Tusculum survey to help improve adult and online programs

Tusculum is participating in continuous improvement of its Adult and Online Studies programs through participation in the Adult Learner 360 Survey process offered through the Council for Adult and Experiential Learning.

According to Dr. Jo Lobertini, assistant vice president for academic affairs at Tusculum, Tusculum recently participated in the survey process offered through CAEL in order to identify strengths of the program, as well as areas of improvement.

During the spring term of the 2017-18 academic year, 219 adult learners at Tusculum participated in the Adult Learner 360 Student Survey, which measures their perceptions of the institution’s adult learner-oriented services. Concurrently, 31 institutional respondents (faculty and staff) completed the Adult Learner 360 Institutional Survey, which measures the quality and effectiveness of Tusculum’s adult learner-oriented services.

The combination of these two surveys constitutes the Adult Learner 360 Toolkit.

“We will use the results to identify points of agreement and divergence and then create specific strategies to capitalize on strengths and address the challenges in working with adult undergraduate and graduate students,” said Dr. Lobertini.

Participation in the survey also grants Tusculum the designation of being part of the Adult Learner 360 Coalition, which is sponsored by CAEL. Tusculum will be able to benchmark and compare its survey results to those of other adult and online programs nationally.

Tusculum continues to be a leader in education today. Tusculum was the first institution of higher education in East Tennessee to provide degree programs specifically designed for working adults.

The Adult and Online Studies programs are designed to accommodate adult students’ family and career responsibilities. Adult and Online Studies classes meet throughout East Tennessee, with locations in Greeneville, Morristown and Knoxville, as well as fully online.

This uniquely focused and practical program has enabled thousands of men and women to obtain the degrees they need to succeed professionally and personally. Tusculum Adult and Online Studies programs offer flexible scheduling, convenient locations, reasonable tuition and quality programs that help students meet their goals.

For more information on Tusculum’s Adult and Online Studies programs, contact Dr. Lobertini at 423.636.7300 or email jlobertini@tusculum.edu.