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Tusculum College nursing program receives initial approval from Tennessee Board of Nursing

Posted on 17 February 2012 by srichey@tusculum.edu

Tusculum College has earned initial approval from the Tennessee Board of Nursing for the Bachelor of Science in Nursing and the RN to BSN programs set to begin this coming fall, pending approval from the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC).

President Nancy B. Moody, Dr. Lois Ewen, dean of nursing, Dr. Melinda Dukes, vice president for Academic Affairs and Steve Gehret, vice president and chief financial officer for the college, appeared before the Tennessee Board of Nursing on Wednesday and presented the college’s request for initial approval.

Moody stressed that the development of the new program has been a partnership effort from the very beginning.

“Thank you to everyone who has played a role in developing and approving the programs including members of the feasibility and steering committees, the Programs and Policies Committee, the faculty and the Board of Trustees,” said Moody.

She added, “I also need to thank Dr. Beth Stullenbarger who provided consultation support and to Dr. Greg Hawkins who facilitated project management and the application materials. Thank you to our donors, the members of the Nursing Advisory Council and our clinical facility partners.”

The presentation included elements such as the school’s SACSCOC regional accreditation since 1927 and degree granting approval through the Tennessee Higher Education Commission. The group also presented information on program approval and support from the faculty and board, plans to seek programmatic accreditation and funding allocated by action of the Board of Trustees for the program.

According to Ewen, interested students are already inquiring about the program.

“We have begun the process of hiring faculty and outlining course content,” said Ewen. “We expect to have a good number of students enrolled this fall who are either pursuing their first degree in nursing or adding to the skills and education they have already acquired by completing their Bachelor of Science in Nursing.”

The college anticipates offering the nursing program to students effective August 2012; however, the proposed degree program is contingent upon final approval from SACSCOC and the Tennessee Board of Nursing.


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Tusculum College’s Students for Christ Gospel Choir to perform on Wednesday, Feb. 29

Posted on 17 February 2012 by srichey@tusculum.edu

The Tusculum College Students for Christ Gospel Choir will be featured in its first concert on Wednesday, Feb. 29, at Annie Hogan Byrd Auditorium on the Tusculum college campus.

The concert will begin at 7 p.m. and is an Arts and Lecture Series credit event for Tusculum College students. The concert is open to the public and there is no charge to attend.

This is the first year for the 15-member student choir, which sings both traditional and contemporary gospel hymns and songs.

The concert, which will showcase the new choir, will also include several numbers with the Tusculum College Jazz Band.

“This group came together because each of us wanted to participate in a music ministry, to have the opportunity to witness to others through our music,” said Vinton Copeland, a junior political science major from LaGrange, Ga., who organized the group and serves as its director.

“The choir is a cross section of students and very diverse. There is a mixture of races, religions and backgrounds,” he added. “We all enjoy singing, and we are committed to our faith.”

Copeland added that the group has made itself available to sing at other events and meetings, as well as for churches and other organizations.

For more information on the Students for Christ Gospel Choir, contact Copeland at vcopeland@tcstudents.tusculum.edu.


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Students recognized for achievement on academic honors lists

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Students recognized for achievement on academic honors lists

Posted on 12 July 2011 by eestes@tusculum.edu

Tusculum College students are recognized for their academic achievement through three academic honors lists.

The Dean’s List includes full-time students who have earned a 3.5 grade point average or higher during a semester.

The President’s List includes those students who have earned a 4.0 grade point average during the semester. These students are also included on the Dean’s List.

The Charles Oliver Gray Scholars List recognizes students who have been named to the Dean’s List for two or more consecutive semesters.

Below are the listings for the fall 2010 Dean’s List and the spring 2011 Dean’s List. Students named to the President’s List are denoted with an *. Those who are listed on the Charles Oliver Gray Scholars List are noted with a +.

The Fall 2010 Dean’s List:

James Lee Abbott

Tyler Nidal Abunijem

Tylan Marie Adams+

Elisa Andriano+

Christopher David Armstrong+

Danielle Nicole Armstrong+

Robert Britton Arrowood

Ashley Brooke Bagley+

Courtney Savannah Bare*+

Kate Ann Barford

Amber Marie Barnard+

Cindy Lynn Barrett*+

Joy Elizabeth Beeler

Stacy Lee Belletete+

Clinton Michael Biggs

Nicolette Connors Blackstone+

Heather Carmela Blanton

Katelyn Marie Brennan*

Lindsay Nicole Bridges

Tyler Lane Bright

Jessica Lee Britton*+

Adam Anthony Brown+

Emily Marie Broyles

Alesha Leann Buckner

Cassandra Joy Burchnell+

Christopher Matthew Burton+

Jade Rochelle Bussell

Ryan James Byars*

Holli Vanessa Cadenhead

Hannah Elizabeth Campbell

Allison Brittany Card*+

Haley Danielle Carr+

Emily Beth Carroll

Jeremy Rashaad Carter

Nathan Ward Carver+

Laura Jessica Casey+

Hillary Jordan Clark

Amy Lea Cody*+

Cody Ryan Coffman

Beth Anne Collins*+

Dustin Alex Collins+

Tyler Jared Collins*

Heath C. Comerford

Courtney Alyse Conley+

Eric Chandler Conley+

John Zach Conlon*

Brittany Nicole Connolly

Bradley Evan Cox

Brianna Rebecca Cox

Kristy Marie Crawley

Jillian Anne Cunha

Jarrod Daniel Cupp

Brandon Scott Davis*

Trisha Lyn Davis

Kendall Eric DeBoer

Brett A. DePalma

Kelly Diane Dixon+

Katrin Mattie Doane*+

Danielle Renee Doolittle*+

Paulo Luiz Ribeiro Dos Santos Junior+

Scott Andrew Duffy

Whitney Claire Duncan+

Kendra Deanna Dunn+

Dillon G. Dye

Matthew Coty Dykes+

Kiarra Monette Ervin+

Cody Ray Evans

ShoShanna Dawn Evans

Thomas Codie Fleming

Kayla A. Ford

Kevin Shawn Freudenberger

Jeremiah Luke Fullen+

Brandon DeWayne Gann+

Jamie Lieren Garrett

Rachael D. Gates

Lawson Gene George+

Melanie K. Gibson

Megan Niquole Gililland

Andrew Craig Goellner+

Logan Dean Goodin+

Jennifer Lynn Grant*

Dionte Jamerle Grey

Hayley Rae Griffith

Sam Arifien Groeneveld

Kirstie Lauren Gust+

Kimsie Nicole Hall+

Addie M. Hancock*

Lindsay Denise Harbin

Ashton Marie Hardeman+

Shaquita Renee Harris

Amanda Leigh Harvel+

Brooke Ashton Haymaker+

Eric Lee Henderson

Sara Elizabeth Hendry

Chelsea Herron

Staci Marie Hicks

Kenneth Wayne Hill+

Celeste Marie Hixson*

Emily Ann Hobbs

Megan Victoria Holt

Simon Dietrich Holzapfel*+

Michelle Leann Hoover*+

JohnDavid Howard+

Emily Paige Hudson+

Lynsey Brooke Hughes

Lindsay Amanda James

Kayla Marie Jaynes

Eric Deandrae Jefferson

Billie Jean Jennings*+

Jordan Rachael Jennings+

Lynnsey Alice Jett*+

Cordell Alexander Johnson+

Michelle Leann Johnson+

Alisha Janette Jones

Kayla Desiree Jones+

Jacob Floyd Kadel

Thad Lee Kanupp

Boazin Katina*

Katie Lee Kelley

Kristen C. Kelley

William Mitchel Kemper*+

Andrew Brendan Kiser*

Thomas Michael Klempin

Lily Lam

Susan Alice Lancey+

Kristen N. Lane

Cara Danielle Lankford+

Hannah Marie Laposky+

Jennifer Ann Lawson

Shaina Denise Lawson

Heather Nicole LeMay+

Cecily Erin Elizabeth Lemond

Brittany Leeann Leopper+

Yu Wen Steven Lin+

Sarah Breanna Linkous*+

Isiah Maurice Lyman

Jonathan Derek Lyons+

Taylor Leigh MacDonald*+

Don Dewey Maples*

Michael Joseph Markiewicz

Elizabeth Kathryn McDonnell*+

Devan Louise McIntyre+

Emily Michelle Meade+

Angie Marie Michaud+

April Dawn Miller

Elizabeth Michelle Miller

Craig R. Mills

Cori Lynn Monger*+

Craig R. Mooney

Marci Elizabeth Moore+

Amy Leigh Morford

Kaitlyn Dian Morgan+

Selena Renee Mounger

Derek Edward Murrell*+

McKayla Grace Myers

Jonathan Michael Nash

Maria DeShawn Nesbitt

Quyen Van Nguyen+

Zachary LaVar Norman

Dakota Lee Norton

Hilary Grace Ann Nowatzki

Daniel Thomas O’Conner

Cierra R. Ockstadt

Theodore C. Oing

Brittni Rachel Oliver

Jordan Lynn Ottinger

Jasmine Leigh Parker

Bree Anne Payne

Robert Frank Pollock+

Erica Kristin Pomana+

Cory Nathaniel Pratt

Kate Lynn Prisco

Alyson Lauren Pugh

David Taylor Rakes*+

Nora Nicole Ramsey*

Alyssa Nichole Raterman

Casey Dalton Reagan

Robert Lee Reed

Laura Breen Rees+

Leneice L. Rice

Crystal Darlene Roark+

Jeffrey Daniel Roberts

Pio John Rogers

Richard Brandon Rohr*+

David Andrew Roncskevitz+

Jennifer P. Rossiter

Jamie L. Rossman

Sean Kelsey Rowe

Mara Nichole Rutherford+

Haley Rose Rye

Ashley Nicole Sarmiento*

Norman Cody Sauceman

Jason Scott Seaton+

Russell Vance Sexton*

Chad Allen Shelton

John-Austin  Shepard

Jessica Nicole Shipley+

Lucas Charles Shipley+

Emily Grace Shipsey

Jessyca Regina Simerly

Sierra Ashley Sims+

Sabrina R. Singleton

Jamie Jo Sizemore+

Alexander William Smith*

Hannah Camille Smith

Kayleigh Lynn Smith

Sharon Marie Nicole Smith

Zachary Eugene Smith+

Marquise Lamar Snead-Johnson

Benjamin Samuel Sneyd

Benjamin P. Spillner

Justin Nichola Steigerwald

Joshua Blake Stewart

Cody William Stites*+

Jessimine Renee Strauss+

Katy Michelle Stuckwish

Rhonda Marie Stueber*+

Benjamin David Talley+

Tanya Nicole Taylor+

Blake Laurel Thompson+

Jason J. Thompson

Jeremy Lionel Thompson

Megan Nicole Thornburg+

Bethany Sarah Trent

Robert Kevin Troutman+

Stacy Lynn Tullock

Sarah Amanda Tweed+

Lindsey Infante Umberger

Samantha Renee Underwood*+

Nicole Scarlett Storm Vance+

Adriana  Vizcarrondo+

Kassandra Marie Voelker

Shane Robert Voelker*+

Sarah May-Lynn Waddell

Priscilla Marie Wampler*+

Felicia Renae Waters

Kayla Amber Watts

Brooke Catherine Wedding*+

Zechariah Aaron Wesley+

Angel E. West

Roxie Marie Whitt+

Alexander Keith Wiedemann*+

Pamela Marlene Williams+

Amber Michelle Willis*+

Destini Shea Wingerter

Abigail Elizabeth Wolfenbarger+

Elizabeth A. Wright*

Luis Christopher Zamora*+


The Spring 2011 Dean’s List
Ashley Marie Andrukonis
Christopher David Armstrong
Danielle Nicole Armstrong+
Robert Britton Arrowood*+
Ryan Michael Badertscher
Morgan Lee Baese
Anjelica Rose Bailey*
Courtney Savannah Bare*+
Kate Ann Barford
Ryan Matthew Barker
Amber Marie Barnard+
Cindy Lynn Barrett+
Courtney D. Beard
Joy Elizabeth Beeler+
Stacy Lee Belletete+
Janik Ruben Bold
Katelyn Marie Brennan+
Tyler Lane Bright*+
Jessica Lee Britton+
Courtney Elizabeth Broderick
Chancery David Brosan
Adam Anthony Brown+
Jessica Rose Brown
Kim Caroline Brown
Emily Marie Broyles*+
Megan Leigh Buckmaster
Alesha Leann Buckner+
Jabari Ali Bunch
Christopher Matthew Burton+
Ryan James Byars*+
Cory Alexander Callahan
Brandon Richard Campbell
Allison Brittney Card+
Haley Danielle Carr*+
Kimberly Christine Carter
Nathan Ward Carver+
Tiffany DeAnn Case
Laura Jessica Casey+
Sarah Anne Chait
Rebecca Marie Chambers
Rachel Elaine Clabo*
Cody Ryan Coffman+
Tiffany Ann Colbaugh
Beth Anne Collins*+
Courtney Alyse Conley+
John Zach Conlon*+
Brittany Nicole Connolly+
Vinton Kadeem Copeland
Bo Andrew Cordell
Blair Norman Cowley
Bradley Evan Cox+
Brianna Rebecca Cox+
David Michael Crowder
Jillian Ann Cunha+
Trisha Lyn Davis+
Kelly Diane Dixon
Katrin Mattie Doane*+
Danielle Renee Doolittle*+
Scott Andrew Duffy+
Whitney Claire Duncan*
Matthew Coty Dykes+
Joshua Daniel Ellis*
Karnika KaVandra Ervin*
Kiarra Monette Ervin+
Jennifer Danielle Estepp
Emma L. Fain
Jessica Rose Figler
Thomas Codie Fleming
Kayla A. Ford
Ashley Nicole Fritz
Jeremiah Luke Fullen
Paisley Paige Fultz
Brandon DeWayne Gann+
Rachel D. Gates+
Kelley Catherine Gentry
Lawson Gene George+
Melanie K. Gibson*+
Andrew Craig Goellner*+
Logan Dean Goodin+
Robert Craig Goodman
Jennifer Lynn Grant*+
Lukas All Graves
Sam Arifien Groeneveld*
Kirstie Lauren Gust*
Bess Rachel Gutenstein
Kimsie Nicole Hall+
Randi Michelle Hall
Addie M. Hancock*+
Ashton Marie Hardeman+
Shaquita Renee Harris+
Amanda Leigh Harvel+
Ariel Gail Hawkins
Lelia Helen Heinbach
Eric Lee Henderson+
Staci Marie Hicks
Kenneth Wayne Hill+
Kristen Marie Hill
Celeste Marie Hixson+
Emily Ann Hobbs+
Patrick T. Holleran
Megan Victoria Holt+
Simon Dietrich Holzapfel*+
Michelle Leann Hoover*+
Dean Michael Hopewell
Payden Gene Houser
JohnDavid Howard+
Sara Chesnee Howard
Hillary Leann Howell
Emily Paige Hudson*+
Billie Jean Jennings*+
Jordan Rachel Jennings+
Cordell Alexander Johnson*+
Alisha Janette Jones+
Kayla Desiree Jones+
Jacob Floyd Kadel+
Thad Lee Kanupp+
Pamela Rae’ Keen
Katie Lee Kelley+
Kristen C. Kelley+
Hannah Paige Kirk
Andrew Brendan Kiser+
Thomas Michael Klempin+
Lily Lam+
Cyrus Jackson Lampley
Kristen N. Lane
Cara Danielle Lankford
Cherish Faith Lawson
Heather Nicole LeMay
Brittany Leeann Leopper
Yu Wen Steven Lin*+
Emily Rachel Lowe
Isiah Maurice Lyman+
Jonathan Derek Lyons+
Samantha Nicole Lyons
Taylor Leigh MacDonald*+
Don Dewey Maples+
Lee-Ann Nicole McGeorge
Elizabeth Kathryn McDonnell*+
Emily Michelle Meade+
Angie Marie Michaud+
April Dawn Miller*+
Elizabeth Michelle Miller+
Craig R. Mooney+
Kaitlyn Dian Morgan+
Chelsea McGrady Morris
Selena Renee Mounger+
Derek Edward Murrell*+
McKayla Grace Myers+
Jonathan Michael Nash+
Carson LeighAnn Necessary
Amy Michelle Neltner
Quyen Van Nguyen
Jacob Amiel Norris
Dakota Lee Norton+
Hilary Grace Ann Nowatzki+
Daniel Thomas O’Conner+
Cierra R. Ockstadt+
Lindsey Morine Ogle
Matthew Alan Olson
Jordan Lynn Ottinger+
Bree Anne Payne+
Joseph Edward Paysinger
Monica F. Perez
Matthew Adam Poff
Robert Frank Pollock+
Erica Kristin Pomana+
Brandon Edward Priest*
Katie Lynn Prisco+
David Taylor Rakes*+
Noelle Elis Rankin
Jordan Tucker Reams
Clinton Cody Reed
Justin Phillip Reed
Nathan Andrew Reid
Shan Renea Dawn Rinderle
Crystal Darlene Roark
Jeffrey Daniel Roberts+
Pio John Rogers+
Sean Kelsey Rowe+
Haley Rose Rye
Sandra Dawn Salmons
Ashley Nicole Sarmiento*+
Jason Scott Seaton+
Amber LeAnn Sharp
Brittan Davis Shaw
Leslie Sierra Shelton*
Lucas Charles Shipley+
Jessyca Regina Simerly+
Sierra Ashley Sims+
William James Sivyer
Jamie Jo Sizemore+
Caleb Brent Slover*
Hannah Camille Smith+
Benjamin Samuel Sneyd+
Benjamin P. Spillner+
Megan Corrine Stamper
Cody William Stites*
Jessimine Renee Strauss+
Katy Michelle Stuckwish+
Shonya Delora Swatzell
Benjamin David Talley+
Meagan Elizabeth Talley
Lauren Elizabeth Taylor
Marcus Glen Taylor
Tanya Nicole Taylor*+
Westley Michael Taylor
Blake Laurel Thompson+
Bethany Sarah Trent+
Robert Kevin Troutman+
Stacy Lynn Tullock
Courtney Lonzetta Turner
Samantha Renee Underwood*+
Nicole Scarlett Storm Vance+
Daniel Scott Vick
Adriana Vizcarrondo+
Sarah May-Lynn Waddell+
Hillary Jordan Waller
Priscilla Marie Wampler
Kayla Amber Watts+
Angel E. West*
Roxie Marie Whitt+
Alexander Keith Wiedemann*+
Andrea Len Wilcox
Pamela Marlene Williams+
Amber Michelle Willis*+
Dawn Marie Winchester
Destini Shea Wingerter
Abigail Elizabeth Wolfenbarger+
Taylor Katherine Wood
Elizabeth A. Wright*+
Luis Christopher Zamora*+

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Ervin recognized as ‘Student of the Block’ for Eighth Block


Ervin recognized as ‘Student of the Block’ for Eighth Block

Posted on 09 June 2011 by srichey@tusculum.edu

Presenting Kiarra Ervin, right, with the Student of the Block Award are, Student Support Services staff members David Smith, from left, Sarah Gardner and Karen Cox

Kiarra Ervin of Chattanooga was honored as the “Student of the Block” for Block Eight at Tusculum College for her academic achievements and contributions to the campus community.

Ervin, who graduated in May with a bachelor of arts degree in business administration with a concentration in accounting and a minor in business administration management, was described as an individual with perseverance, motivation and ambition in the award presentation on May 3.

The Student of the Block Award is presented each block by the Office of Student Affairs to recognize students for academic achievement, leadership on campus and contributions to the college community. A plaque honoring Ervin’s accomplishments will be displayed in the Niswonger Commons and other campus buildings.

Ervin chose to attend Tusculum because of its block schedule and the desire to attend a small school that was away from home, but not too far. Wanting to experience the college community, Kiarra became involved on campus. She was a peer tutor for the Tusculum College Tutoring Center, helping her fellow students with accounting, business, economics, algebra and sociology courses. She was also a mentor and member of the Student Support Services, and the president of HerStory, a student organization she founded.

She excelled academically, maintaining a 3.77 grade point average and was consistently named to the college’s academic honor lists. “I am proud of becoming a member of Alpha Chi National Honor Society because it shows that my hard work in the classroom paid off,” she said. “I have worked hard to keep my grades high and to know that I am a part of a nationally recognized organization is rewarding.”

She credits Tusculum with teaching her the skill of time management with the challenging block schedule, learning about different cultures through the diverse student body and having faculty and staff members who care about students as individuals and encourage them in their ability to accomplish their goals.

Dr. Michelle Freeman, associate professor of business and faculty moderator, Bonnie Weston, senior student life coordinator, and the staff of Student Support Services are noted by Ervin as influential people in her time at Tusculum.

Recognizing her intellectual ability, Dr. Freeman encouraged Ervin to major in accounting. “Dr. Freeman is a very intelligent and caring woman who has given me advice and many kind words I greatly appreciate,” Ervin said. “This past year, I lost a family member and she was very understanding of the situation and how it affected me. I really appreciate her for what she has done for me.”

Ervin met Bonnie Weston on her very first day of campus. “She has really been an encouraging person in my life, both personally and professionally,” Ervin said of Weston. “She has given me advice on issues that have come up in my life. She has encouraged me to break out of my shell and become a leader. She knew that I had potential and she brought it out of me by encouraging me to create an organization, HerStory. She is helping me with my goals and plans for my life after Tusculum College. I think she will be an important person in my life after I graduate.”

The staff members of Student Support Services helped Ervin learn to be a mentor and a role model, she said, by giving her the opportunity to show her leadership and problem solving skills by being a mentor to about 10 students for the entire academic year. “It was such a rewarding experience because I could help an underclassman become more comfortable in the transition from high school to college,” she said.

The daughter of Darlene Mitchell and sister of fellow Tusculum student, Karnika, who also graduated in May, Ervin credits her mother as a strong influence on her life as a single parent who worked hard but still had time for her children’s extracurricular activities. Ervin’s grandparents, Bobby and Ramona Goines, have also been an important part of her life.

Ervin’s mentor, “Coach” Lurone Jennings, Sr., “has been in my life since I was a little girl,” she said. “I grew up attending a summer literacy program that he directed, and he has been at every milestone in my life. He allowed me to work in the same program I attended, giving me the opportunity to give those students the same inspiration and motivation that he gave me growing up.”

A high school teacher, Anquia Bowden, has also been a major influence in Ervin’s life and a continuing source of encouragement.

Ervin’s future plans include continuing her education to obtain a master’s degree in accounting. Her goal is to become a certified public accountant and open her own practice.

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New campus entrance signs unveiled; result of gift from senior class

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New campus entrance signs unveiled; result of gift from senior class

Posted on 08 June 2011 by tcrabtree@tusculum.edu

At the unveiling ceremony were Senior Class Gift Committee members, from left, Tiffany Colbaugh, Sierra Sims, Marci Moore and Nikki Taylor, along with Tusculum College President Dr. Nancy B. Moody, in back.

Students, faculty and staff unveiled new entrances signs at both the Gilland Street and Shiloh Road entrances to the Greeneville campus on Friday, May 6. The updated signs were a gift from the Class of 2011.

The graduating Class of 2011, represented by the Senior Class Gift Committee, chose to leave their mark on the Tusculum campus by giving the entrance signs an updated look, according to Senior Class Gift Campaign Co-Chairs Marci Moore of Parrotsville and Nikki Taylor of New Tazewell.

The entrance signs which have greeted faculty, staff, alumni, students and friends of the College since 1968, has more than 40 years of exposure to the elements which has taken its toll on the signs. The campaign committee raised funds to update the lettering and give the sign a modern appearance.

The students presented a check for $500 to Tusculum College President Nancy B. Moody during the unveiling ceremony, attended by more than 30 people.

According to Cody Greene, coordinator of the Tusculum Fund, the 2011 Senior Class Gift Campaign provided a new way for students to participate in the senior gift.  Thanks to GreenBank, all participating seniors received a piggy bank in which to collect donations for the campaign.

The students collected change in their banks and returned them on several collection days throughout the spring semester.

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