Peer Tutoring services at Tusculum, Ms. Stark has developed meaningful relationships with our students that uniquely positions her to cultivate a rapport with our Honors students and collaborate with each student to create a richer Honors Program experience.”

Several changes were developed over the course of the past year by the Honors Council, which is comprised of both faculty and staff dedicated to the success of the program.

The Tusculum College Honors Program promotes a cross-discipline dialogue between students that includes three core seminar courses. These courses are taught across the semester, every semester, to provide students ample opportunities to participate.

“The Honors courses we have developed are designed to be interesting courses that the instructors and students can be passionate about,” said Stark. “The courses continue to be challenging courses, but participants will also gain experiences in other areas such as leadership and research.”

In addition to the main Honors courses, a core concentration course will be required in areas that include global awareness, peer leadership, civic engagement or research.

“The Honors Program connects like-minded students who push one another to discuss socially and politically-important ideas, news and concepts,” said Sarah Holley, a 2016 graduate who plans to serve a year with AmeriCorps before attending graduate school to become an archivist/museum curator.

She added, “I met my best friend through this program, and they challenged me to become better culturally and academically. My favorite components of this program have been the special topic seminars because they facilitate discussion and create an open dialogue that spills from the classroom into daily life.”

To qualify for the program, first-time students must have a composite score of at least 25 on the ACT or 1150 on the SAT, have a high school grade-point average of 3.5 or higher and rank in the top 10 percent of high school graduating class.

“This year several recruitment events will be held on the Greeneville campus during the Advanced Registration period, and the application deadline will be Jan. 15, 2017,” said Stark. Candidate interviews will be held in February and selections made on March 1.

For more information, contact Stark at


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Tusculum College’s Pioneer Fishing Club currently 12th in BoatUS Collegiate Bass Fishing Championship

Posted on 27 May 2016 by

The Tusculum College Pioneer Fishing Club currently sits in 12th place at the BoatUS Collegiate Bass Fishing Championship, being held this week at Pickwick Lake in Alabama. There are two more days of competition and more than 140 teams competing.

The two-man team of Nick Hatfield, a senior business administration major from Greeneville,  and Cory Neece, a sophomore environmental science major from Bristol,  are doing more than holding their own with a first day weigh in of 16.68.

First place is currently held by Louisiana State University, Weighing in right at 23.06lbs.

To watch the teams battle it out on Pickwick Lake on the final two days, there will be a live blog for updates throughout the day at There will also be a live weigh in beginning at 2:30 p.m. on Saturday, May 28, to see who will be crowned the 2016 BoatUS Collegiate Bass Fishing Champions.

The Pioneer Fishing Club is sponsor is Dr. Jason Jones, assistant professor of physical education. Anyone interested in the club should email

The Association of Collegiate Anglers, a division of CarecoTV and in association with the Bass Federation, is a sanctioning body developed to facilitate growth, development and structure within competitive collegiate bass fishing.


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College now enrolling for family nurse practitioner program

College now enrolling for family nurse practitioner program

Posted on 26 May 2016 by

Tusculum College is now enrolling for its new nurse practitioner master’s degree program in family nurse practitioner, having received final approval from the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges. The college received approval by the Tennessee Board of Nursing in February to move forward in planning the new degree program and has received initial approval to start the program from the Tennessee Board of Nursing.

The family nurse practitioner program is a graduate level Master of Science degree designed to address the need for more primary healthcare providers in the community. It will be led by Dr. Linda Garrett, assistant dean of nursing, health sciences and human services and chair of graduate nursing.

“We are very happy to be able to start this new program in the fall,” said Dr. Lois Ewen, dean of nursing, health sciences and human services. “The family nurse practitioner program will provide nurses in our area with a local choice for earning their master’s degree,” she added.

“Nurse practitioners provide primary care across the lifespan to people of all ages with simple to complex illnesses. We provide care for patients that have comorbidities. We have the same privileges that family physicians have, such as prescribing medications,” said Dr. Garrett.

Applications for enrollment in the program will be available in late spring.  The first class is tentatively set to graduate in fall 2017.

“One of the things that is special about this program, especially in this part of the country, is that we plan to develop an RN to MSN program, which will allow nurses with associate degrees to obtain their master’s degree in six semesters,” said Dr. Garrett.

With this bridge component, Dr. Ewen hopes to serve more nurses in the area and serve the community with quality advanced practice nurses. The nurse practitioner program will be housed in the Ronald H. and Verna June Meen Center for Math and Science, where the students will have access to state-of-the-art equipment specialized for their degree.

“The Ronald H. and Verna June Meen Center for Math and Science will provide students with a lab separate from the lab for the undergraduate program,” said Dr. Garrett. “The undergraduate lab is styled like a hospital, the nurse practitioner labs will be designed much like a typical medical office with high technological recording capabilities.”

Dr. Garrett hopes to work with the theater program at Tusculum and have people trained as “standardized patients.” These standardized patients would act as real patients through scenarios developed by the nursing faculty in order to assist nurse practitioner students in patient interaction and diagnosis.

“My vision is to provide the community with primary care providers–this is an area of need—to provide the folks in this community access to good quality care and to get the nurse practitioner program going and graduating students.”

Individuals with interest in attending the family nurse practitioner program should contact the nursing department at or 423-636-7430 for more information.  Tusculum College is now accepting applications for admission into the college.


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Science, math and technology programs expected to expand at Tusculum College

Science, math and technology programs expected to expand at Tusculum College

Posted on 26 May 2016 by

Science, mathematics and technology programs are expected to expand at Tusculum College with the addition of new degree programs and the investment in new facilities.

With the re-introduction of chemistry as a major in 2013, the addition of a master’s degree in nursing and a new planned Bachelor of Science in health care administration degree program, growth is expected to continue in these areas, according to LeAnn Hughes, vice president of enrollment management and marketing and director of Graduate and Professional Studies.

Earlier this month, a Bachelor of Science in computer science, a Bachelor of Science in information technology and a Master of Accountancy were preliminarily approved by Tusculum’s Board of Trustees pending development of the curriculum. Also approved was the development of a minor in web design.

The new programs will be initiated between now and 2019.

“Tusculum has a reputation for producing science graduates that have gone on to great success within their respective fields. Bringing back the chemistry major as an additional opportunity was the beginning of a process to expand these offerings,” said Hughes. “Now, with the completion of the Ronald H. and Verna June Meen Center for Science and Mathematics just around the corner, we expect enrollment in these programs to expand.”

Following the addition of the chemistry major, Tusculum College invested significantly by purchasing equipment and other useful tools including high performance liquid chromatography, infrared spectrometer, atomic absorption spectrometer, gas chromatography and a visible spectrometer. These new instruments, partially funded by gifts from alumni, assist the program to equip chemistry majors for a career in industry or graduate studies and further enhance already robust undergraduate research opportunities.

The Meen Center for Science and Math, expected to be completed in January 2017, will be a four-story structure of approximately 100,000 square feet. Interiors include wings for biology, chemistry, mathematics, nursing, computer science and environmental science. There will also be lab space and research areas for both faculty and students.

The ground floor features the environmental science wing with large general classroom spaces and classrooms equipped for distance learning programs. A large lecture hall will be included on the ground floor. Space is also allocated to house the Bachelor of Science degree program in nursing and the Master of Science degree in nursing.

For more information about any of these programs, contact Melissa Ripley, director of operations for admissions at 1-800-729-0256 or email

Ronald H. and Verna June Meen Center for Science and Math




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Progress continues on Ronald H. and Verna June Meen Center for Science and Math

Posted on 20 May 2016 by

Progress continues on the construction of the Ronald H. and Verna June Meen Center for Science and Math at Tusculum College, with interior work continuing, including window installment.

According to David Martin, director of facilities for Tusculum College, exterior damp proofing and windows are complete with the exception of custom windows for the Board Room, which will be installed next week.

“The roof is dried in, metal panels and copper gutters are ongoing. Window trim and masonry in progress,” said Martin, adding that rough grading of the north lot is complete.

As work continues, drywall, insulation, drywall soffits and finishing are ongoing on all floors, and fire protection is 90 percent complete. Paint priming will begin in two weeks.

It is expected that the construction will be completed by the end of the year and will be ready for utilization when students return for spring semester 2017.

The Meen Center for Science and Math will be a four-story structure of approximately 100,000 square feet. Interiors include wings for biology, chemistry, mathematics, computer science and environmental science. There will also be lab space and research areas for both faculty and students.

The ground floor features the environmental science wing with a loading dock, as well as large general classroom spaces and classrooms equipped for distance learning programs. A large lecture hall will be included on the ground floor. Space is also allocated to house the Bachelor of Science degree program in nursing and at least one other graduate level health-related program.

Interior finishing and window installation at the Ronald H. and Verna June Meen Center for Science and Math



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Jack Smith recognized during President’s Dinner for service to Tusculum

Posted on 16 May 2016 by

Tusculum President Nancy B. Moody, left, and Board of Trustees Chair Kenneth Bowman, right, make the presentation to Myron J. "Jack" Smith during the President's Dinner.

Myron J. “Jack” Smith was recognized during the President’s Dinner on Friday, May 13, for his more than 20 years of service to Tusculum College as director of the library.

Smith was presented a framed copy of the resolution honoring his service to Tusculum and academia that had been approved by the Tusculum College Board of Trustees at its February meeting. Dr. Nancy B. Moody, president of Tusculum, and Dr. Kenneth Bowman, chair of the Board of Trustees, made the presentation.

The Board of Trustees has also granted the honorary status of faculty emeritus to Smith.

The resolution reads:

“Whereas, Myron J. Smith, Jr. was awarded degrees from Ashland University, Western Michigan University, and Shippensburg University and pursued graduate studies at the University of Wisconsin, Indiana-Purdue University, and The Ohio State University; and

Whereas, Mr. Smith began his career at the Detroit Public Library as a young adult services librarian; and

Whereas, while at Western Maryland College, he worked summers as a bibliographer at the Navy Department Library in Washington, DC where he was mentored on occasion by the noted historian Samuel Eliot Morison; and

Whereas, Mr. Smith worked as library director at the Huntington Public Library before returning to academic service at Salem College where he remained for fifteen years before coming to Tusculum; and

Whereas, Mr. Smith joined Tusculum College in 1990 where he served until 2015 retiring from the positions of library director and professor of library science and history; and

Whereas, he worked diligently to improve library resources and access opportunities for the Tusculum community and coordinated partnerships with local and regional libraries; and

Whereas, Mr. Smith is an internationally-known author and bibliographer on subjects ranging in topic from airline to Watergate and from baseball to the U.S. Civil War and has published eighty-eight books which have been sold in or acquired by libraries in forty-four countries and every state in the United States; and

Whereas, in 1993, he received the Nelson Ross Award from the Professional Football Writers Association, and he remains the only American to have received the Richard Franck Preis for historical bibliography from the German Government; and

Whereas, Mr. Smith was granted Faculty Emeritus status by the Board of Trustees;

Now Therefore, be it resolved, that the Tusculum College Board of Trustees, meeting in Greeneville, Tennessee, on February 20, 2016, does hereby acknowledge, commend, and honor Myron J. Smith, Jr for extraordinary service to Tusculum College and to the people of this state and nation and extends to Mr. Smith its best wishes for a rewarding and fulfilling retirement.”

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