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Posted on 06 March 2017 by eestes@tusculum.edu



Biology professor Melissa Keller teaches in one of the new classrooms inside the Meen Center for Science and Math.


On Monday, January 10, our first classes were held in the new Ronald H. and Verna June Meen Center for Science and Math. The opening of the Meen Center for Science and Math has created a strong sense of anticipation and excitement particularly for the students, faculty and staff who are the first to experience this 100,000 square foot state-of-the-art facility. Returning students couldn’t wait to see the new building and faculty began settling into their new spaces a week earlier. This is just the beginning.

The Meen Center for Science and Math is a four-story structure of approximately 100,000 square feet. Interiors include wings for biology, chemistry, mathematics, computer science, environmental science, and nursing, both BSN and MSN programs. There are laboratory spaces and research areas for both faculty and students. The ground floor features the environmental science wing with a loading dock, as well as large general classroom spaces and classrooms equipped for distance learning programs. A large lecture hall is included on the ground floor.

Tusculum has a reputation for producing science graduates that have gone on to great success within their respective fields. Now, with the completion of the Ronald H. and Verna June Meen Center for Science and Mathematics, we expect enrollment in these programs to expand.

The Meen Center will impact students in the areas of math, science, computer science, biology, chemistry, environmental science and nursing for generations to come. This is an extremely historic event for an institution founded in 1794 by two Presbyterian ministers, who had the desire and foresight to bring education and religion to the area south of the Ohio River.  Verna June and Ron Meen’s legacy will live in perpetuity through the lives of the countless number of people who pass through these doors, graduate and serve communities throughout the United States and the world.

Nancy B. Moody, PhD



While there was snow on the ground in the first week that the Meen Center was open, trees are beginning to bloom now and landscaping around the new facility will get underway as the weather continues to improve.



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