More than 250 receive degrees during winter commencement

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More than 250 individuals received degrees during Tusculum College’s winter commencement ceremony on Saturday, December 15, including the presentation of an honorary doctorate to a humanitarian and friend of the college, Stan Brock.

One hundred and thirty six students earned Bachelor of Science degrees and 74 earned Bachelor of Arts degrees. In addition 56 earned Master of Arts degrees.

Stan Brock, left, former star of “Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom” and director of Rural Area Medical, received an Honorary Doctorate of Humane Letters from Tusculum College. He was awarded the degree by Dr. Nancy B. Moody, president of the college. At left is Dr. Joe Frank Smiddy, Kingsport pulmonologist and RAM volunteer, who introduced Brock.

Also receiving an Honorary Doctorate of Humane Letters was Stan Brock. An adventurer, author and servant to mankind, Brock grew up in Wales and has adventured throughout his life across the globe, including North Africa, Gibraltar, Spain and British Guiana. With the Amazon rain forest for a classroom and Wapishana Indians for teachers, Stan became a world-renowned authority on wildlife conservation and management. He became a Research Associate of the Royal Ontario Museum with the distinguished honor of having discovered a new species of bat.

He has been frequently published and later joined the “Wild Kingdom” television series where he was a co-host. He also wrote, produced, and directed a number of action-adventure-wilderness movies and television shows.

Brock now devotes all his time – completely without pay – to directing the operations of Remote Area Medical. RAM runs about 25 clinics a year, serving hundreds of patients at a time in areas where access to medical care is limited. More than 70,000 people have donated their time and expertise to Brock’s cause over the years. Many are full-time doctors and nurses who work at their own practices or hospitals during the week and then volunteer on the weekend.

He was introduced by renowned Kingsport pulmonologist and RAM volunteer Dr. Joe Frank Smiddy who said, “Because of his tireless devotion to the well-being of others, every year, tens of thousands of impoverished people and their animals receive medical treatment or surgery, dental work, vision care and veterinary service. He is a selfless, caring and dynamic leader whose only criteria for taking a team to a tiny Appalachian mountain town or a South American Indian village is simply that they need him.”

Brock expressed his appreciation and talked about his adventures and his work at RAM. Following a horse accident that left him injured and 26 days by foot away from medical care, the seed formed then that a way should be found to provide health care to underserved regions.

The new graduates were addressed by Tusculum President Nancy B. Moody, who recognized the commencement ceremony as “an occasion of celebration and completion.” Adding, “Each of you have made sacrifices, adjustments and also made tough decisions along the way. You have worked hard and have earned the right to walk across this stage. This is a testament to your own efforts and to your persistence. Today is your reward.”

Morning Commencement speakers Marci Moore and Jessica Britton, both of Greeneville.

Jessica Britton, an education major from Greeneville, addressed the crowd as a representative of the residential college program.

She told the group, “My hope for you is that you do indeed frame the well-deserved diploma that you receive today.  I hope you provide it a place in your home where you can be reminded daily that you are a product of success. However, each time you walk past it, I hope that you are filled with the desire to do more.”

Cheri Kelley of Morristown, spoke on behalf of the college’s Graduate and Professional Studies education program. Kelley talked about the impact finishing her college degree has made in her life.

“A college education opens up the world to students. This program has given me the ability to manage my time and resources well, the ability to critically evaluate any situation, the ability to challenge the status quo, the ability to understand alternative theories, the ability to work as a team with all people and the ability to stand up for what I believe. I feel blessed to have been able to participate in this program with so many caring instructors, faculty members and classmates,” she said.

Marci Moore, a 2011 undergraduate from Tusculum College and a resident of Greeneville spoke on behalf of the Graduate and Professional Studies master’s degree program.

She told her fellow graduates, “I encourage you as a new graduate to take your fresh ideas and opinions and run with them. You have come to school to learn new practices and new knowledge. Take what you have learned, combine that with a little common sense and make the world a new place with your ideas.”

Lillian Burchnell of Greeneville spoke on behalf of the Graduate and Professional Studies program. She spoke about returning to higher education after raising her family and building a career.

“Setting out to get a college degree is not an easy thing to do, but it is a worthy challenge. As an adult considering the reasons why I wanted to go to college, one of my inspirations came from working with students at the high school and college level. It was fascinating watching college students coming in as freshmen, seeing the personal growth as they advanced through their college career, and later as seniors looking at their options either pursuing careers or graduate school..”

Also speaking was Mark Stokes, director of religious life, church and community relations at Tusculum College. Stokes presented a sermon titled, “Once in a Blue Moon.” Stokes told the story of astronaut Buzz Aldrin and the little-known story of Aldrin conducting communion on the moon.

He and Armstrong had only been on the lunar surface for a few minutes when Aldrin made the following public statement: “This is the LM pilot. I’d like to take this opportunity to ask every person listening in, whoever and wherever they may be, to pause for a moment and contemplate the events of the past few hours and to give thanks in his her own way.”

He then ended the radio communication and there, on the silent surface of the moon, 250,000 miles from home, he read a verse from the Gospel of John, and he took communion.

Stokes said, “It reminded me that for the fruit of God to ripen in our lives, we have to recognize the journey involved in getting there. That journey takes time, diligence, patience, hard work and God’s cultivation to produce a vine that is mature, productive and successful.”

Graduates earning degrees during winter commencement included:

ME156 – Gray
Rusty Ferril Harrison

ME169 – Greeneville
Lindsey Hope Barrett, Honors
Cassandra Louise Beeler
Kathy Walters Coleman
Pamela Gail Foister, High Honors
Timothy Daniel Foshie, High Honors
Stacey Leigh Skillman
Jennifer DeAnn Slover

ME170 – Knoxville
Amanda Helton Boyd
Laura Christine Randolph
Kimberly Shun Watkins*

ME171 – Knoxville
Leigh Elizabeth Edmonds
Hollie Christine Hillard
Jacqueline Noelle Money
Melissa Ann Parks
Julie Crossman Redden
Jessica Michelle Valentine*
Amanda Rachel Waggoner, High Honors*
Darla Fraker Williams, High Honors*

ME172 – Morristown
Brittany Rae Bradley, Honors
Olivia Reneé Breeding, Honors
Lindsay Paige Davenport, High Honors
Matthew Brent Davenport, Honors
Sharon Ann Grooms
Jennifer Mae Justus
Brian Andrew McLaughlin, Honors
Robin Elizabeth Moore
Kasey Paige Shropshire

MH020 – Knoxville
Amparo Carmen Atencio, Honors
Rhonda Vanessa Cinnamon
Amber Lee Goins
Melissa Ann Jackson, Honors
Stephanie Coward Jinkins, Honors
Brandon Wayne Salley, High Honors

MH021– Greeneville
Chassity Dawn Bird
Lynette DeMay Britton
Lori Cassell Clarke
Eric Chandler Conley
Susan Lori Davis*
Jamie Garrett Housewright
Deidre Renee Johnson, Honors*
Hannah Marie Laposky*
Lisa Marie Lobdell
Marci Elizabeth Moore*
Cory Nathaniel Pratt
William Brandon Steele
Samuel Clay Wilkerson*

MT001 – Knoxville
Jonathan Andrew Arnold
Allison Desiree Beard
Jeremiah Lawson*
Angela G. Roberts, Honors*
Jennifer Goodwin Roberts*

MT002 – Greeneville
James Alexander Gray, Honors
Dawn Elizabeth Mason

Thomas J. Abounader
Justin Wendel Arrington
Linda Renee Aughburns
Deznic O’Neill Blakeney
Jessica Lee Britton, Summa Cum Laude
Jabari Ali Bunch
Cassandra Joy Burchnell
Kimberly Christine Carter, Cum Laude
Sarah Anne Chait
James Arthur Charron III
John Michael Clarke
Courtney Alyse Conley, Cum Laude
Kendra Deanna Dunn, Magna Cum Laude**
Sarah Danielle Edens
Heather Denise Genereux
Javier Portillo Gonzalez
Nathan James Grabowski
Preston Hugh Halstead
Clinton R. Haun
Allegra Lynn Herrera
Staci Marie Hicks, Cum Laude
Branfy Mariano Infante Arias
Jasen Wayne Keplinger
Catherine Elizabeth Kolb
David Lamar Little Jr.
Angie Marie Michaud, Cum Laude**
Jessica Nicole Miller
Kaitlyn Dian Morgan, Magna Cum Laude**
Amber Nichole Pool
Kate Lynn Prisco
Jordan Tucker Reams, Cum Laude**
Elizabeth Christian Reed
Haley Lynn Rhoad
Crystal Darlene Roark, Magna Cum Laude**
Alexander Franklin Spivery IV
Joshua Eugene Stone
Lauren Elizabeth Taylor
Kevin T. Vest
Joseph John Vogt
Priscilla Marie Wampler, Magna Cum Laude**
Erika Nicole Witt
Melanie Amber Wolfe
Antionette Elizabeth Young

BA067 – Knoxville
Melanie Dawn Henry, Cum Laude*
Leah Elyse Kane, Cum Laude
Jason Richard Kirkpatrick
Angela Michelle Patrick
Sophia Amjid Qureshi
Veronica Lynne Stott
Tyler Michael Wolfenbarger

BA068 – Morristown
Brittany Nichole Bowlin
Monica Danielle Cooper, Cum Laude
Misty Paulette Rasnic
Agatha Megan Simpson, Cum Laude
Sarah Beth Underwood, Cum Laude

BA069 – Knoxville
Cheryl Denise Arp
Rebekah Marie Bays, Cum Laude
Jessie Leigh Evans
Courtney Line Luttrell
Julia Monday, Cum Laude
Amanda Dawn Overbay
Leigha Marie Rudd, Cum Laude
Joyce Anna Thomas

BA070 – Morristown
Lesa LeShea Allen, Magna Cum Laude
Lisa Renee Barnett, Cum Laude
Jaymie LaShea Graham
Alfreda Faye Gregg
Brooke Nicole Hall
Lisa Ann Miller
Amanda Mackinze Rigney
Tiffany Lynn Romines, Magna Cum Laude*
Christen Renea Woodson, Magna Cum Laude*

BS566 – Knoxville
Jeffrey Michael Bowles
Patricia S. Headrick, Cum Laude*
Kyle Brian Hodges
Susan Carole Johnson
Morgan Page LaRue
Beth Reneé Lawson
Sharon Rebekah Morgan
Adam Cole Pipkin, Cum Laude
Angela Connell Reynolds
Sondra Reneé Sarten
Claude Jacob Tippens
Sierra Anne Trame
Shakeenah Qmar Watson

BS567 – Gray
Benjamin Jacob Crawford, Cum Laude
Joseph Arthur Dunn
Delores Ann Greer, Magna Cum Laude
Stephanie Lauren Griffin
Joshua Michael Ison, Magna Cum Laude
Jana Michelle Smith, Magna Cum Laude
Ashley Marie Stewart, Magna Cum Laude
Laura Lynn Tipton

BS568  – Greeneville
Randy L. Ball, Summa Cum Laude
Melissa Dawn Fritts
Courtney Nicole Humphreys
Tamatha Delane Jones
Michael Rex Leonard, Cum Laude*
Johnny C. Williams

BS569 – Knoxville
Lee Michael Ellam, Cum Laude
Samuel Kent Ford
Teresa Anne Fritz-Powers, Cum Laude*
Darrell Dewayne Fuqua
Ryan Swain Holliday
Whitney Suzanne Holliday
Kimberly Ann Mialback-Houk
Eric Benjamin Roop
Joseph Adam Thornhill
Joseph Lynn Tollett, Cum Laude
Sonia Lynn Vance
Joshua Sean Yarbrough

BS570 – Knoxville
Marc Rhea Chattin
Andrew Lamar Chesney
Daniel Wayne Dresser
Dale Andrew Harold
John Emmett Higgins, Magna Cum Laude
Michael Doyle Johnson
Jennifer Brooke Kirby
Andrea Marie Miles
Angela Joyce Parrott, Cum Laude
Stacy Nicole Reed
Kimberly D. Shirley
Aristidis James Tampasis
Clara Handly Toomey
Mary Jane Watson

BS571 – Greeneville
Johnny Ray Bowling II, Cum Laude
Tammy Stubblefield Clevinger, Cum Laude
Tammy Michele Combs, Cum Laude*
Christopher Ryan Hicks
Feather Letisha Holt Payne

BS572 – Morristown
Sorka Sheenn Blanton
Donna Cunningham
Chelsie Kasandra Dalton
Michael Wayne Dyke
Shawna Lee Fultz
Cheri McGuire Kelley, Magna Cum Laude
John Thomas Lowry Jr.
Jessica Lynn McClaughry
Abigail Jane Messer
Mark Lee Rich
Melissa Dawn Williams

BS573 – Knoxville
Joseph Keith Hickey
Katelyn Morgan Hodge
Brittany Lauren Joy, Cum Laude*
Meredith Joy Raths
Angela Suzzanne Reeves-Kramer
Tiffany Dee Thiel-Rose
Warren Lee Wiser
Heather Chaffin Word

B.S. Others
Lucas Andrew Clift
Kenya Nicole Cutshall
Jeremy Edward Earl
James Riley Glasgow
Lee Alan Haines
Pamela Jo Holt
Robert Brandon Holt
Tammy Darlene Kimery
Melissa Carson Patrick
Christopher Aaron Posey
David Robert Roller

BB001 – Knoxville
Joshua David Johnson
Rachel Coulter Livesay

BB002 – Knoxville
Kenneth Michael Brown
Debra Darlene Clark
Kristie Schifferer Cziep
Craig Aaron Eichelberger
Brenda Lee Gilpatrick
Joshua Wayne Graham
Lindsey M. McMillen
Steven Daniel Sitton
Craig Michael Strange
Kimberley Diane Ammons Trimble,
Magna Cum Laude*
Joshua Aron White
Alysyn Cusick Williams

BB003 – Morristown
Donald James Burchnell, Summa Cum Laude*
Lillian June Burchnell, Summa Cum Laude*
Mark Casey Collins, Cum Laude
Samantha Ann Horner
Kimberly Dawn Livesay
Charlotte Duke Lowe
Shay Elizabeth Roberts McAmis
Jeremy Dwayne Messer
Adam Keith Parks
Christy Leigh Paysinger

BB004 – Gray
Travis Stuart Adams
Misty Mae Christian
Ashley Evelyn Gilliam
Mark Hugh McGaha
Carrie Rachel Sutphin
Jessica Lynne Tankersley
Anthony James Thompson, Magna Cum Laude
Tanya Lynn Trull
Carrie Lee Woodley, Cum Laude*

BB005 – Knoxville
Danielle LeeAnne Anderson
Amanda Arp Bookout
Chad Edward Davis
Danny Winston Harkins, Cum Laude*
Tyler Michael Schaefer
John Hatcher Sewell III
Seth Aaron Stieferma

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