Tusculum University is proud to honor and recognize the distinguished group of leadership donors, who, year after year, help the University prepare our students for success.

Tusculum’s most prestigious annual giving society celebrates the leadership of donors who contribute $1,000 or more each year. Through their giving they inspire others to help meet the needs of their community.

Their gifts serve as the foundation on which the Tusculum Fund is built. They are our leaders.

Within the President’s Circle are four giving levels named for important leaders from Tusculum’s history:

  • Balch – $10,000+
  • Doak – $5,000 – $9,999
  • Coffin – $2,500 – $4,999
  • Gray – $1,000 – $2,499


The Tusculum Fund is the University’s annual giving program that moves us beyond what tuition provides and supports day-to-day excellence. Annual gifts build a foundation of support that allows us to give and enrich our students’ educational experiences, afford critical resources for our educators, and live out the mission of Tusculum University. Giving to the Tusculum Fund reduces financial barriers for our students and allows them the freedom and flexibility to be true Pioneers.

Tusculum University is proud to honor and recognize the distinguished group of our prestigious annual giving society, the President’s Circle. We celebrate the philanthropy of donors who invest $1,000 or more annually to help the University ensure it provides a distinct experience for our students. 

These leadership gifts support the mission of the University and demonstrates the pride and dedication of the donors who believe education plays a vital role in society.

2021-2022 President’s Circle (July 2021 – June 2022)

Mr. John Aglialoro ’66 and Mrs. Joan Carter

Mr. J. Clement Allison

Alloway’s Hot Rod Shop, LLC

Andrew Johnson Bank

BNY Mellon

Dr. David Baker

Mr. and Mrs. Jordan Baker

Mr. Lynn J. Battle ’62* and Mrs. Jane Rausch Battle ’62

Mr. R. Pete Bednarzyk ’94

Dr. and Mrs. Charles F. Betts, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Jim B. Bird ’53

Mr. and Mrs. Angelo Botta ’75

Dr. David C. Bow and Mrs. Pat Bow ’86

Dr. Virginia Breasure ’66

Mrs. Peggy B. Brewer ’89

Dr. and Mrs. Larry Brotherton ’70

The Brotherton Foundation

Mrs. Mary U. Brown Trust *

Central Ballet Theatre, Inc.

Mr. James P. Coffin

Mr. Bo Cordell ’15 and Mrs. Katie Capel Cordell ’14

Mr. John Cordell and Mrs. Cynthia Cordell

Dr. and Mrs. Alan B. Corley

Mrs. Arlene Corliss ’58

Corporation for National and Community Service

Mr. and Mrs. Larry T. Coughlin

Mrs. Berneice Cox ’77

Creamy Cup

The Reverend Dr. and Mrs. Daniel M. Donaldson

Mr. and Mrs. Wessley R. duBrisk

Scott and Dorina Dupuis

Mrs. Anna Coile Durham ’49

Mr. and Mrs. James F. Durham ’79

East Tennessee Foundation

Eastman Credit Union

Mr. and Mrs. Joshua D. Edens ’08

The Reverend Robert B. Edson ’63

Mr. Howard S. Emerick II ’72

Mr. Patrick J. Eramo ’55 and Mrs. Sally L. Underwood *

First Presbyterian Church of Greeneville

Mary G. K. Fox Foundation

Mrs. Anna B. Gamble

Dr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Garland H’86*

Estate of Dr. Hugh and Mrs. Eleanor M. T. Jaynes *

Jeffers Funeral and Cremation Service

Mr. and Mrs. Justin G. Jeffers ’04

The Right Reverend Frank M. Gentsch ’61 and Mrs. Sally Gentsch ’62

Mr. John S. Hallett ’71 and Mrs. Barbara Du Bois Hallett ’71

The Honorable David B. Hawk ’89

Mr. Daniel A. Hawk ’99 and Mrs. Amy Bible Hawk ’97

Mrs. Lesley J. Murray Hawk ’04

Dr. Heather Henson-Ramsey

Mr. Michael Hollowell ’90 and Mrs. Jennifer Hollowell

Holston Presbytery, Inc.

Mr. Ralph Horne ’57

Dr. and Mrs. Scott Hummel

Dr. Patricia D. Hunsader and Mr. Michael Hunsader

Dr. and Mrs. Charles Hutchins H’21*

Independent Presbyterian Church Foundation

Jaynes Flooring

Mr. and Mrs. Justin G. Jeffers ’04

Dr. and Mrs. Walter R. Johnson ’71 H’21


Johnson City Toyota

Mr. and Mrs. Henry K. Juelch ’53

Mr. and Mrs. Dale A. Keasling

Mr. Jack B. Kilday ’57

Kiwanis Club of Greeneville

Mr. Robert W. Kleinertz ’76 and Mrs. Ginny Alexander

Ms. Jo Ann Soderquist Kramer ’78

Mr. and Mrs. Marc J. Lanzim ’71

Mr. and Mrs. Paul A. Lawless ’70

Mr. Cameron Lochhead

Mr. Michael P. Maggert ’99 and Mrs. Carrie Malloy Maggert ’02

Estate of W.A. and Katherine S. Maloney ’38*

Mr. Seymour Marsh ’69 and Mrs. Lyn Siter Marsh ’70

The Reverend and Mrs. Marwood B. Meredith, Jr. ’71

Mr. Richard Miller

Dr. Jane Lovvorn Morse ’77 and Mr. True Morse

Dr. Lisa R. Johnson-Neas and Mr. Steve Neas

Dr. and Mrs. Gregory W. Nelson

Dr. and Mrs. Scott M. Niswonger ’87 H’06

Mr. Chris O’Keefe

Mr. Dante L. Owens, Sr. ’94

Mrs. Billie Ann Pace

Mrs. Stella Lawing Percy ’30*

Mr. Robert Phillips and Mrs. Helen Browning Phillips ’52*

Mr. Craig Pilloni

Mr. and Mrs. John Poggi Jr.

Dr. Robert W. Pollock, Jr. ’65

Dr. Cynthia Burnley and Mr. Robert R. Riser ’62

Mr. Joseph A. Romano ’63* and Mrs. Suzanne Wilson Romano ’64

Mr. Glen Rose and Mrs. M. Jackie Rose ’75

Mr. Donald Rumer and Mrs. Sylvia Carter Rumer ’58

Mr. and Mrs. Richard N. Scott ’77

Ms. Janet C. Sell ’68

Dr. Ruth M. Sharp

The Reverend Dr. and Mrs. Angus R. Shaw III

Shell Oil Company Foundation

Dr. and Mrs. Craig Shepherd

Mr. Thomas L. Smith and Mrs. Kathryn J. Barkley Smith ’57

Mr. and Mrs. Myron J. Smith, Jr.

Mr. Scott Smith

Mrs. Pat H. Stallard

State of Tennessee

Mrs. Jeanne Stokes

Tennessee Higher Education Commission

Mr. Wayne and Dr. Merve Kester Thomas

The Urban League of Greater Chattanooga

Mr. and Mrs. J. Kelly Vogt ’83

Dr. Peter Wadewitz ’56

Wal-Mart Foundation

Dr. Jerry F. Ward and Mrs. Carolyn Ward ’88

Mr. and Mrs. Henri B. Weems ’66

Mr. William Westervelt ’69 and Mrs. Ann E. Parker Westervelt ’71

Westminister Presbyterian Church

Mrs. Annie-Laurie Wheat ’71

Lettie Pate Whitehead Foundation, Inc.

Mr. Karl Wilson and Mrs. Angela T. White-Wilson ’77

Mr. and Mrs. Mark R. Williams

Dr. Ramona Williams

Mr. Tim Wilson

Lieutenent Colonel Thomas V. Wolf ’72 and Mrs. Sherri Clark Wolf ’75