Make sure your student’s financial aid is in order before the fall semester ends

Posted on 14 November 2012 by

More than 80 percent of Tusculum College students receive some type of financial aid assistance from the federal and state government, as well as the College in the form of grants, loans and scholarships.

To receive these grants and loans, the financial aid process must be completed. As the end of the semester approaches, the College encourages all students and their parents to make sure that this process has been completed for the fall.

For many of Tusculum’s students, their parents must verify their FAFSA information or sign documents in order for the funds to be applied to their students’ accounts. If these processes are not completed and the funds from grants and loans not applied, the student will still owe the amount of those grants and loans to the College.

If a student has completed all the processes regarding their financial aid and have a student account balance of less than $2,000 with the Business Office, they will be able to register for courses for the next academic year and participate in Passport Pallooza and Housing Lottery, which includes both course registration and making housing arrangements for the 2013-14 academic year. However, if a student has not complete the process and has a student account balance of $2,000 or more with the Business Office, he or she will not be allowed to register or participate in Passport Pallooza.

College staff in the Office of Financial Aid and Student Employment and in the Business Office will be happy to help students and their parents make sure their financial aid is in order. If you have questions about where your student’s account stands or suspect not all the paperwork has been completed, please call either the Office of Financial Aid or the Business Office at (800) 729-0256.





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