Fall 2012 Athletic Director’s Honor Roll announced

Posted on 14 January 2013 by eestes@tusculum.edu

One-hundred and forty-four student-athletes have been named to the 2012 Tusculum College Athletic Director’s Fall Honor Roll announced Frankie DeBusk, Tusculum College director of athletics.


To be selected to the Athletic Director’s Honor Roll, a student-athlete must accumulate either a semester or cumulative grade point average of 3.0 or better on a 4.0 scale.


The Tusculum football team boasted the most student-athletes on the honor roll with 23 honorees.  The baseball and women’s soccer teams were tied for second with 18 student-athletes each on the list, while the Pioneer men’s soccer and softball teams were tied for fourth with 13 each.  The volleyball team was sixth with 11 honorees, followed by women’s tennis (eight), men’s golf (seven), men’s tennis (six), men’s basketball (six), women’s basketball (six), women’s cross country (six), women’s golf (five) and men’s cross country (four).


The men’s tennis team boasted the highest cumulative grade point average of the 14 sports currently sponsored by the College. The Pioneer men’s tennis team posted a sterling 3.757 team GPA, edging out women’s cross country, who recorded a GPA of 3.713.

Of Tusculum’s 14 athletic programs, 10 boasted a team GPA of 3.00 or better.  Volleyball was third with 3.562, while women’s golf was fourth with 3.561.  Women’s tennis was fifth with a 3.335 team GPA, followed by softball (3.278), men’s golf (3.276), women’s soccer (3.252), men’s cross country (3.162) and men’s soccer (3.031).


2012 Tusculum College Fall Athletic Director’s Honor Roll

Name                                    Sport(s)

Gerry Acosta                      Baseball

Brian Alexander                Football

Ben Arnold                         Men’s Basketball

Nikki Arthur                        Women’s Soccer

Kiara Baker                         Women’s Basketball

Nicole Ball                           Softball

Jeremy Barnes                  Baseball

Kendal Baxter                    Women’s Basketball

Miranda Beeler                 Softball

Hannah Berling                 Volleyball

Maggie Bernabei              Women’s Cross Country

Bristoe Bible                       Football

Andre Bissmark                Men’s Soccer

Taylor Boone                     Volleyball

Katie Brennan                   Softball

Kim Brown                          Women’s Cross Country/Soccer

Megan Buckmaster         Women’s Tennis

Blakeley Burleson            Women’s Basketball

Blake Burnett                    Baseball

Lawson Burrow                 Men’s Cross Country

Shanice Campbell            Women’s Soccer

Derek Cantrell                   Men’s Golf

Katie Capel                         Women’s Soccer

Darius Carter                      Men’s Basketball

Katie Chadwick                 Women’s Soccer

Nacho Collado                   Men’s Tennis

Lontario Collier                  Football

Heath Comerford            Baseball

Courtney Conley              Women’s Tennis

David Cooper                     Men’s Cross Country

DeMarcus Copeland       Football

Bo Cordell                           Football

Logan Cornelius                Football

Jillian Corum                       Women’s Golf

Tripper Crisson                  Baseball

Alec Cunningham             Women’s Golf

Mia Damico                        Women’s Soccer

David Davis                         Football

Samuel Davis                     Men’s Golf

CJ Dawson                          Football

Caitlyn Dean                       Volleyball

Johnathan Diliberto        Football

Tiago Doneux                    Men’s Soccer

Joseph Elphingstone      Men’s Tennis

Nick Forsberg                    Men’s Golf

Kimberly Gallentine        Softball

Daniel Gianopulos           Men’s Tennis

Melanie Gibson                Volleyball

Coleman Glick                   Men’s Golf

Andy Goellner                   Men’s Soccer

Jenny Grant                       Women’s Cross Country

Ashley Gregg                     Women’s Cross Country

Dario Greiser                     Men’s Soccer

Amanda Grempel            Softball

Courtney Hackney           Women’s Soccer

Allison Hall                          Women’s Cross Country

Jama Hammontree         Women’s Basketball

Luke Harris                          Football

Megan Hasse                     Volleyball

Matt Henriksen                Baseball

Emee Herbert                   Women’s Golf

Dameon Herring               Football

Carol Hogan                        Women’s Cross Country

Pat Holleran                       Baseball

Justin Houston                  Football

Sara Howard                      Women’s Golf

Kate Hutchinson               Women’s Tennis

George Jackson                Football

Clay Jarrell                           Men’s Soccer

Elizabeth Johnson            Softball

Patti Jordan                        Women’s Soccer

Martin Jorgensen            Men’s Basketball

Kourtney Kavic                  Women’s Soccer

Adrienne Kaye                  Women’s Tennis

Alix Kruel                             Softball

Adam Kulbat                      Men’s Soccer

Pablo Laguna                     Men’s Soccer

Calley Lawson                    Women’s Golf

Jo Jien Lee                          Men’s Soccer

Trevor Lund                        Men’s Soccer

Crystal Mathews              Softball

Steven Matthews            Football

Caleb McCormick             Football

T.J. Miller                             Baseball

Erin Mills                              Women’s Tennis

Elijah Minter                      Men’s Cross Country

David Montes                    Men’s Soccer

Amy Morford                    Women’s Soccer

Chance Mounce               Men’s Basketball

Fredrik Muren                   Men’s Soccer

Amy Neltner                      Women’s Soccer

Dakota Norton                  Men’s Golf

Daniel O’Conner               Men’s Basketball

Tyler Oliver                         Football

Emily Pannocchia             Women’s Soccer

Taylor Patterson               Women’s Tennis

Georgia Paturalski           Volleyball

Monica Perez                    Women’s Soccer

Eddie Perkins                     Baseball

Roberto Pimental            Men’s Soccer

Cody Poarch                       Baseball

Erica Pomana                     Women’s Soccer

Bailee Price                         Volleyball

Alisha Pugh                         Women’s Soccer

Taylor Rakes                       Baseball

Ryan Ramsom                   Football

Alyssa Raterman              Volleyball

Leif Ratliff                            Men’s Golf

Nick Rodriguez                  Baseball

Andy Rosetti                      Football

Chris Sabanosh                 Baseball

Ashley Sarmiento            Volleyball

Michael Scott                     Baseball

John-Austin Shepard      Baseball

Jalen Shuffler                    Baseball

Adam Sigmon                    Baseball

Samantha Silver                Softball

Billy Sivyer                           Baseball

Terrence Smith                 Football

Paige Sneed                       Softball

Kekona Soon                     Men’s Cross Country

BJ Spradlin                          Football

Chaz Story                           Football

Kaytlin Stroinski                Softball

Amanda Sumner              Women’s Tennis

David Talley                        Men’s Golf

Ashley Thurman               Women’s Basketball

Anton Tuz                           Men’s Basketball

Joshua Tyler                       Football

Lindsey Umberger           Softball

Sam Underwood              Volleyball

Kassie Voelker                  Volleyball

Nicholas Wasylyk             Football

Emily Waters                      Women’s Tennis

Synese Whitener             Women’s Basketball

Carly Whitman                  Women’s Soccer

Gabrielle Whitt                 Women’s Soccer

Marissa Williams               Women’s Soccer

Philip Wistrom                   Men’s Soccer

Paul Wiederspahn           Men’s Tennis

Carolyn Williamson          Softball

Jonas Winkelmann          Men’s Tennis

Lukas Winkelmann          Men’s Tennis


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