CISC100- COMPUTER AS A TOOL – 4 credit hours

This course provides a survey of computer applications, information needs in business and microcomputers and information systems that meet these needs. Emphasis is on microcomputer hardware and software applications. Learning Outcome: Computer Literacy.

SOGR452, CISC100, Tuesday, 4/10/12-5/15/12, Greeneville

PHED201 – Foundations of Physical Fitness and Wellness – 4 credit hours

This course is designed to help students develop physical fitness and wellness. Students will also become familiar with the strategies and methods used in teaching fitness and wellness. Learning Outcome: Self-Knowledge

SOGR453, PHED201, Thursday, 5/3-12-6/7/12 Morristown

PSYC102 – Psychology of Adjustment – 4 credit hours

This course is designed to facilitate the application of psychological principles and methods to coping with the challenges of everyday life. A variety of topics will be covered including personality, stress and stress management, social influence, gender roles and gender differences, interpersonal attraction, relationships and communications and the challenges of the workplace. This course is meant, in a practical sense, to help students learn about themselves, their own adjustment and ways they can become happier and more productive individuals. Not a substitute for PSYC 101 in given majors. Learning Outcome: Self Knowledge.

SOGR454- PSYC102 – 5/16/12-6/20/12, Wednesday, Greeneville

SOGR456- PSYC102 – 7/12/12- 8/16/12, Thursday, Morristown

MGMT115- Professional Career Development – 4 credit hours

This course focuses on advancing students’ application of their college educations for professional career development. Students will understand their interests, aptitudes and strengths and weaknesses. They will use their knowledge to define career paths, develop career credentials, prepare to reach prospective employers and apply their interpersonal skills to increase potential success in the workplace. Learning Outcome: Reflective Judgment.

SOGR455, MGMT115, Friday, 5/18/12-6/22/12, Morristown

EVSC111, Environmental Science – 4 credit hours

Environmental Science is intended as a basic survey course designed to provide the student with an understanding of ecological principles and processes. Students will develop their skills at scientific inquiry. Considerations of interactions of social, political, economic and scientific issues will be related to developing the skills necessary for survival in society and the biosphere.

Learning Outcome: Scientific Inquiry.

SOGR457, EVSC111, Thursday, 7/19/12-8/23/12, Greeneville

ENGL231 – Introduction to Film – 4 credit hours

Students will be introduced to the techniques and aesthetics of film and an overview of film industry. The course covers genre issues; compares studio, foreign and independent films; looks at aspects of film composition, and examines significant works by auteurs such as Alfred Hitchcock. Learning Outcome: Ethics of Social Responsibility.

SOGR458, ENGL231, Saturday, 7/21/12-8/25/12, Morristown