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Student-athletes named to Spring 2015 academic honor roll

Student-athletes named to Spring 2015 academic honor roll

Posted on 08 June 2015 by

Two-hundred and twenty student-athletes have been named to the 2015 Tusculum College Athletic Director’s Spring Honor Roll.


To be selected to the Athletic Director’s Honor Roll, a student-athlete must accumulate either a semester or cumulative grade point average of 3.0 or better on a 4.0 scale.


The Tusculum football team boasted the most student-athletes on the honor roll with 41 honorees.  The Pioneer baseball team was second with 29 selections.  The Tusculum women’s soccer team was third on the list with 24 honorees, while the Pioneer men’s soccer team was fourth with 20.  The women’s lacrosse team is fifth with 18 honorees, followed by softball (15), men’s lacrosse (14), volleyball (12), men’s golf (10), women’s basketball (9), men’s tennis (8), women’s tennis (7), women’s cross country (7), women’s golf (5), men’s basketball (5) and men’s cross country (4). The Tusculum cheerleading squad also had seven (7) members recognized on this semester’s honor roll.


The Tusculum men’s tennis team had the highest cumulative grade point average of the 16 sports sponsored by the College with a 3.662 team GPA.  Of Tusculum’s 16 athletic programs, 13 boasted team GPAs of 3.00 or better.  The women’s cross country team was second with a 3.580 GPA, followed by women’s tennis (3.565), men’s golf (3.488), volleyball (3.454), women’s golf (3.451), softball (3.423), men’s cross country (3.273), women’s basketball (3.214), men’s soccer (3.189), women’s lacrosse (3.176), women’s soccer (3.150) and baseball (3.037).



2015 Tusculum College Athletic Director’s Spring Honor Roll

Student-Athlete               Sport(s)

Antoinette Allen              Women’s Soccer

Evan Altizer                        Football

Jorge Alvarez                     Men’s Soccer

Andrea Amettis                Volleyball

Cody Andreychuk            Baseball

LiRonta Archie                   Football

Cody Armstrong               Football

Ben Arnold                         Men’s Basketball

William Arrington             Football

Nikki Arthur                        Women’s Soccer/Lacrosse

Kellen Asmundson          Men’s Lacrosse

Kristen Atwell                    Women’s Basketball

Juan Avendano                 Men’s Soccer

Kyle Bailey                          Football

Tyler Bailey                         Baseball

Samuel Baker                    Men’s Soccer

Sarah Baker                        Women’s Tennis

Nicole Ball                           Softball

Dalton Barrier                    Football

Brandyn Bartlett               Football

Miranda Beeler                 Softball

Deres Benn                        Football

Alexis Berlin                       Women’s Cross Country

Hannah Berling                 Volleyball

Paige Bible                          Women’s Cross Country

Brandon Black                   Baseball

Taylor Boone                     Volleyball

Dalton Boslooper             Baseball

Sarah Bouley                      Volleyball

Ben Boyd                             Men’s Lacrosse

Sabrina Bradley                 Women’s Soccer

Cheyenne Bray                 Women’s Lacrosse

Spencer Brothers             Baseball

CJ Brown                             Baseball

Blakeley Burleson            Women’s Basketball

Lawson Burrow                 Men’s Cross Country

Lindsay Butler                    Women’s Golf

Alison Camp                       Women’s Soccer

Deryn Candelaria             Women’s Lacrosse

Corey Cantrell                   Football

Hunter Cantrell                 Football

Erin Carmody                     Volleyball

Ethan Carpenter               Baseball

Darius Carter                      Men’s Basketball

Ben Cash                             Baseball

Cayla Cecil                           Softball

Katie Chadwick                 Women’s Soccer/Lacrosse

Mitch Chapman                Men’s Lacrosse

Warren Cheney                Men’s Golf

David Cooper                     Men’s Cross Country

Logan Cornelius                Football

Christen Craig                    Women’s Lacrosse

Heather Crouch                Women’s Soccer

Kelsey Crow                       Women’s Lacrosse

Bailey Culler                       Softball

Alec Cunningham             Women’s Golf

Caleb Cutshall                    Men’s Cross Country

Maelyn Cutshaw              Women’s Basketball

Ricardo Da Silva                 Men’s Soccer

Eliza Davis                            Softball

Samuel Davis                     Men’s Golf

Zach Davis                           Men’s Basketball

Evan Dansby                      Football

Drew Davidson                 Football

CJ Dawson                          Football

Toby de Klerk                    Men’s Tennis

Payton DeHart                  Women’s Soccer

Seth DeHaven                   Baseball

Rachel Del Duca                Women’s Lacrosse

Kyle Dickson                       Men’s Soccer

Kelly Donnelly                   Football

Tandon Dorn                      Baseball

Savannah Elliott                Women’s Lacrosse

Joe Elphingstone              Men’s Tennis

Cory Fagan                          Men’s Basketball

David Fernandes              Men’s Lacrosse

Vinny Ferrara                     Baseball

Zach Finchum                    Baseball

Hunter Foreman              Men’s Soccer

Nick Forsberg                    Men’s Golf

Jordan Fuller                      Men’s Lacrosse

Franziska Funke                Women’s Tennis

Rachel Garnett                  Volleyball

Max Gaubert                     Football

Emmanuel Gbunblee     Football

Sean Gilbane                     Men’s Lacrosse

Guillem Giro                       Men’s Soccer/Cheerleading

Coleman Glick                   Men’s Golf

Shelby Gray                        Women’s Lacrosse

Ashley Gregg                     Women’s Cross Country

Renato Grgic                      Men’s Soccer

Courtney Hackney           Women’s Soccer

Kevin Haggerty                 Men’s Lacrosse

Jessica Hairston                Women’s Basketball

Brock Hakalmazian          Baseball

Allison Hall                          Women’s Cross Country

Holly Hall                              Women’s Soccer

Tyler Hall                              Baseball

Sierra Hanson                    Women’s Cross Country

Jesse Harrell                       Men’s Cross Country

Marius Harsjoen               Men’s Soccer

Harrison Harvey                Men’s Soccer

Michala Hash                     Women’s Basketball

Megan Hasse                     Volleyball

Brad Hawkins                     Men’s Golf

Cameron High                   Baseball

Christopher Hill                 Football

Sayre Hopper                    Women’s Golf

Justin Houston                  Football

Kate Hutchinson               Women’s Tennis

Chris Hutson                      Men’s Golf

Dominic James                  Football

Zack Jones                          Football

Tashique Kader                 Men’s Tennis

Cody Kammerzell             Men’s Soccer

Adrienne Kaye                  Women’s Tennis

Jordan Keene                    Softball

Calyn Kelly                          Women’s Lacrosse

Jaylynn Kesterson           Football

Michael Khoury                Football

Alexander Kleinberg       Men’s Lacrosse

Andrew Kransberger      Men’s Lacrosse

Alix Kruel                             Softball

Adam Kulbat                      Men’s Soccer

Austin Kulp                         Men’s Soccer

Andreas Kvam                   Men’s Soccer

Pablo Laguna                     Men’s Soccer

Zack Lane                            Football

Calley Lawson                    Women’s Golf

Guillermo Lazcano           Men’s Soccer/Cheerleading

Neil Lee                                Football

Lillian Lesniewski              Women’s Lacrosse

Matt Levine                        Football

Mariah Lewis                     Volleyball

Taylor Lewis                       Women’s Soccer/Softball

Ryan Logan                         Baseball

Madison Malone              Women’s Lacrosse

Luke Manning                   Football

Miriah Martin                    Women’s Soccer

Erika Mayfield                   Women’s Soccer

Kelli McCalla                       Women’s Soccer/Lacrosse

Chad McClanahan            Football

Rory McClure                     Men’s Basketball

Caleb McCormick             Football

Chandler McGlohon       Cheerleading

Kristen McMillion             Women’s Basketball

Rachel Medley                  Softball

Jake Mendenhall             Men’s Golf

Erin Mills                              Women’s Tennis

Brianna Mitchell               Women’s Basketball

Shelby Moon                     Women’s Lacrosse

Brandon Mosley               Cheerleading

Pauline Muiruri                 Women’s Cross Country

Hunter Mullican                Football

Billy Munker                       Football

Shannon Murphy             Volleyball

Kora Neyland                     Women’s Soccer

Paula Ortiz-Gomez          Women’s Lacrosse

Ross Parsons                      Men’s Lacrosse

Anthony Patrick                Football

Mark Patterson                Men’s Soccer

Roberto Pimentel            Men’s Soccer

Nic Planchard                     Men’s Tennis

Alisha Pugh                         Women’s Soccer

Matt Ramsay                     Baseball

Leif Ratliff                            Men’s Golf

Austin Raynor                    Football

Treslyn Reese                    Softball

Jenna Restivo                    Softball

Brooke Rhodes                 Softball

Aly Rines                              Women’s Soccer

Rachel Roberts                  Women’s Soccer

Cody Poarch                       Baseball

Ciara Rattana                     Women’s Golf

Jay Roberts                         Football

Nick Rodriguez                  Baseball

Christopher Ryan             Men’s Lacrosse

Tyler Schafer                      Men’s Lacrosse

Nathaniel Scere                Men’s Soccer

Sabrina Schleuger            Volleyball

Drew Schreder                  Football

Michael Scott                     Basebal

Leon Seiz                             Men’s Tennis

David Siegle                        Men’s Tennis

Jaelyn Shoemaker           Cheerleading

Jalen Shuffler                    Baseball

Deion Sims                          Football

Erin Sims                              Women’s Lacrosse

Zach Slagle                          Baseball

Taylor Smith                       Men’s Golf

Jonathan Spicher             Men’s Soccer

Danae Stauffer                 Volleyball

Robin Stoner                      Softball

Chaz Story                           Football

Rainey Story                       Women’s Basketball

Kaytlin Stroinski                Softball

Amanda Sumner              Women’s Tennis

Shannele Sunderland     Women’s Soccer

Lizzie Talley                         Cheerleading

Jenique Thombs               Women’s Soccer/Lacrosse

Benjamin Thompson      Men’s Lacrosse

Carlie Thornber                 Women’s Soccer

Preston Tucker                 Men’s Golf

Danny Tufariello               Baseball

Jim Tolle                               Baseball

John Topoleski                  Baseball

Chaneyra Tucker              Cheerleading

Cheyenne Upton             Women’s Soccer

Beze Uzoma                       Football

Eric Varlas                            Men’s Lacrosse

Veronica Vineyard           Women’s Soccer

Samantha Vogt                 Women’s Cross Country

Brooke Wagner                Women’s Lacrosse

Justin Ware                        Football

Nick Wasylyk                      Football

Emily Waters                      Women’s Tennis

Devan Watts                      Baseball

Kaily Weiss                          Volleyball

J.J. Wesley                          Baseball

Shynese Whitener          Women’s Basketball

Creighton Wilke                Baseball

Marissa Williams               Women’s Soccer

Carolyn Williamson          Softball

Jonas Winkelmann          Men’s Tennis

Lukas Winkelmann          Men’s Tennis

Travis Winnon                   Baseball

LJ Young                               Football


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Winkelmann receives South Atlantic Conference President’s Award

Winkelmann receives South Atlantic Conference President’s Award

Posted on 08 June 2015 by

Lukas Winkelmann

Tusculum College men’s tennis student-athlete Lukas Winkelmann is this year’s recipient of the South Atlantic Conference Presidents Award, following a vote of the league’s Faculty Athletic Representatives.

Winkelmann is the male recipient of the SAC Presidents Award, while Newberry College volleyball player Elayni Stokes is this year’s female honoree.

The SAC Presidents Award is the most prestigious honor the conference awards to its student-athletes. It exemplifies the finest combined qualities of excellence in athletics, academics and community leadership. During the year, the league recognizes 18 Scholar Athletes, representing each of the conference-sponsored sports. The top male and female SAC Scholar Athletes from each represented member school are then nominated for the SAC Presidents Award.

In the classroom, Winkelmann sported a 3.96 cumulative grade point average as a pre-medicine major. The three-time SAC Men’s Tennis Scholar Athlete of the Year has earned selections to the Tusculum Athletic Director’s Honor Roll, the TC President’s List, the Charles Oliver Gray Honors List, the SAC Commissioner’s Honor Roll and the ITA All-Academic Team. He graduated from Tusculum last month with summa cum laude honors.

Winkelmann finished the season ranked 19th in the ITA singles rankings, becoming the first player in program history to garner All-America distinction. He also becomes only the ninth SAC singles player to earn ITA All-America honors, fifth during the NCAA II era (since 1994) and the first since 1996.

The Böblingen, Germany native spent most of the season ranked in the top-20 of the ITA/NCAA Division II national singles rankings, including as high as 10th this spring. He finished the season with a perfect 18-0 singles record at the top flight and finished his collegiate career with a 50-match regular season winning streak.

He was named the SAC Men’s Tennis Player of the Year for a third consecutive season, becoming the first three-time winner in league history. He also ended the year listed sixth in the ITA Southeast Region singles rankings.

On the doubles side, Lukas teamed with his brother Jonas as the duo compiled a perfect 19-0 record while earning All-SAC first team doubles honors in back-to-back seasons. The Winkelmann brothers also finished the year listed ninth in the ITA Southeast Region doubles rankings.

Winkelmann finished his collegiate-career with a 70-7 singles record and was a four-time All-SAC performer and was the SAC Freshman of the Year in 2012.

Winkelmann is a two-time Capital One Academic All-America® At-Large first team selection and is a national nominee again this year.

Winkelmann has served in numerous leadership roles, including as team captain and as a representative on the Pioneer Student-Athlete Advisory Committee.

In the community, Winkelmann has served as a volunteer at a local hospital and has spent time with Project “Tennis in Schools” to promote the sport of tennis at area elementary schools. Winkelmann assisted in caring for a local community member’s horse after they were in a car accident during his sophomore season and has helped with the Tusculum Tennis Adopt-a-Family initiative to help a local family during the Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons. A member of the Alpha Chi Honor Society, Winkelmann donated and delivered Christmas presents to children in the community.

Winkelmann has also stayed busy helping out on the Tusculum campus. He served as a volunteer with the Tusculum College Haunted House as a freshman to assist a TC athletic department fundraiser. During his senior year, Winkelmann volunteered with the Remote Area Medical Clinic hosted by Tusculum College as a dental assistant and was a member of the Biology Club and the President’s Society. Winkelmann also served as treasurer of Alpha Chi during his junior and senior years.

Winkelmann has been accepted to the Pennsylvania School of Medicine to continue his pursuit of becoming a dentist.

During his collegiate career, Winkelmann led the Pioneers to a combined 63-22 overall record, including 32-8 on South Atlantic Conference play.

He was named the 2014-15 Tusculum College Male Athlete of the Year, becoming the first three-time winner of the award in school history and only the second TC student-athlete overall to be named Athlete of the Year three times (woman’s basketball player Susan Starnes was a four-time winner).

This marks the seventh straight year and eighth of the last nine that a Tusculum student-athlete has garnered SAC Presidents Award honors. Tusculum’s 10 total SAC Presidents Award winners are the second most by one school and tied for the most since the College joined the league during the 1999-2000 academic year.

Past Tusculum honorees of the SAC Presidents Award include: Julie Maples (Women’s Basketball: 2004-05), Glen Black (Football: 2006-07), Jarrell NeSmith (Football: 2008-09, 2009-10), Simon Holzapfel (Men’s Cross Country: 2010-11), Taylor Rakes (Baseball: 2011-12, 2012-13) and Ashley Sarmiento (Volleyball: 2012-13, 2013-14).


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Tusculum named to Presidential Honor Roll for Community Service for ninth time

Tusculum named to Presidential Honor Roll for Community Service for ninth time

Posted on 01 June 2015 by

Tusculum College has been honored by the Corporation for National and Community Service and the U.S. Department of Education with a place on the President’s Higher Education Community Service Honor Roll for the ninth year in a row. The designation recognizes colleges and universities for exemplary service efforts and service to America’s communities.

Tusculum College was selected for the Honor Roll for its work in education, hunger, homelessness, environmental stewardship, economic empowerment and youth development in the East Tennessee region. Students have worked with Rural Resources, Greene County Habitat for Humanity, the Greeneville and Greene County school systems, the Boys and Girls Club, Opportunity House, the United Way of Greene County, the Davy Crockett Birthplace State Park and many other groups.

“Since 1794 Tusculum College has desired to teach its students to serve their communities and to develop strong values that included service to humankind,” said Tusculum College President Nancy B. Moody.

She added that service projects and service learning experiences are part of the core of Tusculum College’s mission that includes the Civic Arts and service to others as part of its overall mission.

“I am delighted Tusculum has been honored with this distinction; service and civic engagement are an integral part of campus life and campus culture,” said Ronda Gentry, director of the Center for Civic Advancement at Tusculum College.

Launched in 2006, the Community Service Honor Roll is the highest federal recognition a school can achieve for its commitment to service-learning and civic engagement. Honorees for the award were chosen based on a series of selection factors including scope and innovation of service projects, percentage of student participation in service activities, incentives for service and the extent to which the school offers academic service-learning courses.

In addition, numerous projects have been completed by staff, faculty and other volunteer groups associated with Tusculum College.

The Honor Roll is a program of the Corporation for National and Community Service, in collaboration with the Department of Education, the Department of Housing and Urban Development and the President’s Council on Service and Civic Participation. The President’s Higher Education Community Service Honor Roll is presented during the annual conference of the American Council on Education.

College students make a significant contribution to their communities through volunteering and service, according to the most recent “Volunteering and Civic Life in America” report. In 2012, 3.1 million college students dedicated more than 118 million hours of service across the country — a contribution valued at $2.5 billion.

The complete list of schools recognized is at


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Tusculum student lands prestigious internship at Northwestern Mutual

Tusculum student lands prestigious internship at Northwestern Mutual

Posted on 27 May 2015 by

Kevin Jerome

Kevin Jerome is a junior at Tusculum College whose hard work and determination is unmatched by most of his peers. Jerome is a first-generation American whose parents came to the United States from Haiti. He grew up in Queens, N.Y. , with 14 family members in a two-bedroom apartment. Despite these beginnings, on which Kevin looks back with fondness, he has persevered and has chosen to take full advantage of all that Tusculum College has to offer.

A former Tusculum College football player who broke a weightlifting record at Tusculum his freshman year, Jerome is an international business and economics major. Through an on-campus recruiting event, he landed a prestigious internship with Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance and Financial Services. After only a few months, he was ranked nationally as Northwestern Mutual’s seventh leading intern in productivity.  He is currently working on his Series Six and Sixty Three certifications to obtain his securities license by the end of his junior year. His lofty career goals include becoming a certified financial advisor and building his client base at Northwestern Mutual. He dreams of one day building an organization from the ground up and being heavily involved in philanthropy.

He works an average of 30 hours a week in his internship and has a full load of classes, but he still finds time to volunteer with the Young Professionals of Tri-Cities, Habitat for Humanity and Pou Yi Mou’n Yo, a charitable organization for children.

Robin Lay, the director of Career Services at Tusculum College, helped Jerome apply for his internship and said, “Kevin has the unique confidence to ask very successful (people) for career advice—mixed with enough humility to make him teachable—which means that he will continue to grow personally and professionally.”

With the help of several mentors and leaders, each of whom he believes owns a piece of his success, Jerome has been able to say “yes” to many opportunities. But like many students at Tusculum College, he also depends on the scholarship support that is made possible by gifts from alumni and friends of the College.

Alumni and friends create opportunities for students like Kevin by giving to the Tusculum Fund.


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Museum hosting traveling exhibit about Emancipation and Reconstruction through June

Museum hosting traveling exhibit about Emancipation and Reconstruction through June

Posted on 15 May 2015 by

Kim Crowell, a graduate student intern at the Doak House Museum this summer, reads one of the "Free at Last!" exhibit panels now on display at the President Andrew Johnson Museum and Library.

The Tennessee Civil War National Heritage Area has expanded its traveling exhibition, “Free at Last!” to include the President Andrew Johnson Museum and Library at Tusculum College. The exhibit expansion comes with the concluding year of the multi-year celebration of the 150th anniversary of the Civil War.

“Free at Last!” tells the story of the transition from slavery to freedom and the development of citizenship among formerly enslaved African-Americans. Doubled in size to eight banner stands, the exhibition now has panels focused on each of Tennessee’s three grand divisions.  “Free at Last!” will be on view at the President Andrew Johnson Museum and Library on the Tusculum College campus from May 4 to June 30.

“As the sesquicentennial of the Civil War draws to a close, we are gratified to be continuing the exploration of our history,” said Dollie Boyd, director of museum program and studies at Tusculum College. “In this region we are still feeling the effects of the Reconstruction period even 150 years later, this exhibit helps us understand why. We want to thank the outstanding staff at the Center for Historic Preservation at Middle Tennessee State University for creating such an outstanding exhibition. We are pleased to host it this summer and offer it free of charge to visitors.”

More than 40 venues across Tennessee have hosted “Free at Last!” Sites will now have the opportunity to share even more of the story with visitors.  New panels on East Tennessee look at that region’s legacy of emancipation before the Civil War and consider how emancipation has been remembered in the region since the war.

The Heritage Area has also published a driving tour of Reconstruction sites across the state.  “The driving tour goes hand in hand with the expanded exhibition to provide Tennessee residents and visitors with in-depth knowledge about this significant and often misunderstood period in Tennessee’s history,” says Leigh Ann Gardner, interpretive specialist for the Heritage Area.

For more information, please contact Boyd at 423-636-8554 or

The Tennessee Civil War National Heritage Area receives funding from the National Park Service and is administered by the Center for Historic Preservation at Middle Tennessee State University.  For more information about the exhibition, please contact Antoinette van Zelm at (615) 494-8869.


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More than 270 receive degrees Saturday during spring commencement

More than 270 receive degrees Saturday during spring commencement

Posted on 11 May 2015 by

Graduating from Tusculum College during spring commencement were 277 individuals in a ceremony held on Saturday, May. 9.

On Saturday 72 students earned Bachelor of Science degrees and 144 earned Bachelor of Arts degrees. In addition 46 graduates earned Master of Arts degrees and 15 received Master of Business Administration degrees.

Graduates included 14 who represented the first class at Tusculum to graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and three representing the first class at Tusculum to graduate in the new criminal justice major.

Walking with this spring’s graduates were 16 representatives of the Tusculum College Class of 1965 who are celebrating their 50th anniversary year. Representatives walked in the procession, clothed in golden caps and gowns and were recognized during the ceremony by Dr. Moody.

The Golden Pioneers, represented by Mort V. Plumb, and the Class of 2015, represented by Ryan Barker, creative writing and history major from Laurens, S.C., presented a check to Dr. Moody for $8,513 as a gift to the college.

The new graduates were addressed by Tusculum Chaplain Mark Stokes, who recognized the hard work of the path to graduation, saying “you have made a commitment and stuck with it to the point that you have forever changed the direction of your life for the better.” Adding, “I am confident that you learned to think critically, not to accept at face value everything you read, hear, or see. You demonstrated your ability to debate ideas and to see both sides of an argument before making judgment. These are a few of the qualities of an educated person.”

He told the group, “May you be fortunate enough to earn in the years ahead, and may you be wise enough to return some of your blessings to those who aspire to follow in your footsteps.”

Two student speakers addressed the graduates, representing the graduating class. Anjelica Bolden is a member of the very first nursing class to graduate at Tusculum College. She lives in New Tazewell with her husband, Brandon. Bolden’s goal is to become a registered nurse working with children, and she has accepted a position with the East Tennessee’s Children’s Hospital in Knoxville.

Bolden told the graduates while the journey was long, they have been rewarded. “We have made friendships that will last a lifetime and obtained an education that will set us up for success.” She talked about her path to becoming a nurse, learning to deal with the emotions of the health care experience, as well as the technical skills. “I have become what I wanted to be when I grew up.”

Also speaking was Steven Hutson, representing the Graduate and Professional Studies programs. Following his graduation from high school, Hutson briefly attended Walters State Community College before going into manufacturing where he experienced much success. Having been with Phoenix Closures, Inc. for 10 years, Hutson was informed that if he wished to achieve a manager’s position he would have to either have a degree or be actively working on one.

This incentive brought him to Tusculum College where he began classes in June 2010.  In December 2011 Hutson was promoted to plant manager.

His advice to graduates was to keep learning and sharing what they have learned with others. He said that education is the one thing that can never be taken away, and graduates should share what they know freely. “Having the opportunity to learn is a gift, and it’s never too late.”

Jo Ann Soderquist Kramer, the first woman to receive a master’s degree in aerospace engineering, was the keynote speaker. Kramer earned the aerospace engineering degree from The University of Virginia in 1967. She holds an undergraduate degree from Sweet Briar College, where she majored in physics.

Kramer’s mother, Mabel F. Soderquist, is a 1937 graduate of Tusculum College, and Kramer attended Tusculum as well.

She began her career as an aerospace engineer with Martin Marietta Corp. in Orlando, Fla., then with Lockheed Martin Corp. in Burlington, Vt. She retired in 2011 from her position as director of air and naval defense system programs for General Dynamics Corp. in Burlington.

Kramer is affiliated with Phi Beta Kappa, Sigma Xi, the National Defense Industrial Association, and Women in Defense. She has worked on the Board of Directors for Sweet Briar College and the North Country Federal Credit Union, and also served on the Sweet Briar College Alumnae Association Board.

Recently, Kramer served on the Sweet Briar College Board of Directors and has been a leading fundraiser for the College. With the school’s recent announcement of its closure, she is heading the efforts of the “Save Sweet Briar College” campaign.

In her career, she told the graduates, she had spent a good deal of time reflecting on what made a good leader and what skills the leaders she admired possessed. Among them, she said, were honesty and personal integrity, the ability to “cut to the chase” and speak clearly and that they were passionate about everything they did, both in and out of the realm of work.

Receiving the Teaching Excellence and Campus Leadership award for the Residential College was Dr. Brian Pope, faculty moderator, chair of the psychology department and professor of psychology. Receiving the award for the Graduate and Professional Studies program was Dr. Jennifer Harper, associate professor of psychology.


Walking with this spring’s graduates were 16 representatives of the Tusculum College Class of 1965 who are celebrating their 50th anniversary year. Representatives walked in the procession, clothed in golden caps and gowns and were recognized during the ceremony.



Tusculum College graduation speakers representing the Class of 2015 included from left Anjelica Bolden, Jo Ann Soderquist Kramer and Steven Hutson.

Tusculum President Nancy B. Moody accepts the class gift from Mort Plumb, 1965 Golden Pioneer Committee Chairman, and Ryan Barker, chair of the 2015 Graduate Philanthropy Council.













Dr. Brian Pope, left, professor of psychology, left, and Dr. Jennifer Harper, right, assistant professor of psychology, received the Teaching Excellence and Campus Leadership Awards. Dr. Lisa Johnson, associate vice president for student success, presented the awards.




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Spring 2015 Commencement program

Spring 2015 Commencement program

Posted on 09 May 2015 by

Congratulations to all the students who earned degrees today during the spring commencement ceremony.

Thanks also to all those families and friends who came out to celebrate with the Tusculum College community and for your patience and  cooperation as we took measures to accommodate our larger than capacity crowd for the ceremony.

Below is a link to a printable version of the commencement program for those who may not have received one or may want to have multiple copies.

Spring 2015 Commencement Program


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Students named to Fall 2014 Dean’s List recognized during Honors Convocation

Students named to Fall 2014 Dean’s List recognized during Honors Convocation

Posted on 08 May 2015 by

Among the students recognized during the Honors Convocation on April 30 were the students named to Tusculum’s three academic achievement honors lists for the fall 2014 semester.

Students are recognized for their achievements on the Dean’s List, the President’s List and the Charles Oliver Gray Scholars List.

The Dean’s List includes full-time students who have earned a 3.5 grade point average or higher during a semester.

The President’s List includes those students who have earned a 4.0 grade point average during the semester. These students are also included on the Dean’s List.

The Charles Oliver Gray Scholars List recognizes students who have been named to the Dean’s List for two or more consecutive semesters.

Below are the listings for the the fall2014 Dean’s List for the Residential (traditional) program and the Graduate and Professional Studies program for working adults. Students named to the President’s List are denoted with an *. Those who are listed on the Charles Oliver Gray Scholars List are noted with a +.

Fall 2014 Residential Dean’s List

James Lee Abbott *+

Corrine Amelia Absher +

Cynthia Paige Adkins +

Erika L. Allison *

Jorge Alvarez

Thomas Cody Armstrong

Hannah Beth Arnett

Benjamin A. Arnold +

Cheyene Leigh Arnold *+

Nicole C. Arthur +

Kristen MacHel Atwell

Juan Avendano Granda +

Charles Tyler Bailey

Samuel Ray Baker

Sarah Ann Baker *+

Angela Nicole Ball +

Ryan Matthew Barker

Brandyn Christopher Bartlett

Justin Edward Baskette

Toni Lyn Bates +

Miranda Leeann Beeler

Elizabeth Ashley Bell +

Hannah Marie Berling +

Jonathan Blaylock *

Taylor R. Boone

Mercedes L. Boyd

Sabrina Nicole Bradley

Spencer Darris Brothers

Victoria Nicole Browder

Alison Mae Buck +

Megan Lorraine Buczek

Autumn Cheyenne Bunch

Blakeley E. Burleson +

Justin Burnworth +

Paige Naomi Burnworth +

Lawson Henry Burrow

Lindsay Ann Butler +

Alison Faith Camp

Deryn Elizabeth Candelaria

Jessie Leonard Carey *

Ethan Wayne Carpenter

Darius O’Neil Carter

Benjamin T Cash

Mitchell Frank Lewis Chapman +

Denise Nicole Coffey +

West Thomas Connor

Bridget Conte

Cynthia J Conte +

David W. Cooper *+

Jacob William Countiss +

Kelsie Elizabeth Cox

Emily Lynne Cross

Kelsey Layne Crow

Alec Cunningham +

Caleb Michael Cutshall *

Jacob Ryan Cutshall

Jennifer Leeann Dalton

Eliza Lucille Davis +

Samuel George Davis +

Derrian Danielle Debusk *+

Nicole Anna Deegan

Payton Alexandra Dehart

Tandon Gregory Dorn

Ashleigh Rose Dorrbecker *+

Samantha M Durham +

Samantha Elizabeth Eldridge +

Madilyn Joyce Elliott *+

Meagan Olivia Ellis

Joseph Elphingstone *+

Bryana Diane Thomas Ezell *

Kasey Blake Fawbush

Miranda Kate Ferguson

Hettige Joseph Michael Ruksha Fernando *+

Lia Theresa Fiore +

Karli Payten Fisher *

Nicholas Larry Forsberg +

Kelsey Lynae Freeman +

Zachary Hamby Freeman

Jennifer Michelle Frost +

Franziska Funke *

Kaela MacKenzie Gardner +

Rachel Eileen Garnett +

Travis Maxwell Gaubert

Haley Morgan Glenn

Elizabeth Dawn Gray +

Ashley Danielle Gregg *+

Shannon Mae Grimes

Allison Marie Hall +

Holly Brooke Hall

Macey Leann Hance +

Edward Oliver Moore Hancock +

Sierra Paige Hanson

Marius Skyrud Harsjoen *

Megan K Hasse +

Mamie Britt Hassell +

Bradley Daniel Hawkins

Dyer Keith Hendricks

James Owen Hensley *+

Rachael Bethany Hensley +

Kristina Victoria Hernandez *

Bradford Blaine Hinkle *

Mindy Lee Hirsch +

Andrew Colby Hollingshead

Sarah Elizabeth Holly *+

Sayre Catherine Hopper *

Karalea Danielle Hord

Katherine Grace Hutchinson *+

Addison Lawrence Ingram

George F. Jackson

Tyler Lynn Jinks +

Jeffrey Tyler Johnson *+

Kenleigh A. Johnson

Patrick Cullen Jones

Devon Aliva Justice +

Tashique Kader

Briana Michelle Kaltenmark

Craig Richard Kastner

Jordan Hayley Keene

Torrey Elizabeth Klee

Toby De Klerk

Staci Nicole Knipp *+

Andrew D Kransberger

Kenneth Austin Kulp

Pablo Laguna *+

Kathryn Anne Lamons

John Landers *+

Zachary Aaron Lane +

Bailey Nicole Lawson +

Calley B. Lawson *+

Shane Allen Lawson

Guillermo Lazcano Carrera +

Lilian Briane Lesniewski

Lindsey Danielle Lewis +

Makenna Noel Lewis *

Mariah Lynn Lewis

Ryan Logan

Daniel Ray Lowery

Yared W. Mamo +

Miriah Elizabeth Martin +

Shawna Ann Martin

Kelli Lynn McCalla +

Joseph Bryson McCarter

Chad Logan McClanahan

Kiah B. McIsaac

Jacob Edward Mendenhall

Whitley Jane Miller

Erin Ashley Mills +

AAliyah Jada Montgomery *+

Tracy Regina Morris

Margaret Ann Moss

Selena Renee Mounger

Pauline Jebet Muiruri

Shannon Rose Murphy

Corey James Neece

Kylee Jordan Nolan

Paula Marcela Ortiz-Gomez

Robert Clayton Owens

Ross Gregory Parsons

Carly Jeannette Payne +

Brandon Mikel Peak

Loren Danielle Peeters

Shaveen Perera +

Jalesa Janae Perkins +

Matthew Ralph Pierce +

Roberto Pimentel +

Alisha Jean Pugh +

Matthew Ryne Ramsay

Erica K. Ramsey +

Leif B. Ratliff *+

Ciara Rattana

Matthew Amon Redic

Tiffany L. Rednour +

Chelsey Brooke Reed *+

Haylee Dean Reed

Treslyn Kelley Reese *

Jamie Rebecca Rhea

Anna Marie Louise Rice

Allyson Kathleen Rines +

Rachel Elizabeth Roberts

Carrie Leigh Rose

Ciara Leigh Ryan

Norman Cody Sauceman +

David Braswell Serodino

Roxanne Inez Shepard *+

David Felix Siegle

Melanie Renee Sigman +

Erin Janae Sims

Terrence Alexander Smith

Carey L. Sommers

Danielle Ilene Spencer

Jonathan Spicher *+

Danae K. Stauffer +

Robin Marie Stoner *

Kaytlin N. Stroinski +

Amanda Lynn Sumner *

Shannele Marjorie Sunderland *+

Meagan Elizabeth Talley *+

Carlie Amanda Thornber *

Darian Dale Tipton +

Jim Leonardo Tolle

Danielle Rosealee Tolley

Breanna Lynn Tolliver

Preston R Tucker

Stephanie Marie Turner *+

Cheyenne Upton

Azubeze Uchenna Uzoma

Kassandra Marie Voelker +

Samantha Jean Vogt +

Brooke Ellen Wallin +

Nicholas Alexander Wasylyk *+

Emily Christine Waters +

Devan Scott Watts

Victoria Kailand Weiss +

Amanda Marie Werder *

Brianna Michelle Werder

Nathaniel Gerome West

Bryce Butler Whaley

Carly Leeanne White +

Timothy Dwight Whitley

Kristen Faith Wiggins

Marissa J. Williams +

Zachary James Williams +

Jonas Burkhardt Siegfried Winkelmann

Lukas Eiko Winkelmann *+

Travis Steven Winnon

Erica Denise Worrell +

Rebecca Sue Wynne +

Dakota Lee Younce +


Fall 2014 Graduate and Professional Studies Dean’s List

Natalia Acosta +

Cynthia Carol Adams

Scott Eugene Adams +

Shawn Travis Adcox

Kimberly Kay Anderson

Lisa Nachelle Anderson +

Robert Alexander Anderson +

Tiffany Headrick Andrews *

Kellie Marie Armstrong +

Rena Belle Arwood +

Mark James Attanasio

Steven Leighton Ayers *+

Tori Nicole Bacon +

Anthony Maurice Bagwell

Jason Baker

Kiersten Elise Baker

Ashley Diane Barger *+

Jacqueline Barnard

Christopher Barnett

Joshua Jay Barnett

Candace Angelique Baxter +

Leslie Deanna Ruth Beach *

Gregory Dale Belcher +

Shelly Louise Biddinger +

Maecie Blackburn

Aretha Paige Blizzard +

Kimberly Renee Boles

Matthew Tyler Booth

Matthew David Bosse +

Stacie Lynn Botts

Brittany Bowers

Bryan Allen Bowers

Elizabeth Anne Nicole Bowman *

William Scott Bowman +

Carrie Bradley *+

Casey Elizabeth Bradley

Mindy Dawn Bradley +

Ryan Christopher Brady

Ashton Brannon +

Morgan Maechelle Brewer

Daniel Clifford Britton

John Tyler Brock

Megan L. Brooks

Terry Dean Brooks +

Charles A. Brown +

David Bryan Brown +

Jennifer Jeanne Broyles +

Joshua Adam Broyles *+

Megan D. Bruce +

Janie Danielle Bryant

Keith Chrisopher Buch +

Lara Gail Burchfield +

Amber Nicole Burgner

Samuel Lee Burke +

Brandon Reid Burnett

Kristi Darlene Burnette

Robin Annette Burnette

James Allen Butler

Barbara Michelle Buxton +

Casey Preston Byrd

Amber Spring Campbell

Deanna Roshelle Campbell

Misty Davis Campbell +

Darla Louise Carr

Claire D. Carter

Ryan Matthew Cate

Kelsey Marie Chamberlain

Hannah Lynn Champlin

Yvonne Sue Champlin +

Brent Eugene Chapman +

Cynthia Michelle Chesney +

Floyd Alden Cheyne +

Seongja Song Chung +

Charlene Susie Clark +

Connie Jean Claxton

Katie Lee Clendenen +

Candace Lee Cody +

Dawn Trista Cody

Mandy LaChelle Colburn *+

Kelly Marie Coleman

Kody Elizabeth Collingsworth *+

April Dawn Collins *

Robert Earl Colquitt

Paula Renee Conley +

Mary Beth Connard +

Angela Nicole Conner +

Jessie Denise Cooke

Sarah Allison Cookenour +

Amber Lawson Cooper +

Gary Robert Cooper

Jeremy Brent Cooper

Heather Natasha Cope +

Robert Dewayne Cowden

Tresa Rae Cowell +

Colleen Joy Cox

Lacci Nicole Cox +

Olivia Cox +

Stephanie Lynn Cox *+

Stephanie Marie Cox

Tyler Robert Cox

Israel Paul Crawford

Joshua Chase Cress

April D. Cruey

Christy Lee Cruey

Casey Renea Cummings *+

Jamie Cunningham *

Mary M. Cupp

Melanie Ann Cusmano

Angela Ruth Daniels-Taylor +

Laura Elizabeth Davenport

Allison Roxie Davis

Aundrea Lashaye Davis

Heather D. Davis +

Kelly Frances Davis *+

Haylee Michelle Day

Kayla Gabrielle Dearstone +

Emily Marie Delacruz *

Alaina Christen Demay

Athena Dison +

Jessica Angela Dockery

Kelsey Danielle Dockery +

Patrick Edwin Douthat

Carolyn Sue Dudek +

Amber Christine Duke +

Brittney D. Dye +

Melanie Ann Edwards *

Jessica Lea Elkins

Tabitha B. Ellenburg

Melissa Jeannette Emerson +

Daniel Casey England

Stormi Heather Estep +

William Paul Evans

Donna Carol Ewing +

Joseph Hall Exum

Justin Dale Fain

Todd P Fairbanks

Maria Rose Farnham +

Lisa Josephine Feezell +

Tracy Lynn Feist

Elizabeth Jean Fletcher +

Nichole Marleah Fletcher +

Chrissy Camelle Florian

April Suzanne Floyd *+

Natalie Paige Foland

Christie D. Forbis

Amy Laurel Foreman

Amber Brooke Fortner

Tommy Jason Foster

Logan Brian Foust *+

Robert Shane French

Taylor Victoria Fritz

Katrina Melissa Garcia +

Roben Andrea Garland

Jamie L. Gass

Monica Jo Gibbs

Tiffany Marie Golden +

Stevie Nicole Gorrell

Trisha Lear Gossett +

Tyler J Govert +

Michael Anthony Graves +

Charlotte Arlene Gray

Jill Annette Grayson *+

Haley Green

Heather Elaine Greene +

Michelle Amber Greene

Emily Greenier *+

Debra Lynn Gregory

Tatum Elizabeth Gregory +

Brittany Danielle Grizzle

Christian Grumbach +

Adam Michael Guinn

Otis Ted Hackney

Jeremy Allen Hall +

Michael Harry Hall +

Audrey Heather Hammack

Lindsay Denise Harbin *

Tracy Hardiman

Charles Leffie Harmon

Matthew Joseph Harrell +

Ronda Kay Harrell +

Rachel Leigh Harris

Brittney Harrison

Dustin Tyler Hayes

Heather Denise Hayes *

Jonathan Hayes +

Tanya Marie Hayes

Amie Nicole Helton

Robert Edward Helton

Jureen Solano Hendrickson

Robin H. Herbert +

Lorie K. Hibbs

Brent Aaron Hickman +

Ruth Ann Hickman +

Jessica Hope Higdon

Timothy Andrew Hill +

Amy Marie Hodge

Emily Nicole Hodge +

Misty Dawn Hodge

Zoe Elizabeth Holcomb *+

Michael Scott Holtsclaw

Arnold Keith Hooper *

Todd Hopkins

Cathleen Marie Hopson

Joseph Timothy Houser *+

Ryan Wesley Hudson +

Diana Hundley *

Gregory Mitchell Hurd

Laura Elizabeth Hurley

Maleah Linda Huskey

Ashley Sherstine Huss

Andrea Lauren Hutchins *

Steven Jerry Hutson *+

Chanc Milton Jackson +

Charlotte Nicole Jackson *+

Emery Nichole Jackson

Micky Ray Jackson

Jessica Bermes Jemison

Beverly Norton Jenes

Angel M Jennings

Bertrane Jarvis Jennings +

Carol S. Jennings *

Jeffrey Adam Jennings

Denise Lee Johnson

Kiana Raelene Johnson +

Mattie Renee Johnson

Rebecca Leann Johnson *

Christopher David Jones *

Shawna Jones +

Tabbitha Mari Jones

Tammy Louise Jones +

Will Garrett Jones +

Iris Colleen Jordan

Wesley Justice +

Angela Marie Kagley

Derek Ryan Kee

Courtney Michelle Kelly *

Chad Cantrell Kennedy *+

Sarah Kenny *+

Justin Marc King

Frankie Lorine Kington +

Mitchell Elvis Kitts, II

Thomas Robert Kosidowski +

Christie Deanna Lamb +

Daniel Quentin Lane +

Elissa Ruth Lane *

Kendra Michelle Lane

Melissa June Lanzafame +

James Adam Large

Rori Leigh Lawrence

Brandy Rose Lawson

Heather Le Ann Lay

Crystal Annette Laymance

Jason Ledford +

Mary Carol Ledford

Lina Dawn Leonard

Tracy Marie Leonard +

Shyista Latoya Leslie

Olivia Lobertini

Rachel Hope Looney

Amy Patrice Lyon +

Alfred Emanuel Mahan

Brooke Danielle Maloney

Caleb Marlow

Marcy Lee Marriott

David Michael Mathis

Shawn Michael Mauer

David Carson Mays +

Brandi Michelle McAmis +

Kevin Ray McAmis +

Betsy Ann McClain

Sam McClanahan *+

Joshua Dylan McClure

Ryan Pete McCord *+

Keema Andrea McDowell

Josette McGaha +

Sven McGaha +

Amanda Rae McIntosh

Jada Lynn McKay

Nanette Louise McLain +

Sandra McMahan

Ashley Nicole McPeek

Matthew Edward Meese

Rebecca Lashea Melton +

Emily Ann Menner

Matthew Michael Midkiff

Alicia Rae Miller

Denna Lee Miller +

Jessica Mitchell *+

Evan Dewayne Monroe

Jason Randal Monroe

Benjamin Jason Moore

Kristen Leigh Morgan

David Wayne Morris

Michael Brett Morris

Alicia Nichole Morrison

Tia Moua +

Daisy Tamara Mullins

Christina Marie Murrell

Aaron Jon Mynatt

Tyler Pittman Neal +

Craig Newman *

Pamela Sue Nichols

Steven Shane Norman

Juana Iris Nunez-Morillo

Christy Danelle Nutter

Tiffany Nichole Ogle *+

Tracy Michelle Olson +

Orvil Johnathan Ownby +

Joel Ray Paden +

Laurence James Palais *+

Ashley Dawn Palmer +

Mindy Ann Palmer

Marisa Austin Parkes +

Tever Louise Parton +

Derrick Patterson +

Frances Melissa Patterson *+

Tonya Renae Patterson +

Christina Louise Paxton +

Christopher David Payne

Holly Marie Pearce

Candy Denise Pelham

Christopher Wayne Penley +

Heather Dawn Perry *

Randall Steven Pettiford +

Juliana Cecelia Pressley

Janet Louise Purcell +

Amber Brooke Pyle +

Cinnamon Elizabeth Rader

Jacqueline Nicole Rader

Macy Makenzie Raines

Roe B. Rainey +

Brenden Andrew Rapp +

Allison Gail Ray

Dakota Ryan Ray

Bethaney Reagan

Johnathan Hugh Reagan

Jennifer Renee Reaves *+

Justin Mark Reaves +

Annette Dione Reneau

April Danielle Renner *+

Abby Caitlin Reynolds +

Jeanna Edington Reynolds +

Kendra Irene Rickard +

Cortney Mercedes Ridenhour

Shalynn Wallace Rippetoe

William Scott Ritter

Rachael Elizabeth Roach

Ashley Brooke Roberts +

Sharon S. Roberts +

Stephanie Wave Robinson +

Lloyd Stephen Rose

Skyler E. Ross +

Sarah Elizabeth Rowland

Barbara Lynn Rowntree *+

Evan Joseph Rudd +

Tabitha Ann Rue

Jessica Lynne Ruppel +

Rodney Lynn Russell +

Stephen Paul Sabatino

Roger Grant Sams +

Mark Lee Sandburg

Heather Michelle Sanders +

Regina Starr Sandidge +

Audrey Lynn Sauls +

Kelly Schlitz

Jessica Nicole Seals *+

Chad William Seay +

Clinton D. Serman

Talor Elizabeth-Broo Shaddix

Deborah Rolen Sharp *+

William Robert Sharp +

Esther Manuela Shem

Kaliah Alexis Sheppard

Briley Nicole Shinlever

Christopher Lynn Silcox

David Grant Smith +

Deborah D Smith

Joshua Cori Smith +

Stacie Lorene Smith +

Rebecca Hildegard Smith-Gregg +

Lisa Jane Snowden +

Adam Tyler Solomon +

Candice N. Spradlin

Katherine Sprinkle *

Megan Nicole Starnes *+

Suzanne Michelle Starnes

Michaela Anne Stephens

Evelyn Rose Stone +

David Eric Stott +

Amanda Carroll Strange

Kendall John Strumpf

Christopher Randall Sutton +

Russell Talley

Lisa Gail Tankersley

Jason Tarbet +

Angela Marie Taylor +

Denise Lynn Taylor

Kenny Leon Taylor +

Michelle Leigh Templin

Elizabeth Thomas

Kristi Ann Thomas +

Miranda Lin Tobler *+

Kristin Nicole Townsend

Daniel Joseph Tremaine

Joshua Daniel Trivette

Larry F Tyree *

David Anthony Underwood

Dolores Lynne Vance

Angela Diane Vaughn +

Joshua Scott Wallace +

Christina Kropff Wallen

Misty D. Wallen

Samantha Laynea Wallen

David George Walton *+

Kayla R Ward

Brian Glenn Watkins +

Miranda Brooke Watson

Joshua Aaron Weaver

Jordan Welch

Steven Welden

Jessica Renee Wells *+

Melissa Kim Whaley

Monica Pauline Whaley *+

Brendan Phillip Whelan +

Jennifer Nicole Whitlock

Martin Lewis Whorley *

Kathy Diane Wiles

Brooke Danielle Wilhoit +

Leslie Kaye Wilhoit

Leslie Camera Wilkerson

Taylor R. Williams

Mark Steven Williamson

Amanda Dorene Willis +

Darrin Christopher Willis +

Dylan Gabe Willis *+

Brandi Nichole Wilson

Erica Monique Wilson

Sheena Lachelle Wilson +

Jennifer Turner Winkle *

Susan Carol Winkler

Kimberly Ruth Wise *

Shaniqua Shauntae Woods

Amanda Leann Worley

Courtney Lynn Worthington

Travis James Wright *+

Shauna Jane Wrinkle

Heather Elizabeth Young







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Hollingshead receives ‘Student of the Block’ and ‘Mr. TC Award’

Hollingshead receives ‘Student of the Block’ and ‘Mr. TC Award’

Posted on 06 May 2015 by

Steven Hollingshead was presented the "Student of the Block" and "Mr. TC Award" prior to the Pioneer baseball game on May 2.

Steven Hollingshead, a senior from Memphis, has been named “Student of the Block” for the eighth block at Tusculum College and is also the recipient of the inaugural “Mr. TC Award.”

Hollingshead, a double major in political science and business with concentrations in economics and international business, was presented both honors prior to the beginning of the May 2 Pioneer baseball game.

The “Student of the Block Award” is presented by the Tusculum Office of Student Affairs and was established to recognize individuals who excel in their academic endeavors, campus involvement and/or athletic performance. The award is selected from nominations made by faculty and staff members. Plaques telling about the honorees are displayed in the Niswonger Commons and other campus buildings. The new “Mr. TC Award” recognizes a student for overall contributions to the campus community and dedication to the betterment of the college as well as outstanding involvement, service and leadership inside and outside the classroom.

Hollingshead has immersed himself in college life since arriving on the Tusculum campus. As a freshman, he joined 22 student organizations and organized a Midnight Madness basketball tournament for students.

During his sophomore year, he became an orientation leader and a PAL (Peer Academic Leader), working with conditionally admitted students. As an upperclassman, he took on leadership roles in the Student Government Association (SGA), the Black Student Union and the Student Activities Board. He was elected president of the Student Government Association by his peers.

With his business studies, Hollingshead became an integral part of the “Help Me Help You” program, a student-led initiative that provides assistance to local small businesses and entrepreneurs, and its outgrowth, the Center for Economic Development and Entrepreneurship. The Bonner Leader student service organization and the Pioneer Dance Team have also benefitted from his commitment to helping others and service.

Hollingshead was the first Tusculum student to be awarded a Bonner Service Fellow internship. During his junior year, he worked with the Shelby Farms Park Conservancy in Memphis. He has also served an internship with Enterprise.

After graduating this spring, Hollingshead’s plans include attending graduate school and pursing his interests in business and law.


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Academic achievements and service recognized during Honors Convocation

Academic achievements and service recognized during Honors Convocation

Posted on 06 May 2015 by

Student excellence in academics and service were recognized during Tusculum College’s annual Honors Convocation Thursday, April 30.

The two top honors for students presented by the College are the President’s Award and the Bruce G. Batts Award. David Cooper of Chuckey was presented the President’s Award and Ryan Barker of Laurens, S.C., was presented the Bruce G. Batts Award.

Marcus Holland '05

The students were also addressed by Marcus Holland, a 2005 graduate from Tusculum, who encouraged the students to focus on preparation and planning for their future to make their dreams a reality. The manager at the Walgreens location on Asheville Highway in Greeneville, Holland said he uses skills he learned at Tusculum each day in his position. He has continued to learn and to add to his skill set and encouraged the students to do the same.

The Student Government Association officers for the upcoming 2015-16 academic year were also sworn in during the program. Michael Fernando, an international student from Sri Lanka, will be serving as student body president.

President’s Award

David Cooper receives the President's Award from Tusculum President Nancy B. Moody.

The President’s Award is presented to the graduating senior who has contributed the most to the college and who has been the most outstanding achiever in the combined areas of academic work, athletics, campus leadership and personality. The selection is made on the basis of the student’s total four-year record at Tusculum.

Dr. Nancy B. Moody, president of the college, presented the award to Cooper who is majoring in biology and has a 4.0 cumulative grade point average. Cooper was named the 2014 Men’s Cross Country Scholar Athlete of the Year and is two-time Capital One Academic All-America® Men’s Cross Country/Track & Field Team selection, earning second team honors as a sophomore and a first team honors last year.

The Chuckey-Doak High School graduate is a member of the Tusculum Dean’s List, Tusculum President’s List and the SAC Commissioner’s Honor Roll.  He is the recipient of the Greene County Endowed Scholarship, the Llewelyn M. Fox ’16 Memorial Annual Scholarship and the Ray L. Bowman ’42 Endowed Scholarship.

On the course, Cooper is a three-time All-SAC selection earning first team honors in 2012. In 2011, he named to the SAC All-Freshman Team and is a four-year team captain. He has completed one of the finest running careers in Tusculum history.  He owns 10 of the top-25 running times (8,000 meters) in program history, including two in the top-10. Cooper has been involved in numerous campus and community leadership roles, serving with the Nettie Day of Service, the Greene County YMCA, the Tusculum College Athletic Judicial Board and the Greene County Humane Society.

In addition, the E.H. Sargent Award in Science was presented to Cooper. In choosing the recipient, science faculty members consider overall grade point average, total hours in science and variety of areas covered in the sciences.

Cooper was also recognized as a graduating member of the Tusculum chapter of the Alpha Chi National Honor Society. Only the top 10 percent of the junior and senior classes are invited to become a member of the honor society.

Batts Award

Ryan Barker

Presented in memory of a beloved educator at Tusculum who helped define the college’s civic arts curricular focus, the Bruce G. Batts Award is presented to a student who clearly demonstrates the qualities that reflect the civic arts ideals.

This year’s recipient, Ryan Barker of Lauren, S.C., has been fully engaged in the Tusculum College experience, enriching his academic and extracurricular success. Barker is a double major in history and English, creative writing concentration. An excellent student, he has earned spots on both the Dean’s List and the Charles Oliver Gray List.

Barker served as the 2013-2014 president of the Tusculum Student Government Association. He has presented three research papers at conferences, while also completing several internships. He has taken the initiative to study abroad with a class on Medieval Europe in 2013.  In addition, Barker has had several articles printed in publications and one of his scripts was utilized for a Tusculum College Band concert.

He is a member the college’s Student Government Association and English Student Organization. He is co-president of the Students of Museums and Students of History organization, and has worked as a student editor on the College’s journal, “The Tusculum Review.” He has faithfully participated in numerous community service projects, including working as a part of the Northeast Tennessee District National History Day, the College’s Old Oak Festival and serving on Tusculum’s Community Standards Board.

The Senior Honor Key Awards in English, creative writing concentration, and history were also presented to Barker. These honors recognize students’ academic achievement, capacities, special abilities and aptitude in the major field. Barker was also recognized as a graduating member of Tusculum’s chapter of the Alpha Chi National Honor Society.

Student-Chosen Awards

Ken Brewer accepts the Outstanding Service to Students Award from Dr. Alan Corley, representing the Greene County Partnership.

Presented during the convocation were faculty, staff and community awards whose recipients were selected by student vote. Receiving the Outstanding Service to Students Award, a faculty honor, was Ken Brewer, assistant professor of psychology.

In presenting the award on behalf of the Greene County Partnership, Dr. Alan Corley said that Brewer has earned the respect and praise of his students for his teaching style and his availability and willingness to help students.

The Staff Award was presented to Daniel Green, senior student life coordinator. Student Government Association President Ash Dorrbecker presented the award and noted that while he has only been at Tusculum a short time, Green has made a significant positive impact on the lives of students.

SGA President Ash Dorrbecker presents the Staff Award to Daniel Green, senior student life coordinator.

The Community Award, which is presented to an individual, organization or business which has made a significant contribution to the Tusculum campus community, recognized Lynette Price, a co-owner of the Creamy Cup for her continued support of the college and its students. Price and her husband, Eric, a 2008 alumnus of the college, were among the participants in Help Me Help You program and have continued to be supportive of the program. They have also participated as vendors in the Old Oak Festival since its return to campus in 2012.

Lynette Price, co-owner of Creamy Cup, accepts the Community Award from Ash Dorrbecker, representing the student body which selected the recipient of the award.

Academic Honors

Alpha Chi Academic Excellence Award recipient Treslyn Reese

Senior Honor Key Awards were presented to students who have earned a 3.25 grade point average or higher in their major, shown achievement and aptitude in the major and possess strong character.  The following are the award recipients and their degree programs:

Accounting – Lief Ratliff of Fall Branch;

Athletic Training – James Owen Hensley of Nashville;

Art Education – Kassandra Voelker of Greeneville;

Art and Design, Studio Concentration – Ashley Gregg of Parrottsville;

Biology  – Katherine Hutchinson of Calhoun, Ga.;

Michael Fernando accepts the Honors Olympian Award from Dr. Michelle Freeman, his faculty mentor in the program.

Criminal Justice – Bridget Conte of Chattanooga;

Digital Media – Corrine Absher of Kingsport;

Economics – Ash Dorrbecker of Montgomery, Ala.;

English, journalism and professional writing concentration – Alec Cunningham of Knoxville;

Environmental Science – Alison Buck of Guysville, Ohio;

Bailey Lawson accepts the Undergraduate Research Excellence in Psychology from Dr. Brian Pope, professor of psychology.

Field Guide Naturalist – Kayla Gillispie of Newport;

History Education – Chris Weems of Dickson;

Information Technology – Josh Tyler of Duluth, Ga.;

Interdisciplinary Studies K-6 – Paige Burnworth of Greeneville;

Interdisciplinary Studies 4-8 – Marissa Williams of Canton, Mich.;

Management – Coleman Glick of Columbus, Ind.;

Museum Studies – Erika Allison of Alpharetta, Ga.;

Whitney Idell accepts the Dr. Shirley Beck Award for the outstanding graduate level education student from Dr. Quincy Rose, assistant professor of education.

Nursing – Tracy Morris of Greeneville;

Political Science –John Landers of Lithonia, Ga.;

Psychology – Chelsea Masters of Jonesborough;

Sport Management – Adam Kulbat of Sydney, Australia, and

Sports Science – Alisha Pugh of Bedfordshire, England.

Recognized as Honor Students for having the highest grade point average of their class were:

seniors – Nicholas Wasylyk of Ontario, Canada; Staci Knipp of Greeneville; David Cooper of Chuckey;  Ash Dorrbecker of Montgomery, Ala.; Lukas Winkelman of Boblingen, Germany; Leif Ratliff of Fall Branch; Carrie Bradley of Bulls Gap; Ryan McCord of Maryville; Madilyn Elliott of Hampton; Sarah Holly of Johnson City, and Calley Lawson of Gaithersburg, Md.

Megan Starnes accepts the Outstanding Education Student Award from Dr. Rose.

juniors –  Samuel Davis of Harriman; Jaime Arnold of Fall Branch; Joseph McCarter of Sevierville; Treslyn Reese of Auburn, Ala.; Amber Duke of Oak Ridge; Cheyenne Arnold of Morristown, and Miranda Tobler of Oak Ridge.

sophomores –Chelsey Reed of Morristown; Jonathan Spicher of Lindlar, Germany; Sheila Blair of Jonesborough; Caleb Cutshall of Fall Branch; Karli Fisher of Sparta; Daniel Lowery of Greeneville, and Bryana Ezell of Sevierville.

freshman – Sayre Hopper of Bessemer City, N.C.; Carlie Thornber of Oshawa, Ontario; Amanda Werder of New Market, Ala.; Jennifer Dalton of Tazewell; Bradford Hinkle of Mosheim; Franziska Funke of Bochum, Germany; Leslie Beach of Russellville and Larry Tyree of Chuckey.

Nicole Seals was the Northeast region recipient of the Jean Hixon Memorial Award from Anne Hall.

Senior members of the Alpha Chi National Honor Society were also recognized. Upperclassmen ranked in the top 10 percent academically of their classmates are invited to join the honor society. Those recognized included Derrian DeBusk of Knoxville; Joseph Elphingstone of Calhoun, Ga.; Ashley Gregg of Parrottsville; Megan Hasse of Nashville; James Owen Hensley of Nashville; Katherine Hutchinson of Calhoun, Ga.;  John Landers of Lithonia, Ga.; Leif Ratliff of Fall Branch; Marissa Williams of Canton, Mich., and Lukas Winkelmann of Boblingen, Germany.

Kelly Davis receives the Jean Hixon Memorial Award for the Southeast region from Hall.

The Alpha Chi Academic Excellence Award, which honors the highest academically ranked member of the junior class, was presented to Treslyn Reese of Auburn, Ala.

Michael Fernando, an international student from Sri Lanka, was presented the Honors Olympian Award, which is presented to the student who best exemplifies the ideals of the Tusculum College Honors Program through academic success, civic engagement and service to the community. The award recognizes the student in the Honors Program who has been most active on campus and in the community.

Tandon Dorn accepts the Doug Ratledge Environmental Science Scholarship from Dr. Richard Thompson, assistant professor of chemistry.

Eleven students inducted in the Tusculum College chapter of the Psi Chi psychology honor society during the past year were recognized. The fall 2014 inductees included Ashley Barger of Knoxville, Carrie Bradley of Bulls Gap, Tammy Johnson of Strawberry Plains and Stephanie Cox and Jamie DePriest of Morristown. The spring 2015 inductees include Rena Arwood of Pigeon Forge, Chelsea Masters of Jonesborough, and Lisa Feezell, Trisha Gossett, Heather Hayes and Christina Paxton of Greeneville.

Ash Dorrbecker, recipient of the Walter R. Johnson Award

The Undergraduate Research Excellence in Psychology award was presented to Bailey Lawson of Max Meadows, Va. This award recognizes a student who has completed a research project and presented it in a public forum.

Members of the Phi Alpha Theta National History Honor Society were also recognized. In order to become a member of this newest honor society on campus, students must have taken at least 15 hours of history courses, have an overall 3.0 GPA and a 3.1 GPA in history. The inaugural members of the honor society are Erika Allison of Alpharetta, Ga.; Ryan Barker of Laurens, S.C.; Emily Bernin of Seymour; Emily Cross of Russellville; Billi McKenzie of Allegan, Mich.; Matthew Moyer of Gray; Robert Owens of Afton; Melanie Sigman of Covington, Ga., and Chris Weems of Dickson.

Terri Hooper accepts the Nursing Student of the Year award for the senior class from Dr. Lois Ewen, dean of the School of Nursing, Health Sciences and Human Services

Students who were chosen for the 2015 Curtis and Billie Owens Literary Prizes were honored. Students submit original, creative works in the annual writing competition. Jennifer Frost of Friendsville received honors in both the poetry and scriptwriting categories. Cynthia Conte of Chattanooga was the honoree in the nonfiction category and William Carnes White of Pike Road, Ala., was recognized in the fiction category.

The Dr. Shirley Beck Award for an outstanding Master of Arts in Education major was presented to Whitney Idell of Greeneville, who is a teacher at Doak Elementary School.

The Outstanding Education Student Award was presented to Megan Starnes of Morristown.

Adrienne Kaye is presented the Nursing Student of the Year award for the junior class from Dr. Ewen.

Nicole Seals of Morristown and Kelly Davis of Knoxville were presented the Jean Hixon Memorial Award, named in honor of a long-time member of the Graduate and Professional Studies staff. Hixon’s sister Anne Hall and her husband, James Hall, presented the award. The award recipients are chosen by Tusculum faculty as students who have demonstrated academic achievement with a GPA of 3.50 or better and dedicated community service.

The Barnett, Conley and Davis Award in Natural Sciences and Mathematics was presented to Joseph Elphingstone of Calhoun, Ga. The award recognizes a graduating senior outstanding in the combined fields of natural sciences and mathematics. The award is based on overall GPA, science and math GPA, depth of interest in science and math and academic service to the college such as tutoring and/or research.

Karalea Hord accepts the Theatre Award from Marilyn duBrisk, artist-in-residence and director of Tusculum Arts Outreach.

Tandon Dorn of Filley, Neb., was the recipient of the Doug Ratledge Environmental Science Scholarship. The scholarship is awarded to an outstanding student majoring in environmental science or the field guide naturalist program.

Ash Dorrbecker of Montgomery, Ala., was presented the Walter R. Johnson Award, which recognizes the graduating senior determined most outstanding in business and economics.

Terri Hooper of Midway was presented the Nursing Student of the Year award for the senior class and Adrienne Kaye of Egg Harbor City, N.J., was presented the honor for the junior class. The award recognizes a student who demonstrates high moral values, communicates and acts with integrity, provides safe and effective nursing care, promotes and practices life-long learning, demonstrates a commitment and passion for the practice of nursing, demonstrates high professional standards of conduct and has demonstrated academic excellence.

Ashley Brooks receives the David Behan Award for her contributions to the theatre program from duBrisk.

The Theatre Award was given to Karalea Hord of Culleoka for her participation and dedication to the theater program at Tusculum College.

Ashley Brooks of Greeneville was the recipient of the David Behan Award for her contributions to the theater program.

The Tennessee Association of Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance Outstanding Major Award is selected by the physical education faculty and was awarded to Nick Forsberg of Staples, Minn.

Nick Forsberg receives the Tennessee Association of Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance Award from Suzanne Byrd, assistant professor of physical education.

The Pinnacle Award for highest scores on annual comprehensive examinations taken by athletic training education majors was presented to Grace Arthur of Maryville.

Service Awards

The Service-Learning Award was presented to Josh Suttles of Seymour. In presenting the award, Ronda Gentry, director of the Center for Civic Advancement, Global and Mission Studies, recalled that Suttles came to her with an idea for a service-learning internship at the Davy Crockett State Park, which he has instituted and also involved other students in the project.

Amy Brooks, right, assistant professor of athletic training, presents the Pinnacle Award to Grace Arthur.

The Bonner Leaders Program Award was presented to Kelsey Freeman of Johnson City. The award is presented to a student within the Bonner Leaders Program, who has exhibited exemplary long-term dedication to the six keys of the program – community building, civic engagement, diversity, international perspective, social justice and spiritual exploration.

Denise Coffey of Reagan was recognized with the Newman Civic Fellows Award, a honor given by National Campus Compact. Student recipients are nominated by their campuses. Award recipients must demonstrate a deep commitment to service to both their school and local community, having given at least 300 hours of community service, and also show a commitment to social change. Coffey has donated about 500 hours of her time in the past year volunteering at ASafeHarborHome, a local agency that serves victims of domestic violence.

Josh Suttles, recipient of the Service-Learning Award








Kelsey Freeman accepts the Bonner Leaders Program Award from Ronda Gentry, director of the Center for Civic Advancement, Global and Mission Studies















Denise Coffey, left, receives the Newman Civic Fellows Award, an honor bestowed by the National Campus Compact organization, from Gentry.


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‘Pack the Park for Education’ May 2 has activities for all ages

‘Pack the Park for Education’ May 2 has activities for all ages

Posted on 27 April 2015 by

Fun and entertainment for all ages is planned for “Pack the Park for Education” activities surrounding the Tusculum College Pioneer baseball game at Pioneer Park on Saturday, May 2.

While providing a fun weekend outing for local families is one reason for Tusculum College to sponsor “Pack the Park for Education,” its goal is to honor those who are dedicated to providing a quality education to the community’s young people. Last year’s event hosted the all-time record attendance with more than 1,730 participants.

The county school and city school with the highest attending number of students and staff who attend the game will receive $1,000. Through this event, Tusculum College hopes to express its appreciation to all those involved in the Greeneville and Greene County school systems whose efforts are preparing the leaders of tomorrow.


“What better way to spend a Saturday afternoon, enjoying baseball, music, food and fun, while honoring a profession central to the local community, economic development and the future of the region, state and nation,” said Tusculum College President Nancy B. Moody.

Additionally, Tusculum College is offering high school juniors and seniors the opportunity to learn about college life and options available to them in continuing their education during an open house.

Open House registration will take place from 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. An official welcoming program will be held from 12:30 – 12:45 p.m., followed by a financial aid session for parents and a discussion panel for students until 1:30 p.m. A parent discussion panel will take place from 1:30 – 2:45 p.m., while students participate in mock classes.

“A visit during Open House gives prospective students and their families a chance to get to know Tusculum College and our home in East Tennessee,” said Melissa Ripley, executive director of enrollment management operations and residential admission at the college.

A campus tour will begin at 3 p.m., with tours ending at the Pioneer Park baseball stadium, where the Pack the Park event will take place from 3:30 – 6:30 p.m.

Genuine country band Austin Baze features the duo Brian Buckner and Nick Gunter. Michelle Leigh is an up-and-coming southern-rock performer who has toured with the “Young Guns of Country.” Local band Step Cousins mixes past and present country and has played in the popular Dogwood Park Concert Series.

A “fun zone” for kids and those young at heart will feature inflatables, corn hole, face and body painting and other free activities outside Pioneer Park during the event.

Concessions will be available and an area will be open to all who want to bring a blanket or chairs to tailgate prior to the baseball game against Bluefield State.

Admission to the baseball game will be free to all students, teachers, teacher assistants, bus drivers, cafeteria workers, custodians and maintenance personnel, school board members, etc. Throughout the game, local educators will be honored in a variety of ways.

In addition, a fireworks display will immediately follow the game to conclude the day’s festivities.


Last year's Pack the Park attracted more than 1,700 people for the fun and activities.



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’5 x 10′ returns to the stage April 24 – 26

’5 x 10′ returns to the stage April 24 – 26

Posted on 20 April 2015 by

Holly Marshall and Tyler Miller rehearse a scene from “Copper."

The Tusculum College English Department and Acts, Arts, Academia will present the return of the “5×10” showcase during the annual Old Oak Festival at Tusculum College this weekend and April 24-26.

The show consists of five original, 10-minute plays written by Tusculum College students under the direction of Wayne Thomas, interim dean of the School of Arts and Sciences and associate professor of English; Frank Mengel, Arts Outreach technical director and instructor of theatre, and Brian Ricker, assistant to the director of Arts Outreach.

The production will run for six performances in the David Behan Arena Theatre in the Annie Hogan Byrd Fine Arts building on the Tusculum campus in Greeneville. The production will be staged at 7 p.m. on Fridays and Saturdays, April 17-18 and 24-25 2 p.m. on Sundays, April 19 and 26.

Aaron Martel portrays one of the toys in "Plush," a play about two toys who find themselves stored away in an attic.

The plays, which were written during Thomas’ Scriptwriting class during the fall 2014 semester, are varied in subject matter and are as distinct and unique from each other as the playwrights themselves. “I think folks will enjoy the work. This marks ten student playwrights that we’ve produced in the last couple of years. What a fantastic opportunity,” said Thomas.

With a wide range of themes including challenges of faith, mental disorders, and the repercussions of a decidedly flawed penal system, the plays range in genre from light comedy to heavy drama. Audiences are cautioned when considering bringing children to the production due to adult themes and strong language. The show is recommended for ages 13 and up, with parental guidance strongly advised.

The five plays to be featured are:

-          “Plush” written by Zach Gass, a sophomore from Greeneville, Tennessee, which centers on two plush toys, Milo and Toby, who are cast aside in an attic, and must deal with feelings of abandonment, challenges of faith, and maintaining optimism for an uncertain future.

-          “Copper” written by Hannah Berling a junior from Middletown, Ohio, is a comedy about the advances of a somewhat desperate young man, JT, as he tries to woo a young woman, Kendall, while the two wait in a dentist office waiting room, and the amusing repercussions of being deceitful while trying to attract the opposite sex.

Kristen Wiggins, left, and Macy French practice a scene from "Puddle Jumping," a comedy on the darker side about a child and his eccentric pet goldfish.

-          “Puddle Jumping” written by Sarah Holly and Tyler Jinks, juniors from Johnson City and Rogersville, Tennessee respectively, is a darker comedy focusing on the relationship between a young child, Jackson, and an egocentric pet goldfish, Puddles, who wishes for nothing more than a life away from his owner. However, the two must work in harmony in order to save Puddles from being flushed down the toilet by Jackson’s over-worked and demanding mother, Molly.

-          “Save Me” written by Joshua Fuller a sophomore from Alabaster, Alabama, highlights the struggles faced by individuals with mental disorders. Bill, a young man is trying to apply for a job, but must deal with the constant disruption of his mentally induced hallucinations during an interview.

Margo Olmsted, left, and Mike Lilly bring to life the story of an escaped prisoner and the therapist taken hostage.

-          “Psy-cho-ther-apy in Yazoo County, Mississippi” written by Jennifer Frost a sophomore from Friendsville, Tennessee, is about a convict who escapes prison and takes a therapist hostage in an attempt to work through the many emotional and mental problems brought on by life, crime, and a flawed penal system.

Bringing the student works to life will be a cast consisting of current Tusculum College students, Tusculum College Alumni, and veteran community actors. Also, with production assistance from the familiar Arts Outreach team of Costume Director, Barbara Holt, Arts Outreach Director and Artist-in-Residence, Marilyn duBrisk, and Arts Outreach Coordinator, Jennifer Hollowell.

The idea behind the “5×10” production was originally conceived a few years ago by Thomas when he was chair of the Fine Arts Department, in an effort to “promote interdisciplinary co-curricular engagement amongst various fine arts entities.”

Paige Mengel, left, and Tyler Miller rehearse a scene from "Save Me," a play about a man with a mental disorder and the challenges he faces in a job interview.

With the help of Mengel, the first “5×10” production premiered during the 2013 Old Oak Festival. According to Thomas, producing the showcase during the festival “seemed like a natural fit. [The Festival] is all about Fine Arts, so it seemed like a neat way to showcase our writing and theatre programs all at once.”

Tickets are $6 general admission and can be purchased at the box office which opens one hour prior to show time or reserved by contacting Arts Outreach at 423-798-1620, or by e-mail at Tickets may be purchased with cash or check only, no credit or debit cards.


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