Carrie Maggert earns promotion to vice president of operations at Tusculum University

GREENEVILLE – Recognizing her strong performance leading and advancing the higher education institution’s operations, Tusculum University’s president has promoted Carrie Maggert for the second time in a year.

Carrie Maggert

Carrie Maggert

Dr. Scott Hummel has elevated Maggert to vice president of operations, effective immediately. The promotion continues the upward trajectory for Maggert, who has served in a variety of roles during her 24 years as a staff member at her alma mater, most recently as associate vice president of operations. Maggert holds a Bachelor of Science in organizational management and Master of Business Administration from the university.

“Carrie is one of the best examples of a Tusculum alumna transitioning to an excellent employee,” Dr. Hummel said. “During her service on the staff, she has demonstrated hard work, organization, problem-solving and leadership, all of which have benefited the university considerably. She is one of our finest employees and continually improves our operational efficiency. I am proud to recognize the exceptional results she has achieved with this well-deserved promotion.”

In her vice presidential role, Maggert is responsible for the university’s operations and oversees the Facilities Management and Information Systems departments, the Offices of Campus Safety and Continuing Education and Camps, Tusculum’s dining services, the Tusculum Campus Store and the campus post office. She also serves as a member of the university’s cabinet and as chair of the Operations Success Committee.

While she was still an undergraduate student, Maggert began working for the university in what was then the bookstore, serving as assistant manager from 2000-2006. She then moved to the Business Office and was a student account associate for two years.

Then in 2008, she began her 11 years of service as Business Office manager. She directed the operations of the Business Office, ensuring it had effective policies and procedures in place for the accountability and security of all university cash transactions for staff and student financial records. In addition, she directed tuition and fee structures, financial aid resources, billing and payments and oversaw all accounts receivable for the university.

The university entrusted Maggert with additional responsibilities in 2019 by naming her director of financial services and operations. While she continued to have the same responsibilities from her prior role, she also managed and oversaw an operating facilities budget, played a key role in contract negotiations and made yearly recommendations for capital budgeting. Plus, she began her oversight of dining services.

In 2023, Maggert was promoted to associate vice president of operations, which resulted in her start to overseeing the operational enterprise for Tusculum. In the last year, she has helped refine operational processes to ensure the university uses its resources as optimally as possible. She also was a major factor in the success of an active shooter drill on campus in December, which included partnering with multiple public safety agencies and working with stakeholders on campus.

Throughout her career, she has shown strong financial skills, attention to detail and excellent customer service skills.

“Tusculum University is an outstanding higher education institution that prepares our students to be career-ready professionals through active and experiential learning,” Maggert said. “I am grateful for Dr. Hummel’s confidence in me and pleased to support our mission by collaborating with many offices and departments to make sure we have the operational structures in place to assist our students, faculty and staff. The pioneering spirt and teamwork that permeate the university have provided the infrastructure that enables us to serve the Tusculum family and produce desired outcomes.”

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