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Tusculum professor and student volunteer during ceremony of national professional organization

Posted on 14 April 2011 by eestes@tusculum.edu

A Tusculum College professor and student recently served as volunteer assistants at the Major of the Year Award and Reception Ceremony of the National Association for Sport and Physical Education (NASPE).

Dr. Kirpal Mahal, professor of physical education, and Kate Prisco, a junior from Rogersville, volunteered to help at the ceremony for the association, which is the leading authority for physical education standards. The ceremony was held during the 126th Convention of the American Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance (AAHPERD), which was held in San Diego from March 30 to April 3.

This was the first time that Prisco attended the AAHPERD convention. She said serving at the NASPE ceremony was a great experience in that she was able to meet a number of professionals and learn about their work. As a volunteer, Prisco said she felt like an important part of the event and the association, which she described as open-minded with the right goals, enthusiasm and drive to get professionals active in its mission.

Dr. Mahal commended Prisco for the professional manner in which she performed her duties at the ceremony and the way she presented herself and represented Tusculum College very well.

During the NASPE ceremony, Tusculum senior Simon Holzapfel, from Nuremberg, Germany, along with 90 other undergraduate students in the physical education and exercise science fields from various universities, was awarded the NASPE Major of the Year Award. Holzapfel said it is a great honor to be the recipient of this award as only one student is nominated annually for the honor by the faculty of Tusculum’s Physical Education and Sport Studies Department.

Dr. Mahal accompanied a group of Tusculum students majoring in physical education or sports studies to the convention, including Elisa Andriano of North York, Ontario; Calvin Britt of Augusta, Ga.; Dean Hopewell of Leicester, England; Cassandra Melnike of Pickering, Ontario; Angie Michaud of Surgionsville, Tenn., Holzapfel, and Prisco.

At the convention, the students had the opportunity to meet and mingle with scholars and professional leaders in sports, health and physical education fields. The convention offered around 700 sessions, presentations and events on a variety of topics related to the students’ fields of study.
The students had the unique opportunity to tour to the U.S. Olympic Training Center at San Diego. The facility is one of only three Olympic training centers in the U.S. and is a gift from the San Diego National Sports Training Foundation, a group of dedicated business and community leaders, as well as volunteers, who raised the funds to build the center. The complex is mostly outdoors and covers 155 acres.

Dr. Mahal, Holzapfel, Michaud and Prisco also attended a social event sponsored by Springfield College, meeting its faculty and alumni. Springfield College, located in Massachusetts, is one of the nation’s most prestigious institutions in exercise science and physical education.

Holzapfel was one of only three student delegates selected to represent the entire student membership of AAHPERD and attended the Alliance Assembly, its governing body, on April 2. The delegates voted for the next president-elect of the Alliance, Irene Cucina, and approved motions including that “the Alliance work toward one unified national organization with a focus on comprehensive physical education, physical activity, and health.” This vote will result in the five organizations that comprise AAHPERD being transformed into one comprehensive organization.

Attending the convention was an exceptional experience for most of the Tusculum students. Prisco said she had an excellent experience attending sessions, presentations and meeting other professionals of various physical education and sports-related fields. She said it was inspiring to see so many people working passionately for the same goal of increasing the public’s activity level and improving their health.

The students also expressed appreciation for Dr. Mahal’s initiative and efforts that made the trip possible to provide the students with such an important learning experience and part of their professional development.

Dr. Mahal and the students also expressed appreciation for the financial support from the Tusculum administration, the Teaching and Professional Growth Committee and the Physical Education and Sports Studies Department.

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Tusculum College student selected as delegate to the national assembly of professional organization

Posted on 13 April 2011 by eestes@tusculum.edu

Simon Holzapfel

Simon Holzapel, a senior at Tusculum College majoring in sports science, has been selected as one of the three student delegates to the Alliance Assembly of the American Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance (AAHPERD).

The Alliance Assembly is a governing body of AAHPERD with approximately 250 representatives from all states, districts, territories and national associations. The student delegates will represent all student members, both graduate and undergraduate, of the AAHPERD with the authority to vote on behalf of these students.

This is the first time that a Tusculum College student has been chosen as a delegate. In addition to Holzapfel, one student from Purdue University and another from the University of Washington will serve as delegates. They will serve a term ending Dec. 31, 2011.

Tusculum Professor of Education Dr. Kirpal Mahal encouraged Holzapfel, a native of Nuremberg, Germany, to apply for the tremendous learning opportunity that a delegate position would bring. Dr. Mahal said that it is a great honor for the college and the Department of Physical Education and Sport Studies to have Holzapfel selected as one of only three students nationwide. “Although we are small, we have taken long strides because of the brilliance of our students and support of our administration,” he said.

As a delegate, Holzapfel was required to attend the Alliance Assembly Session held in San Diego on April 2 during the 126th National AAHPERD Convention, which started on March 30. The session, lasting four hours, was preceded by a number of preparation and discussion forums during the convention.

Delegates had a duty to cast votes in the election of the Alliance’s president-elect and to take action on proposed motions that included adding the District of Columbia as a  different structure from a state or territorial association to the Alliance, recognizing overseas associations as affiliated organizations and not as integral parts of the Alliance. Delegates could also bring forward motions on which the Assembly must take action.

Dr. Mahal accompanied Holzapfel and a group of other Physical Education, Sports Science and Sport Management students to the convention. Also attending the convention were Elisa Andriano of North York, Ontario; Calvin Britt of Augusta, Ga.; Dean Hopewell of Leicester, England; Cassandra Melnike of Pickering, Ontario; Angie Michaud of Surgionsville, Tenn., and Katie Prisco of Rogersville, Tenn.

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