The Office of Human Resources makes the following information about search and hiring procedures available to staff and faculty members.

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2.02  –  Employment Policy and Procedure
Flow Chart for Search
Search & Hiring Presentation 2017 (You will need to “Save” to your computer in order to view)


  1. If a decision has been made to initiate a search to fill a position/or establish a new position then the hiring manager writes out job requirements, qualifications and preferences, and if needed, revises the job description.
  2. To institute the search, submit Form 13.00 Employee/Position Search Requisition, to the appropriate Vice President (VP) for approval.  Include page 2 with advertising recommendations, and check the appropriate boxes for the places that you wish to advertise the position. You must include an advertisement listing the description, qualifications & requirements of the position, and attach an up to date job description. In addition, please send the advertisement and job description electronically to Human Resources.
  3. Once position search is approved by the VP, VP/CFO, and the President, Human Resources (HR) will post on the Tusculum College (TC) website and prepare advertisement (cost, posting advertisement, purchase order and billing) for additional media advertisement.
  4. If the position will be filled from outside the department, the position will need to be posted for at least five (5) days. Employees who meet the minimum requirements, and have completed the probationary period in their current positions may apply for jobs by submitting their credentials to Human Resources.
  5. If the position will be filled from within the department (promotion or transfer), the position does not need to be posted. Submit Form 14.00 Employee/Employment Change Request to the appropriate VP, to receive approval for the TC employee’s position change.


  1. A Search Committee is required on all staff Director level positions and above, and for all faculty searches. Unless otherwise appointed by the President, the hiring manager is responsible for contacting individuals to serve on the search committee, and will name the final participants on the search committee. Attempts should be made to include both faculty and staff on search committees. Faculty search committees should read and understand search committee responsibilities detailed in the Faculty Handbook, Policy 4.02.
  2. The chair is the spokesperson for the committee. Committee members are expected to handle application material in a confidential manner so that it does not prematurely disclose an applicant’s possible candidacy to current employees.


  1. All applications, Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) disclosures and resumes are ONLY accepted through HR (including internal applicants) and will be forwarded to hiring manager/search committee. *Internal applicants do not need to submit an application or disclosure unless it is not on file. If an applicant submits these documents to a search committee member, the committee member will forward the documents to HR.


  1. Hiring manager/search committee reviews resumes for qualifications and requirements and then documents the reason for the choice of applicants to interview or not to interview on PART I of Form 19.00 Applicant Summary Form.  A short list of applicants is created and sent to HR.
  2. Prior to speaking with the internal/external applicant, the committee chair/hiring manager must check with HR to verify that the applicant meets requirements and has the applicable documentation on file. **Note: All supervisors and VP’s must be notified before interviewing an employee from outside the department.
  3. HR checks for application and FCRA disclosure on file and approves for interview.  If not on file, HR sends applicant(s) the forms. Upon receiving the application and FCRA disclosure, HR will notify the search committee chair when the applicants are cleared for telephone interviews, and will forward the application to the committee chair/hiring manager.
  5. Human Resources has guidelines to assist you in the interview process, and has developed sample questions, a list of inquiries to avoid (what not to ask) for telephone and on campus interviews, evaluation forms for interviewers, and rating forms for search committees. HR will provide training to all members of the search committee on interviewing, documentation and hiring procedures.
    1. Form 27.00 Guidelines for Pre-Employment Inquiries
    2. Form 28.00 Commonly Asked Interview Questions
    3. Form 29.00 Interview Questionnaire
    4. Form 30.00 Candidate Evaluation Form
  6. Hiring manager/search committee members should conduct telephone interviews of the short list candidates before identifying candidates to be invited to campus, and document answers on the Form 29.00 Interview Questionnaire.  You may use questions from Form 28.00 Commonly Asked Interview Questions  , or you may use your own as long as you abide by the guidelines on Form  27.00 Guidelines for Pre-Employment Inquiries
  7. Hiring manager/search committee members evaluate short list candidates to determine if candidates will be invited to an on campus interview on PART II of Form 19.00 Applicant Summary Form.
  8. Prior to inviting candidates for an on campus interview, complete reference checks using Form 17.00-Reference Check (Authorization has been given on the employment application). The hiring manager/chair of search committee conducts a minimum of three (3) reference checks for each candidate and documents person who provided the responses as well as all responses.
  9. Once the reference checks have been completed, submit Form 15.00 Interview Requisition, to VP with requested costs for on campus interview.  Submit form with resumes, application, phone interview documentation and reference checks attached.
  10. If approved, VP will submit Form 15.00 Interview Requisition, to HR. If not approved, VP will notify hiring manager.
  11. Hiring manager/head of search committee prepares schedule for on campus interviews and arranges meetings and campus tours.


  1. Interview and (if applicable) teaching demonstration is documented by all interviewers on Form 30.00 Candidate Evaluation Form.
  2. Hiring manager/head of search committee reviews  evaluations of interview and (if applicable) teaching demo results.
  3. Hiring manager/head of search committee will make recommendation on hire by submitting Form 16.00 Employment/Personnel Requisition. Hiring package (resume, application, phone interview comments, and reference checks must be attached) and any other documentation supporting hiring of candidate to VP for approval.  VP may require documentation on the selection of candidate and reasons why candidate is best fit for position compared to other candidates interviewed.
  4. The Hiring package will be routed as follows.
    1. Once hire is approved by VP, hiring package is forwarded to HR.
      1. All supervisors and VP’s must be notified before an offer is made to an employee from outside the department.
    2. Hiring package forwarded by HR to VP/CFO for budget approval.
    3. Hiring package forwarded to President who authorizes the hire.
      1. An offer of employment cannot be made until the President has authorized the hire.
    4. Hiring package is returned to HR who notifies VP to make verbal offer of employment and offer letter is produced and sent to VP and President for signature.

5.   Hiring manager/head of search committee sends all remaining documentation of candidates not selected for hire to HR (telephone interviews, on campus interviews, evaluation forms, etc.).


  1. HR sends the offer letter along with the background authorization to selected candidate.
  2. When HR receives the signed offer letter and FCRA Authorization; HR orders the background check and notifies VP/Director of candidate acceptance.
  3. A background check is performed by HR on every offer of employment, which may include internal transfers. The offer that is extended to the final candidate is contingent upon the successful completion of a background check. This means that your employees cannot start work until the background process is completed (usually 3 – 5 business days after we receive a signed consent form).
  4. When candidate accepts position, HR removes job posting from website and emails all applicants and candidates that the position has been filled.
  5. The hiring supervisor initiates the Form 16.01 New Employee Set-up and routes this form to the appropriate departments. This form may be forwarded to HR for insertion into the employee’s personnel file.
  6. Upon first day worked, new employee comes to HR to complete hiring paperwork.
  7. New Employee Orientation, On-Boarding checklist and Performance Appraisal must be completed within the first four (4) months of employment.

 NOTE:  All forms mentioned above can be found on the Human Resources website, in the tab titled “Employee Handbook and Human Resources Forms” on the left of the web page.  The HR web site can be accessed from the TC webpage, by going into the Resources tab, then into Human Resources.