Restoration of Tusculum College Arch underway

Work has begun on repairs and restoration of the Tusculum College arch.

The landmark, which is on the National Register of  Historic Places, is getting a full restoration after water damage began to cause some failure in the existing mortar, according to David Martin, director of facilities for Tusculum College.

“The arch is getting a full restoration,” said Martin, who added that all the old mortar is being removed, new mortar added and some minor repairs made. There will also be some ground lighting installed to light the arch in the evening hours.

Martin said the work is being done by WASCO, a commercial masonry company out of Knoxville that is certified in historic masonry preservation.

Work is expected to be completed in the next few weeks, depending on weather conditions.

Built in 1917, the Arch has come to symbolize Tusculum College. The architectural form is present throughout the campus. Costing $400, the Arch was built by one of Tennessee’s foremost stonemasons, J. T. Ponder. The construction of the Arch was a project conceived in the patriotic fervor that swept the Tusculum College campus and the rest of the country after the United States entered World War I.


The Tusculum Arch at Tusculum College, which is on the National Register for Historic Places, is getting a facelift and new lighting.