1. Do I HAVE to study abroad to be part of SAGA?
- NO. It is NOT a requirement.  However, we highly suggest you do it because it is an amazing experience that helps to broaden the mind and immensely develop yourself as a person!

2. Why should I join this organization?
- By joining SAGA you have the opportunity of becoming globally competent and learning about several amazing cultures that can shape your life into something you might have never thought of.  In addition, because of the extremely few requirements we have, it is a great opportunity to improve your résumé.  Nowadays, the workplace is highly diverse and showing that you are a global citizen that can work well with people from different nationalities and cultures can make the difference between getting a job or not.

3. What are these extremely few requirements we talk about?
- Because we want to encourage as many people as possible to join SAGA and enjoy all of the different benefits that this brings, we have decided to have very few requirements and work mostly through optional activities.  In other words, we want to have few obligations and offer as many diverse activities as possible in order to appeal to each individual interest.  Regarding the requirements, we will have only one mandatory meeting per block.  In addition, each member will have to do one PowerPoint presentation–just the document–about a country he or she chooses per semester (based on certain guidelines–it takes approx. 2-3 hours to do it).  Regarding the mandatory activities, each member will have to take part in the international fair to be held in April and assist to at least one of the videoconferences we do during the year.  We encourage each member to assist to the optional activities, but also understand that other commitments exist, which is why we allow flexibility in order for you to come to those acitivities you will enjoy and are able to fit into your schedule.

4. What activities does SAGA offer?
- Videoconferences
- International Fairs
- Study Abroad Presentations
- Study Abroad Promotions and Preparations
- Social Gatherings with International Themes (Including international cook-outs, movies, music, and games)
- International table expositions
- Buddies Around The World (Allows the opportunity to access a database of people from other countries we have contacted through videoconferences in order to learn more from their culture and teach them more about ours)
- Study Abroad experience as a group (*)

(*) Depending on budget and amount of money that has been fundraised

5. What do you mean by SAGA being one of the most technologically driven organizations on campus?
- SAGA is trying to lead the way for the rest of the organizations to become more effective and tech savvy.  Some of the things that make us highly technological are:
a) E-mail Basis
b) Videoconferences
c) Electronic information packages
d) Weekly PowerPoint presentations about different countries around the world
e) Official website
f) TV screen programming

6. How can I join SAGA?
- Just contact any of the officers or send an e-mail to rgentry@tusculum.edu.  You may join at any point during the year.

7. What other information is relevant for me to know?
- SAGA has representation in the Center for Global Studies’ Advisory Committee (the president of the organization sits on the committee).
- Everything you need to know in order for all of the information not to be overwhelming is sent through the information package.
- We have tried to create an extremely effective and professional organization that presents very few ties so that each member can focus on their own interests and have an amazing fun experience while also broadening his or her mind, which is why we really hope you join us in our goal of internationalizing Tusculum College.