Tusculum College’s Travis Williams publishes several articles

Posted on 24 October 2013 by srichey@tusculum.edu

Tusculum College’s Assistant Professor of Religion, Travis B. Williams recently had four articles accepted for publication. The articles, “Benefiting the Community through Good Works? The Economic Feasibility of civic Benefaction in 1 Peter,” “Reading Social Conflict through Greek Grammar: Reconciling the Difficulties of the Fourth-Class Condition in 1Pet. 3, 14,” “Visuality, Vivid Description, and the Message of 1 Peter: The Significance of the Roaring Lion (1Pet. 5.8)” and “Ancient Prophets and Inspired Exegetes: Interpreting Prophetic Scripture in 1QpHab and 1 Peter” are to be released this year.

The article on ancient prophets, Williams explained, is an invited essay to appear in a German festschrift, a book honoring a respected person in the field. In the other articles, Williams explores such issues as early Christian Communities’ ability to perform community works, an explanation of why 1 Peter utilized vague grammatical references and rhetorical devices used to inspire early Christians.

Williams has taught for the college since 2010 and has several previous books and articles written on 1 Peter. Williams received a Doctorate of Philosophy in New Testament from the University of Exeter in the United Kingdom.

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