Tusculum University’s College of Business earns accreditation, spurring growth opportunities

Tusculum University’s dynamic and growing College of Business, which has provided a high-caliber education experience for undergraduate and graduate students, has advanced to the next stage in its development with the receipt of accreditation.

The Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs recently awarded the designation to the College of Business. This achievement follows about two years of extensive work by faculty members and university leaders and a site visit by the accrediting agency in September.

College of Businesses students who graduate in December and all others in coming years will be able to refer to the accreditation on their resumé.

“Tusculum University’s College of Business will serve as a major change agent to our local and regional economy,” said Dr. James Hurley, the university’s president. “We are focused on training our graduates to contribute in the ever-changing global business environment. This accreditation will represent an additional layer of quality for the College of Business and will further showcase why Tusculum is a first-choice destination for students entering this field of study.”

Dr. Jacob Fait, the College of Business’ dean, said accreditation will help Tusculum expand its regional presence to a global one. He said students who are considering Tusculum, as well as their parents, will have even more confidence in the College of Business now that it has attained accreditation. They will see that the College of Business’ core components are verified to meet the rigorous standards of this accrediting agency.

Many people were aware the College of Business was engaged in the accreditation process and were inquiring about the status, he said. Now, Dr. Fait can happily report the College of Business has achieved this higher plain, providing additional incentive for students to select Tusculum.

Dr. Fait noted all of Tusculum’s programs are accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools.

“This newest accreditation is one more feather in the cap for the College of Business and shows we are going above and beyond, both for our faculty and for our students,” Dr. Fait said. “It gives additional credibility to our College of Business and more value to each of our graduates. When employers look at a resumé and they see Tusculum University College of Business ACBSP-accredited, they know we hold ourselves to a higher standard. So in terms of career goals and career achievement, our graduates are one step up.”

Dr. Fait complimented faculty members, saying they led the accreditation process. One of the professors who helped drive it was Dr. Antônio Bós, who has taught at Tusculum for 27 years and was thrilled to learn about the successful initiative.

As the College of Business worked on the accreditation application, it made appropriate changes to meet the agency’s criteria. Dr. Bós said one revision was to require all undergraduate business majors to take marketing and internal business classes. He also said the College of Business contemplated student outcomes and the best way to measure them and to use that information to produce better results.

“This accreditation reflects our commitment to run the College of Business in a very professional and effective manner,” Dr. Bós said. “We have established a plan that is strategic and will remain with us even if some of the personnel change over time. I am very glad we are in this position and am confident it will have long-term benefits for the College of Business.”

Dr. Bós said accreditation could enhance not only the recruitment of students but also faculty members. He said professors who are considering Tusculum as the next step in their careers will recognize the university has a clear and understandable focus on quality.

This designation continues the momentum the College of Business is experiencing. Tusculum is about to embark on the complete renovation of Tredway Hall, one of the campus’ older buildings, so it can become the home of the College of Business and the College of Education. It will enable the College of Business to consolidate its classes and offices into one building and include state-of-the-art technology.

In addition, the College of Business plans to develop a corporate partnership program as well as some graduate certificates in certain fields.

“This is an exciting period for the College of Business, and we are ecstatic about the impressive growth we are experiencing,” Dr. Fait said. “We will continue to look for new and innovative approaches that will ensure we remain on the cutting edge of business education. With a dedicated faculty and strong leadership from our administration, we are poised for continued success that will benefit our students and alumni and their employers.”

The College of Business has 14 faculty members and 510 students and offers traditional on-campus undergraduate classes and adult and online courses for undergraduate and graduate students. Graduates can earn a Bachelor of Science in business administration, a Bachelor of Arts in business administration and a Master of Business Administration. The Bachelor of Arts degree has concentrations in management, economics, marketing, accounting, information technology and entrepreneurship.