Associate Professor of English

Ph.D., Creative Writing, Nonfiction, Ohio University
M.A., Creative Writing, Nonfiction, Ohio University
B.A., Philosophy and English, East Tennessee State University

Campus Phone: Ext. 5640
Came to Tusculum: 2009

dmatherlyDesirae Matherly has a Ph.D. in creative writing, nonfiction as well as a M.A. in creative writing, nonfiction both from Ohio University. She received a B.A. in philosophy and English from East Tennessee State University.

Matherly was an assistant professor at The University of Chicago, Collegiate Humanities Division, as well as a postdoctoral fellow at the Ohio University English Department.

She was a graduate teaching assistant for the Ohio philosophy department, as well as the Ohio University English department.

She has received a postdoctoral teaching fellowship award from Ohio University in 2004, and the English department fellowship, scholarship and stipend.

Dr. Matherly has held public readings in both Cincinnati and Athens, Ohio.