Dr. James Hurley announces international initiative for Tusculum

Dr. James Hurley, president of Tusculum, has announced that Tusculum’s College of Health Sciences will seek to have faculty and student exchange programs with complimentary medical programs with The People’s Republic of China.

Dr. Hurley recently informed the Tusculum Board of Trustees and the Tusculum community about recent discussions with Chinese medical officials.

Dr. Andrew Buzzelli, the executive vice president of the Tusculum College of Health Sciences recently had several meetings with medical authorities in China to discuss planned collaborative program exchanges.

The Tusculum College of Health Sciences, in conjunction with other health care educational institutions, will begin to send elected faculty members for teaching seminars and clinical expertise to partner Chinese affiliates. Dr. Hurley will be initiating agreements for training of both health care students from the United States in China and opportunities for Chinese health care students to experience training in the United States.

These training opportunities will be in partnership with other health care institutions. Dr. Hurley will also be discussing the initiation of collaborations with a new multi-project hospital in China.

Dr. Hurley said that he sees this new international venture for Tusculum College as a further indication of Tusculum’s new role as one of the main health care providers for Appalachian, rural Tennessee and all of rural America.