For all Tusculum faculty, staff and students wishing to conduct a fundraising event.

A fundraising event that involves seeking support for both monetary and in-kind gifts should complete the Fundraising Event and/or Solicitation Form, which includes authorization in writing from his or her supervisor or advisor. The signed and dated form should be submitted to the vice president for institutional advancement for final approval. Written consent from the Office of Institutional Advancement is required and notification of approval must be provided to the event contact prior to the beginning of a fundraising project.

This policy is in place to avoid multiple constituents at Tusculum calling on the same donor at the same time, requesting either in-kind donations or monetary support and ensure the donor receives appropriate acknowledgment. This will also assist to guarantee that everyone’s fundraiser is as successful as possible as a concentrated effort will be made to avoid several fundraisers taking place at one time.


The Office of Institutional Advancement should be notified when a grant application or submission is made. Information should include name of the grant, its requirements, definitions, purposes and deadline, as well as signatures by the submitter and his or her supervisor.

This notification will allow Tusculum to track grant funding applications, funding, follow through and reporting. If the grant requires matching funds, the vice president and chief financial officer will need to review if funding is available and make a recommendation to the President. Any grant requiring matching funds must be approved by the President prior to submission.

Grants which do not require a financial commitment from Tusculum should be approved by the appropriate vice president. Documentation of approval should be housed in the Office of Institutional Advancement, and this office will report funding applications, funds received and monitor that appropriate reports are filed to funding agencies in a timely manner by working directly with the primary investigator or originator of the grant.

This policy is endorsed by the Office of Institutional Advancement and the Office of the President. All questions should be directed to Kim Kidwell, ext. 5788.