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More than 260 receive degrees during spring commencement

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More than 260 receive degrees during spring commencement

Posted on 12 May 2011 by tcrabtree@tusculum.edu

There was much to celebrate on Saturday, May 7, for 262 individuals who received degrees during Tusculum College’s spring commencement ceremony.

Ninety-six students earned Bachelor of Science degrees in organizational management and 129 earned Bachelor of Arts degrees. In addition 37 earned Master of Arts degrees.

Walking with this spring’s graduates were representatives of the Tusculum College Class of 1961 who are celebrating their 50th anniversary year. Representatives walked in the procession, clothed in golden caps and gowns and were recognized during the ceremony by Dr. Nancy B. Moody, president of Tusculum College.

The new graduates were addressed by Moody, who recognized the commencement ceremony as “an occasion of celebration and completion.” Adding, “Each of you have made sacrifices, adjustments and also made tough decisions. This is a testament to your own efforts and also to your persistence. Today is your reward. Be proud of yourself and your accomplishments.”

Simon Holzapfel, a sports management major from Nuremburg, Germany, addressed the crowd as a representative of the Residential College program. Holzapfel has been accepted to the graduate program at Eastern Kentucky University.

He told the group, “I am deeply indebted to some of the faculty members. Each one of them has taught me valuable lessons, may it be through classroom lectures or outside of the classroom. Many have pushed me beyond my comfort zone and by doing so extended it.”

In particularly he singled out Dr. Kirpal Mahal, professor of physical education.

“He has taught me so much about the physical education and sports science professions, about people and about life in general that I don’t know anymore what I have learned from him. I have absorbed countless hours of conversation, mentoring, and counseling with him to the point where I cannot tell the difference anymore between what I already knew and what he has taught me,” said Holzapfel.

Robin Moore of Gatlinburg spoke on behalf of the college’s Graduate and Professional Studies education program. Moore talked about finishing her degree and the confidence it has instilled in her that was not there before.

“I know that, without this experience, I would still doubt myself. I would still see that academic misfit that just never quite could make it in school. Instead, I can look back upon my life’s experiences and know that they have made me the person I am today,” she said.

Amanda Bunch of Knoxville spoke on behalf of the Graduate and Professional Studies program in Organizational Management.

She told her fellow graduates, “I want you to look back on all of your hard work and dedication and use all these skills to tackle any challenges you may face in the future. You now know you can accomplish anything you put your mind to.”

Clyde Shumate of Johnson City spoke on behalf of the master’s of education program. He spoke to his peers in the teaching profession, encouraging them to always do what’s best for their students.

“Doing what’s best requires teachers to plan, evaluate, teach and engage the students in the learning process. This takes hard work from both sides and many children will resist hard work, which is why we must motivate them. Every day teachers are in a battle to engage every child, to educate and graduate them as productive, responsible citizens. That’s the goal-that all will graduate and become successful.”

Representing the master’s program in Organizational Management for the Graduate and Professional Studies program was Belinda Kenny of Friendsville. Kenny talked about the difficulty of returning for her master’s degree 23 years after completing her bachelor’s degree.

“My family has endured a dirty house, uncooked dinners, limited time for family events, and even a little testiness as I attended class every Wednesday night in Morristown for one and a half years,” she said.

“Being an adult learner in a graduate program has taught me about commitment, faith and determination. It has taught me that I can do anything I put my mind to do as long as I commit to doing my best and working hard…as long as I keep my eyes on my goal and not the pressures of the day…as long as I believed that the God who got me in this mess would get me out of it.”

Also speaking was Mark Stokes, director of religious life, church and community relations. Stokes presented a sermon titled, “Simple Words.” He encouraged the graduates to use thank you notes to express their thanks to everyone in their life that has made an impact.

“Especially on this day,” he said, “You know there have been many who have assisted you. Use simple words to express your thanks.”

In addition to the presentation of the undergraduate and graduate degrees, two faculty awards were presented.

Receiving the Teaching Excellence and Campus Leadership award for the Residential College was Jane Sandusky, assistant professor of athletic training. Receiving the award for the Graduate and Professional Studies program was Dr. Stella Schramm, professor of management.

Also on the program was a presentation by the graduating class from the Residential College. Marci Moore, a business education major from Parrotsville, presented a check for $500 to Dr. Moody on behalf of the Senior Class Gift Committee. The money was raised to pay for the new entrance signs at the Gilland and Shiloh road entrances to campus.

Below is a list of the May 2011 graduates by program:

Master of Arts in Education -
Curriculum and Instruction

Amanda Marie Parrott

Melissa Clark Al-Salim, Honors
Karoline Sue Berg, Honors
Jeremy Allen Johnston*
Tracey Cloyd Shipley, Honors
Clydie Harold Shumate, High Honors
Whitney Jo Warner, High Honors

Joshua Clay Hicks, High Honors
Logan Derek Hollingshead
Nicole Leigh Hurst
Leigh Anne Kickliter, High Honors
Janice Elizabeth Marshall, Honors*
Richard Todd Mounts, High Honors
Janet Lynn O’Lear, Honors
Jeannie Lee Pittman, Honors
Kimberly Shalain Price Smith
Robin Ullom, High Honors

Master of Arts in Education -
Organizational Training and
Education Concentration

Derrick Durrell Belton
Sharon Michele Lequieu Brockwell
Stefanie Ann Cruby
Jamie Rhudy Henson, High Honors
Stephen Lewis Hicks
Victor S. Quillen
Robin Erica Smith
Rebecca Reese Tankersley, High Honors

Melesia Gail Graham
LaKietha Nicole Jackson, High Honors*
Dorota Agnieszka Potter, High Honors*
Alva Smith, High Honors*

Master of Arts in Education -
Human  Resource Development

Davina Mae Bolinger, Honors*
Kellee Free Collins
Laurie Whitney Denney
Cathy Eslinger Dixon, Honors*
Leslie Grace Fox
Karen Marie Richardson, High Honors
Jamie Ray Spence

Master of Arts in Organizational Management

Belinda Nadine Kenny

Bachelor of Arts
Tylan Marie Adams
Joseph Lemuel Albrittain
Elisa Andriano
Sabine Azemar
Cindy Lynn Barrett, Magna Cum Laude
Rolondo Wayne Bonner
Amber Lynn Bradley
Emily Marie Broyles, Magna Cum Laude**
Allison Brittany Card, Cum Laude
Haley Danielle Carr, Cum Laude
Katharine Elizabeth Carson
Dustin Alex Collins
Tyler Jared Collins
Eric Chandler Conley, Cum Laude
Sean Francis Cotten
Bradley Evan Cox
Caroline Folsom Crowe
Jillian Anne Cunha
Joshua Daniel Ellis, Cum Laude
Karnika KaVandra Ervin
Kiarra Monette Ervin, Magna Cum Laude**
Jessica Rose Figler
Mason Hunter Fowler
Brandon DeWayne Gann, Magna Cum Laude**
Jamie Lieren Garrett
Kelley Catherine Nicole Gentry
Lawson Gene George
Benjamin Holloway Hale
Devona Nicole Hamm, Cum Laude**
Rashaun Sentrel Harris
Simon Dietrich Holzapfel, Summa Cum Laude**
Dean Michael Hopewell
Payden Gene Houser, Cum Laude
Terrance Eugene Johnson
Thad Lee Kanupp, Cum Laude
Shanda Laine Kimbrough
Hannah Marie Laposky
Katrina Diane Larkin
Amanda Lynn Linville
Jonathan Derek Lyons, Cum Laude
Elizabeth Kathryn McDonnell, Magna Cum Laude**
Horton Daniel McKinney
Cassandra Ash Melnike
Marci Elizabeth Moore, Magna Cum Laude**
Chelsea McGrady Morris
Brittni Rachel Oliver
Emily Ann Palenkas
Jasmine Leigh Parker
Stacy Michelle Parks
Michael Christopher Peeler
Mardale Renaldo Petty
Cory Nathaniel Pratt, Cum Laude
Brandon Edward Priest
Allyson Leigh Ray
Joseph Slade Reed
David Andrew Roncskevitz, Cum Laude**
Hannibal Joel Ruiz
Erin Colleen Searcy
Jason Scott Seaton, Magna Cum Laude**
Amber LeAnn Sharp, Cum Laude
Leslie Sierra Shelton
Jessica Nichole Paige Shipley
Sierra Ashley Sims, Cum Laude
Oliver Thomas Smith
Marquise Lamar Snead-Johnson
William Brandon Steele
Cody William Stites, Magna Cum Laude
Westley Michael Taylor
Blake Laurel Thompson, Cum Laude
Daniel Scott Vick
Adriana Vizcarrondo, Cum Laude
Amber Renee Wagner, Cum Laude
Amber Michelle Willis, Magna Cum Laude**
Kristin Marie Wonderley

Kami Sue Pittman Emert
Tanya Neshae France
Regina Carolynn Harold, Magna Cum Laude
Lee Ann Gaddis Hedrick, Cum Laude*
Carla Marie Henry, Cum Laude*
Lora Coward Irwin, Magna Cum Laude*
Lisa Monette Paysinger
Kristie Lynn Pittman, Cum Laude
Erica Whitney Reynolds
Travis Stacy Vaughn


Jennifer Ann Arnold
Melissa D. Church, Cum Laude
Randi Le Fast, Cum Laude
Sharon Ann Grooms, Cum Laude*
Tawny LaFae McCracken, Magna Cum Laude
Stephanie Lambdin McCune
David Wayne Overholt, Magna Cum Laude

Angela Kay Burton, Cum Laude
Kimberly Kirsten Clark
Malena Jane Cloud
Brandi DeAnna Dellinger
Jamie Lynn Finchum, Magna Cum Laude*
Kristie Dawn Goins, Magna Cum  Laude*
Valerie Caroline Harrison
Robin Elizabeth Moore, Cum Laude*
Jennifer Lue Robison
Brittney Howell Romines
Joni Lynn Stimmell, Cum Laude*
Brandi Lynetta Taylor, Magna Cum Laude


Chloe LaBrina Baugh, Cum Laude*
Shannon Lee Haney, Magna Cum Laude
Billie Michelle Hernandez, Cum Laude*
Jenny Leanne Murvin
Elizabeth Earline Ricker
Amy Nicole Salyer, Magna Cum Laude

Rebekah Nan Chapman, Cum Laude*
Natalie Browning Conner
Madeline McCroskey Devlin
Jo Anne Funk, Magna Cum Laude*
Crystal Lynn Holden
Kimberly Ann Parton, Cum Laude*
Jennifer Beth Russell Walker, Magna Cum Laude
Stacey Nicole Welden, Magna Cum Laude


Michael Andrew Blevins
Terry Brian Blevins, Magna Cum Laude
Jessica Renee Dean
Ryan Stephen Drisgula, Cum Laude
Pamela Sue Fowler
Scott Moats
Matthew Alan Pickwell
Lindsay Brooke Robinson
Susan Elaine Romines
Mandy Lee Watters, Magna Cum Laude
Geralynne Potter Williams, Magna Cum Laude*
Angela Revee Wood, Magna Cum Laude

Bachelor of Science
In Organizational Management

Ronald David Ball, Cum Laude*
Ashlea Denise Baskette
Kimberly Farmer Dunbar
Angela Elizabeth Ferrell
Kandee Lynn Kimery
Martha Valerie Lee
Ricky Lynn Wisecarver

Amanda Jean Bunch, Cum Laude*
Jayme Nicole Campbell
Ashlee Suzanne Hackney
Tracey Michelle Hill
Jeanette McAlister, Cum Laude
Judi Louise Parris
Beverly Gardner Tubb

Kelley Dyann Farthing
Kimberly Kay Grace, Magna Cum Laude*
Melissa Ann Hutchins
Bradley Wayne Jones
Darla Lynn Pfenninger
Matthew Edward Underwood

Kristen Julie Addington
Kelly Ann Baker
Autumn Lynneah Cobble, Cum Laude
Jody Darren Freeman, Cum Laude
Stephanie Michelle Jeffreys
Annessia Marché Mathis, Cum Laude*
Jonathon David Miller
Christopher William Rolen
Amos Joshua VanHall

John Hollis Ashley
Kelly Allison Bacon
Christopher Michael Clendenen
Daniel Stephen Conner
Cynthia Judith DeFrancisco
Brandon Taylor Ellis
Michael James Farner, Magna Cum Laude
Jonathan Richard Hampton
Sarah Katherine Kelso
Lloyd W. Loveday Jr., Magna Cum Laude
Michael John Mohr
Thomas Cody Southard
Amy Maria Stover
Savannah Jade Tosh
Daniel Wayne Whitson, Cum Laude*

Bradley Dale Brothers, Cum Laude
Casey J. Colyer
Jason Floyd Oliver
Jessie Lynne Pauley
Michael Edward Pomroff, Cum Laude*
Wendy Danielle Robertson
David Roy Woolsey

Sheila Lynn Baker, Cum Laude
Scott Matthew Berry
Megan Breanne Boruff
Teresa Braden Boshears, Cum Laude*
LeVon Burton, Magna Cum Laude
Cory Lee Crawford, Summa Cum Laude*
Adam Blake Curl
Ahnna Alice Estes, Cum Laude*
Cassandra Michelle Gale, Magna Cum Laude*
Stephanie Giger
Brandy Nicole Jones
Amanda Leigh Kington
Amy M. Loposser
Sherri G. Madison
Tina Beeler Moody
Genna Lee Morris
Catharine Ellena Phillips-Baker
Benjamin Robert Saul
Amy Elizabeth Seiber
Christopher Joseph Stocksett, Magna Cum Laude

Tina Martin Ard
David Anthony Christopher Birchfield, Cum Laude*
Simetra D. Bogan, Cum Laude
Adrian Leigh Bowman, Cum Laude
David Lyn Buckner
Jessica Nikole Buckner
Jennifer Amanda Calfee
Jason Lynn Carroll
Amy E. Crespo
Kimberly Evans-Russell
Adriena Daynenne Hux, Cum Laude
Donna Hope Lance
Jeremie Ryan Lindsey
Malyndia Marsh Long
Catina Ann Gilbert Marshall
Daphne Eve Mathes
Melody Lyn Murray
Patricia Diane Ottinger
Jenny Rebecca Petted
Lisa Michelle Ray
Jeff Van Shaver
Olivia Miller Smith
Eva Aiken Spence
Amanda Maness Sweat
Jonathan Richard Taylor
Mellissa Tolley

*Omicron Psi National Honor Society member

**Alpha Chi National Honor Society member

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Spring commencement is coming Saturday, May 7

Posted on 13 April 2011 by eestes@tusculum.edu

grad_bagpipersIt is almost time for one of the most important events in the life of Tusculum College – commencement, a celebration of the accomplishment of hard work and dreams of all the students who have completed their degree programs.

Spring Commencement is on Saturday, May 7, and will involve two ceremonies. The morning ceremony at 10:30 a.m. will include all the students receiving bachelor of arts degrees, those in the Residential College program and the bachelor’s program in the Graduate and Professional Studies program. The afternoon ceremony at 2 p.m. will include students receiving master’s degrees and the students in the Bachelor of Science in Organizational Management program in the Graduate and Professional Studies program.

Graduates participating in the ceremony should be in the Pioneer Arena an hour prior to the ceremony for graduation practice, 9:30 a.m. for the morning ceremony and 1 p.m. for the afternoon ceremony.

Pioneer Arena, the location of the ceremonies, will not be open for audience seating until after the graduation practice is completed. The arena will be open to family and friends at approximately 10 a.m. for the morning ceremony and 1:30 p.m. for the afternoon ceremony.

Tickets are not needed for admittance to the ceremonies and graduates are not limited to the number of guests that they can invite.

Guests are allowed to save seats for other family or friends, but are asked not to save seats during the 15 minutes immediately prior to the beginning of the ceremony to assist in ensuring there is enough seating available.

Family members and friends that may require special accommodations for handicapped seating are asked to make reservations by contacting Bobbie Greenway no later than May 6, 2010 at 423-636-7300 Ext. 5154. If prior reservations are not made, special accommodation seating may not be available.   Tusculum does not supply wheelchairs.

Guests are asked to not leave the arena until after the ceremony is finished. At the end of the ceremony, the College faculty form a “gauntlet” at the exit of arena and applaud the new graduates, and the exit needs to be kept clear.

Prospective graduates that ordered their graduation regalia (gown, hood, cap, and tassel) at the Greeneville or Knoxville GRAD FINALE event should receive it from Jostens by mid-April.  Those who did not  attend or did not order a gown, hood, cap, and tassel must order the regalia by contacting Jostens at its customer service toll free number 1-800-854-7464. The cost of ordering the regalia including standard shipping and handling is covered by the graduation fee and is paid by Tusculum College. Express mail shipping is at a graduate’s own expense.

By tradition, the Commencement ceremony is a formal, dignified event to honor the academic achievement of scholars.  To help preserve the decorum of the event, it is requested that graduates and their families exercise etiquette appropriate to the occasion.  We ask that those in attendance please observe the following:

  • As a courtesy to and out of respect for the graduates, guests are requested to stay until the conclusion of the ceremony.
  • Commencement is both a joyous and solemn event. Please express your excitement in ways that will not prevent others from hearing the speaker and enjoying the ceremony. Use of air horns, yelling, or stomping are disruptive and rude.
  • Cell phones are to be turned off or switched to the silent operating mode. Do not speak on a cell phone during the ceremony as this prevents others from hearing and enjoying the ceremony.
  • Please do not bring small children to the commencement ceremony. Due to fire marshal regulations, no baby carriers or strollers will be allowed in the auditorium.
  • We understand family and friends wanting to take pictures of their special graduate. Please refrain from doing so until after the graduate receives his or her diploma. This will allow the ceremony to flow smoothly and reduce the distractions and disturbances to other audience members as they try to see and hear ongoing presentations. An official photographer from LifeTouch will be taking a photo of each graduate receiving a diploma from Tusculum President Nancy B. Moody. Photos of the ceremony are also taken by staff from the College’s Office of Communications. LifeTouch will contact the graduates with information on how to view proofs and order prints.
  • Due to the acoustics in the auditorium, voices carry. Please do not carry on conversations during the ceremony, as this may be very distracting and prevent others from hearing and enjoying the event.

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