Tusculum students distribute 600 trees as part of Tennessee’s “250K Tree Day”

On Friday, Feb. 23, student members of the Tusculum Garden Society distributed 600 trees to be planted in the Greeneville-Greene Country area.

As a part of the “250K Tree Day,” sponsored by the Tennessee Environmental Council, students from Tusculum’s Garden Society participated by distributing nearly 600 trees to Greene County and the surrounding counties. The TEC’s goal was to plant 250,000 native tree seedlings across the State of Tennessee.

The trees, which were offered free-of-charge to anyone who would promise to plant them, included redbuds, tulip poplars, wild plums, northern red oaks, and a variety of pines.

“250 Tree Day” is an event designed to gather communities for native tree-planting events that will introduce new genetics into the environment and raise awareness about environmental issues facing Tennessee.

“This is the first time we have participated in “250 Tree Day,” or anything with the Tennessee Environmental Council,” said Sydney McCallister, a founding member of the Garden Society. “We hope to do more events like this. Next year, we want to double the amount of trees we give out.”

The Garden Society plans to make “250 Tree Day” a Tusculum annual event. Those interested in ordering trees can visit TECTN.org/250kTreeDay. Trees are ordered in variety bundles of five different trees.

According to McCallister, Garden Society members will be attending the Old Oak Festival this coming April and will be selling a variety of interesting plants and trees for anyone interested in gardening or horticulture.