Variety of musical styles to be featured in ‘Charles Tunstall’s World of Guitar’ Tuesday, Jan. 28

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Charles Tunstall

The versatility of the classical acoustic guitar and its adaptability to a variety of musical styles will be featured in Charles Tunstall’s recital Tuesday, Jan. 28, at Tusculum College.

“Charles Tunstall’s World of Guitar” will begin at 6 p.m. in the lobby of the Thomas J. Garland Library on campus. The performance will feature guitar music from the Renaissance to the present. Styles will include classical, sacred, folk, popular tunes from the 1960s, Broadway show tunes and more.

The recital will include some personal sacred and jazz arrangements by Tunstall, a new show-tune medley, a new 1960s medley and two or three surprise guests to accompany him on some songs.

The musical program will introduce the classical (nylon-string) guitar and the literature from several periods to the audience. Tunstall will demonstrate the versatility of the familiar instrument through his musical selections that incorporate a number of different playing styles, various voicings, chords, playing techniques and discussion about leading guitarists of the present and the past. In his program, Tunstall hopes to help the audience better understand the acoustic style of music and playing as opposed to electric or synthesized guitar music.

Tunstall, who is reference and instructional services librarian at Tusculum, has more than 50 years of playing experience. Primarily self-taught, he has been mentored by a large number of individuals. Although he prefers to entertain as a solo act, he has played in a variety of bands through the years. While he is skilled on several types of guitars, his main focus is in finger-style playing on the classical nylon-stringed guitar. He emerged from a country-bluegrass background and now enjoys playing and learning music from different periods.

As a guitarist, he has been inspired by Christopher Parkening, Chet Atkins, Rick Foster and Charlie Byrd, and he has had the opportunity to meet Parkening and Byrd.

Admission to the recital is free. Refreshments will be served, and arts and lecture credit is available for Tusculum College residential students.


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